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Lazar Right On Alien Antigravity Systems?

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Subject: Lazar Right On Alien Antigravity Systems?

Source: Raider News Update


May 12, 2005

Have Scientists Just Proven Bob Lazar Right On Alien Antigravity

By Thomas Horn
Senior RNU News Reporter

In 1989, Robert Scott Lazar claimed to have worked as a
physicist at a hidden base referred to as S4 on a highly
classified project involving back engineering of alien
technology, antigravity and antimatter propulsion. Stanton
Friedman doesn't believe him. But have scientists just proven
Lazar was right all along?

RNU.com =96 (Raiders News Update) - Yesterday, in the article,
"How to float like a stone", science correspondent for The
Guardian, David Adam wrote that what goes up no longer has to
come down. Quoting researchers who announced their results this
week in the New Journal of Physics, Adams noted that, "British
scientists have developed an antigravity machine that can float
heavy stones, coins and lumps of metal in mid-air. Based around
a powerful magnet, the device levitates objects in a similar way
to how a maglev train runs above its tracks."

The article went on to quote Peter King, physics professor at
Nottingham University, as saying, "We can take an object and
float it in mid-air because the magnetic forces on the object
are enough to balance gravity."

The device evidently exploits diamagnetism by placing non-
magnetic objects inside a strong magnetic field where they are
forced to act like weak magnets themselves. A field is created
that is stronger below and weaker above. The resulting upward
magnetic force cancels out gravity.

To make the anti gravity machine even more powerful, the team
used an oxygen and nitrogen mixture to create a paramagnetic
fluid. Inside the magnet, the mixture helps the objects float.
US space agency Nasa notified the team that it is interested in
their zero gravity research.

UFO buffs may recall a man named Bob Lazar [left] discussing a
similar antigravity propulsion system over a decade ago, one
that he said came from aliens. Lazar claimed to have worked as a
physicist on a highly classified government project, called
Galileo, which involved back engineering of alien technology.
The research supposedly took place at a hidden base known only
as S4, a few miles south of Area 51.

At the time, Lazar said he and others were working on
extraterrestrial craft hundreds of years in advance of modern
technology. He also claimed to have seen a total of nine
different types of saucers as well as documents and autopsies of
alien corpses. The saucer-type he professed to have worked on
had a diameter of 9-12 m with a console and small, children-
sized seats. He said he was told the aliens arrived in the
vessel from the fourth planet of the binary stellar system Zeta
Reticuli 2.

In "On the Record" with investigative reporter George Knapp,
September 12, 1989, Lazar said the alien craft flew by
amplifying gravity waves through use of a reactor and an alien
element--atomic number 115--an ore not found or synthesized on

When asked to explain how the alien antigravity system worked,
the program took an interesting twist:

Lazar: Inside that tower is a chip of Element 115 they just put
in there. That's a super-heavy element. The lid goes on top. And
as far as any other of the workings of it, I really don't know,
you know, [such as] what's inside the bottom of it . . . 115
sets up a gravitational field around the top. That little wave
guide you saw being put on the top: it essentially siphons off
the gravity wave, and that's later amplified in the lower
portion of the craft. But just in general, the whole technology
is virtually unknown.

Knapp: Now we saw the model. We saw the pictures of it there. It
looks really, really simple, almost too simple to actually do

Lazar: Right.

Knapp: Working parts?

Lazar: None detectable. Essentially, what the job was was to
back- engineer everthing, where you have a finished product and
to step backwards and find out how it was made or how it could
be made with earthly materials. There hasn't been very much

Knapp: How long do you think they've had this technology up

Lazar: It seems like quite a while, but I really don't know.

Knapp: What could you do with an anti-matter generator? What
does it do?

Lazar: It converts anti-matter . . . It doesn't convert anti-
matter! There's an annihilation reaction. It's an extremely
powerful reaction, a hundred percent conversion of matter to
energy, unlike a fission or fusion reaction which is somewhere
around eight-tenths of one percent conversion of matter to

Knapp: How does it work? What starts the reaction going?

Lazar: Really, once the 115 is put in, the reaction is

Knapp: Automatic.

Lazar: Right.

Knapp: I don't understand. I mean, there's no button to push or

Lazar: No, there's no button to push or anything. Apparently,
the 115 under bombardment with protons lets out an anti-matter
particle. This anti-matter particle will react with any matter
whatsoever, which I imagine there is some target system inside
the reactor. This, in turn, releases heat, and somewhere within
that system there is a one-hundred-percent- efficient thermionic
generator, essentially a heat-to-electrical generator.

Knapp: How is this anti-matter reactor connected to gravity
generation that you were talking about earlier?

