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Re: How To Float Like A Stone - Rudiak

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
Date: Fri, 13 May 2005 17:27:41 -0700
Fwd Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 11:41:33 -0400
Subject: Re: How To Float Like A Stone - Rudiak

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>Source: The Guardian OnLine - London, U.K.


>May 11, 2005

>How To Float Like A Stone

>What goes up no longer has to come down. British scientists have
>developed an antigravity machine that can float heavy stones,
>coins and lumps of metal in mid-air. Based around a powerful
>magnet, the device levitates objects in a similar way to how a
>maglev train runs above its tracks.

>Peter King, a physics professor at Nottingham University, said:
>"We can take an object and float it in mid-air because the
>magnetic forces on the object are enough to balance gravity."

>The device exploits diamagnetism. Place non-magnetic objects
>inside a strong enough magnetic field and they are forced to act
>like weak magnets themselves. Generate a field that is stronger
>below and weaker above, and the resulting upward magnetic force
>cancels out gravity.

>Scientists have used diamagnetism to make wood, strawberries
>and, famously, a living frog fly. "That force is strong enough
>to float things with a density similar to water, but not things
>with the density of rocks," Prof King said. To make their
>machine more powerful, the team added an oxygen and nitrogen
>mixture, a paramagnetic fluid. Inside the magnet, the mixture
>helps objects to float.

>The researchers, who announce their results today in the New
>Journal of Physics, are working with Rio Tinto to develop the
>technique to sort precious stones from soil. The US space agency
>Nasa is also interested as it offers a cheaper way for zero
>gravity research.

>[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://www.uforeview.net for the lead]

For a good link on diamagnetic levitation and the famous
floating frogs experiment from nearly a decade ago (including
movies) see:


I remember having debates on Usenet with debunkers, including a
physicist, who insisted the story _must_ be a hoax. The fact is,
even many physicists are not familiar with ordinary
diamagnetism. It is usually treated as more of a laboratory
curiosity because it is normally so weak. I remember when I took
electromagnetism in college, we skipped right over the chapter
describing it. Diamagnetic effects of ordinary materials, such
as water, normally manifest themselves only in very large
magnetic fields, such as laboratory superconducting magnets.

One thing that I learned from the above link that I didn't know
before is that diamagnetic levitation can be demonstrated even
with ordinary magnets (see section on Diamagnetically Stablized
Levitation). Place an ordinary refrigerator magnet between two
sheets of a good diamagnetic material such as graphite, and it
will float there. An even better parlor trick is to buy one of
those very expensive, more powerful rare-earth permanent
magnets, such as sold by Edmund Scientific, and the darn thing
will float between your fingers! The more powerful magnet is
needed because the water in your fingers has a diamagnetic
repulsion about 20 times weaker than graphite.

In theory, a magnet that is large enough and powerful enough
could act as an 'inertial dampener', protecting humans, etc.
from the nasty harmful effects of high acceleration. No anti-
gravity field is needed. This is one possible solution to the
question of how UFOs can demonstrate high accelerations, such as
right-angle turns, without crushing possible crew members

The problem is that current superconducting magnets are not
large enough or powerful enough or light enough (for flying
craft) to make the idea work. The laboratory magnets in the
floating frog experiments were 13 Tesla. A Tesla is a measure of
the magnetic field equal to 10,000 gauss. To give you an idea of
how large this is, the Earth's magnetic field is a few tenths of
a Gauss, typical alnico bar magnets might be around 100 Gauss,
and the rare-earth magnet in the floating-between-fingers demo
was around 500 Gauss. MRI imagers use superconducting magnets
around 1.5 Tesla or 15,000 gauss.

The researchers floated frogs (plus goldfish, grasshoppers,
strawberries, etc.) in a small-bore superconducting magnet
nearly 10 times more powerful than those used in MRI machines.
Thus to float a human, you need a superconducting magnet with a
bore at least as large as an MRI but about 10 times stronger.
Those don't exist.

To have a practical 'inertial dampener', you need an even more
powerful magnet. Diamagnetic repulsion increases roughly as the
square of the magnetic field. Thus to cancel 10G's acceleration
(as might be experienced in a jet fighter or conventional
rocket), you would need a field of roughly 40 Tesla, and to
cancel 100G's (some observed UFO accelerations) a field of
roughly 140 Tesla would be needed.. Needless to say, these don't
exist either. (Experimental laboratory magnets approaching 100
Tesla have been built, but require a river of water to keep them

Thus all that's needed to build this fancy inertial dampener is
a new, lightweight, superconducting material with a current
carrying ability about two orders of magnitude greater than what
we have now. Making it a room-temperature superconductor
wouldn't hurt either, so you could dispose of the heavy cooling
systems that ordinary superconductors require, such as liquid
nitrogen or liquid helium blankets.....

So at the moment, this magnetic inertial dampener is nothing but
a thought-experiment, but not necessarily an impossible one.
Better superconducting materials in the past 70 years have led
to more powerful superconducting magnets. High-temperature
ceramic superconductors were discovered only a decade ago, and
carbon nanotubes, also a recently developed material, are
lightweight, exhibit superconducting properties, and can carry
much higher currents than traditional metallic superconductors.
I know of no theoretical reasons why the necessary
superconducting material might not be attainable in the future.

Some Listers may remember a debate on the Rense show that
Stanton Friedman had with physicist Lawrence Kraus on UFOs back
in 1999. Among Kraus' arguments that UFOs were impossible was
that the high inertial forces would kill any occupants and there
was no way known to physics (that he knew of) to protect them. I
wrote a post on UpDates saying, "not so", and mentioned the
diamagnetic "inertial dampener" above. (Rense had first broached
the subject, mentioning a recent patent for such a device -
Kraus declared it impossible). For those of you interested,


David Rudiak

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