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Re: How To Float Like A Stone - Balaskas

From: Nick Balaskas <Nikolaos.nul>
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 21:07:04 -0400 (Eastern Standard Time)
Fwd Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 11:10:31 -0400
Subject: Re: How To Float Like A Stone - Balaskas

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>>May 11, 2005

>>How To Float Like A Stone


>>The device exploits diamagnetism. Place non-magnetic objects
>>inside a strong enough magnetic field and they are forced to act
>>like weak magnets themselves. Generate a field that is stronger
>>below and weaker above, and the resulting upward magnetic force
>>cancels out gravity.


>I remember having debates on Usenet with debunkers, including a
>physicist, who insisted the story _must_ be a hoax. The fact is,
>even many physicists are not familiar with ordinary
>diamagnetism. It is usually treated as more of a laboratory
>curiosity because it is normally so weak. I remember when I took
>electromagnetism in college, we skipped right over the chapter
>describing it. Diamagnetic effects of ordinary materials, such
>as water, normally manifest themselves only in very large
>magnetic fields, such as laboratory superconducting magnets.

I never fail to be amazed myself whenever we perform such
"antigravity" demonstrations for visitors and students in our
physics labs (eg. a magnet is made to "hover" over a supercooled
ceramic disk; a magnet dropped inside a vertical copper pipe
that takes forever to reach the ground; a swinging aluminum
pendulum that comes to a sudden stop in the presence of a
magnetic field; etc.).

Unfortunately, no one has managed to figure out a way to build a
working flying saucer using such "antigravity" or repulsive
force producing devices. Although flying saucers can be made to
float over such devices on the ground, in the air both the
saucers and the devices would come crashing down to Earth since
there would be nothing to keep the devices themselves airborne!

Yesterday I purchased helium filled balloon that is manouvered
through the air by three radio contolled propellors. This
balloon which can rise and descend vertically and hover in one
place has more promise to become a cheap and effective personal
transportation system which will easily fly over our future
traffic gridlocked cities than the flying saucer vehicles used
by the Jetsons.

Nick Balaskas

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