Lazar: Well, that reactor serves two purposes; it provides a
tremendous amount of electrical power, which is almost a by-
product. The gravitational wave gets formed at the sphere, and
that's through some action of the 115, and the exact action I
don't think anyone really knows. The wave guide siphons off that
gravity wave, and that's channeled above the top of the disk to
the lower part where there are three gravity amplifiers, which
amplify and direct that gravity wave.

Knapp: In essence creating their own gravitational field.

Lazar: Their own gravitational field.

Knapp: You're fairly convinced that science on earth doesn't
have this technology right now? We have it now at S-4, I guess,
but we didn't create it?

Lazar: Right.

Knapp: Why not? Why couldn't we?

Lazar: The technology's not even=97we don't even know what gravity

Knapp: Well, what is it? What have you learned about what
gravity is?

Lazar: Gravity is a wave. There are many different theories,
wave included. It's been theorized that gravity is also
particles, gravitons, which is also incorrect. But gravity is a
wave. The basic wave they can actually tap off of an element:
why that is I' m not exactly sure.

Knapp: So you can produce your own gravity. What does that mean?
What does that allow you to do?

Lazar: It allows you to do virtually anything. Gravity distorts
time and space. By doing that, now you're into a different mode
of travel, where instead of traveling in a linear method going
from Point A to B, now you can distort time and space to where
you essentially bring the mountain to Mohammad, you almost bring
your destination to you without moving. And since you're
distorting time, all this takes place in between moments of
time. [1]

Now, have British scientists proven Lazar was telling the truth?
Have they let the alien anti-gravity-cat out of the bag? I asked
nuclear physicist and renowned UFO investigator Stanton T.
Friedman. Here is what he said:

The simple answer is no. One could also say a rocket was an
antigravity device because its exhaust leads to it moving upward
whereas gravity pulls it down. A pulley arrangement for lifting
something is not an antigravity device. The use of magnetic
forces as in the magnetic train (maglev) that is noted in the
article is not new. It does not create a gravitational field. It
does not nullify gravity. A force is exerted which is upward.
Gravity is still there. There is no connection whatsoever
between this sort of device and the Lazar science fiction device
which is as mythical as his supposed degrees from MIT and Cal
Tech and his employment as a physicist at Los Alamos. Check out
my article on Lazar at my website www.stantonfriedman.com.
Incidently, magnetoaerodynamic devices such as I described in my
Congressional testimony in 1968 and in various papers can also
exert upward forces... but are not anti-gravity. It is also true
that 4 atoms of Element 115 were created at a huge accelerator
in Dubna. Half life was in the millisecond range. Lazar claimed
at one time that Los Alamos had 500 pounds. No way Jose. Half
life is too short. Stan Friedman

I also decided to ask scientist Stan Deyo about the subject.
Stan has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance, worked
undercover for the FBI, and was part of an exclusive "black
project" headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the
development of "flying saucer technology". Here's what Stan

Hi, Tom, Stanton and I concur about Bob and his mythical tale
about his involvement in the Area 51 program. Furthermore, I
agree with Stanton on the erroneous assertion in the article
above. Using two magnets to levitate masses with low magnetic
permeability is not "antigravity" in the strictest sense. It is
magnetic levitation - not something altering the gravitational
field. I find Bob's story about his history being erased by the
government hard to believe. According to him, even his high
school record was erased.... Does that mean all the kids who
went to school with him had Bob's photo removed from their
personal copies of their high school annual books? Does that
mean all Bob's fellow students and his teachers in ALL those
schools and universities he allegedly attended found him so
unremarkable that they cannot remember him in school with them?
I don't know why Bob apparently fabricated so much of his
story.... It just muddied the water for those trying to ferret
the truth of the suppressed technologies and alien presences on
our world. It is true that electricity can be produced by
thermionic conversion within a small bandwidth of infrared
radiation by allowing it to fall upon a tribo-luminescent
stratum which, itself, forms part of a tuned, resonant-cavity
circuit.... I am pretty certain that T. Henry Moray (and
possibly Harry E. Perrigo) made primitive forms of this circuit.
Element 115 is not necessary to supply the thermal energy in a
thermionic conversion process. I will be presenting a talk in
Roswell this year at the third "Ancient of Days" conference.
There, I will present my thoughts on the emerging concept of
"gravity" being a vector sum between divergent and convergent
spinning waves around the center of spin of a mass. I will
address the issue of why gravity appears to be such a weak force
when in reality gravity is the resultant of much larger div/con
wave vectors. Hope this helps clear the water a bit.... Stan

Following Stan's comments, I think I see a sequel to this
article in the not too distant future. The headline might read
something like: Have Scientists Just Proven Stan Deyo Right on
Alien Antigravity Systems

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://www.uforeview.net for the lead]

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