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The Mexican UFO Fleets Footage

From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic.nul>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 18:57:33 -0400
Fwd Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 11:34:40 -0400
Subject: The Mexican UFO Fleets Footage

Hello All,

A couple of weeks ago I requested a copy of the Fleet Videos
from Jaime Maussan. As is his habit, he was very friendly and
responsive to my request and he provided me a copy of the videos
on digital videotape.

It is stunning, impressive footage. I will be posting clips from
this video to the Virtually Strange Network website shortly.
People need to see this footage for themselves, so that they can
make up their own minds about it. The people on this List who
have been identifying the objects recorded on video as balloons
need to have their eyes and/or their heads, examined.

I'm perfectly willing to let the video speak for itself. Once
people begin to see how vast numbers of these objects remain
stationary against the background sky as they are recorded in
'real time', they will quickly realize how genuinely over
simplified and just plain absurd the 'balloon' explanation is.
These individuals are really grasping at straws. Whatever these
'things' are, they are plainly _not_ balloons!

But hey, don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Make up
your own mind! Just please, don't allow a few 'arm-chair'
amateurs with an agenda, to sell you a bill of goods. The video
that is being recorded in Mexico is nothing short of astounding.
You'll be missing out on witnessing a bit of history if you do
not take the time to see the recordings for yourself.

I'll make an announcement via the list when I have some clips
up. Please, take a close look at them when they are posted. I'll
gladly discuss "balloons" with the visually impaired ones

Oh how easy it is for some.....

Attempting to destroy the reputation and character of another
human being by calling them a liar and a hoaxer in public is a
very serious thing. Especially when done without having to
present any hard evidence for the allegation.

Amy Hebert and a few others do it way too easily. More, they do
it with a kind of relish and mean-spiritedness that is just
ugly, and revealing of their own black character and personal
agendas. Hebert's recent unjustified public attack on Robles Gil
is a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

Hey, she may be right! But, you know what?

I'm calling her on this one! Amy, you can 'opine' all you want
to about any UFO case that comes down the pike, but the minute
you start to really try to -hurt- someone else, the 'party' is
over, sister.

It's simple.....

If Gil's fleet videos are fake, prove it. Prove it beyond all
doubt or make a public apology and retraction. Frankly, I'm sick
and tired of the ease with which certain people on this List
have taken to attempting to ruin the reputation of witnesses who
have submitted material for investigation. It's easy to call
someone/anyone a liar. It's quite another to actually have to
prove it beyond all doubt.

If Mr. Gil is a liar as you say, then I'll assume you had
_incontrovertible_ hard evidence _before_ you called him a liar
in public? If so, share this thoroughly convincing evidence with
the rest of us, please.

It better be first person knowledge too as well as damning and
conclusive proof that he _intentionally_ faked the videos. I'm
curious to learn what it is that you consider ample
justification to attempt to destroy another person's reputation
in public like that.

I hope it's a real good one.

Then, if you will, I want you to tell me who made _you_ the
judge, jury and public executioner of Mr. Gils character.

Ante up, Ms. Hebert. Put up or shut up. Proof positive please.


John Velez

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