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Re: New Phoenix UFO Video - Adams

From: Brian Adams <ufosource.nul>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 09:27:17 -0500
Fwd Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 08:31:37 -0400
Subject: Re: New Phoenix UFO Video - Adams

>From: Rob Kritkausky <robkrit.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 11:32:04 -0700 (PDT)
>Subject: Re: New Phoenix UFO Video

>>From: Brian Adams <ufosource.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 14:03:22 -0500
>>Subject: New Phoenix UFO Video

>>It's possibly a triangle or rectangular craft, rotating counter-
>>clockwise, horizontally, inside a cloud possibly in some type of
>>stealth mode.

Note: Clockwise viewed from below, counterclockwise from above.


>If you wish to see a larger version of this video, I just posted
>one on my web site. Let me assure you the video is quite real.
>However, the object/lights in the video may certainly raise some
>questions, as they do seem to move rather unconventionally. The
>lights were just as strange to the naked eye, in that the place
>in which they reappear certainly left me with the impression
>that it was traveling at an incredible speed.




First of all Rob, your group is to be congratulated for this
video. It's fantastic! I like listening to comments by Jeff et
al as well.

>When I joined this List a couple months back, I did so with the
>intent of soliciting scientific help in the form of instruments
>and expertise. This problem or need has since been satisfied,
>perhaps not quickly enough however, as they were not in place
>for this event. We did have a Cannon XL1 rolling as well as a
>35mm Camera taking 30 sec. exposures at the time, but they were
>focused elsewhere.

Maybe it knew it was testing your guys. How could you know?

>This sighting is a good example of what I consider "missed
>opportunity". While in this instance I happened to take Jeff and
>another gentleman to this site, it could just as easily been a
>team of researchers with the instruments and expertise to obtain
>much more valuable data then a single video clip. In fact, about
>65 minutes after the video was shot, a closer more interesting
>light was observed, but we had just packed up our equipment.

Again, how could you know? But your first hand witnesses are
pretty nice to help corroborate this excellent sighting.

>Let me say I suffer from the same "affliction" many on the List
>may feel James Smith to also be infected with. In fact, it was
>because I shared this need for evidence via the scientific
>method, that I originally inquired of him as to whom on the list
>might have the resources/instruments to obtain such data.
>Discussions about UFOs appearing in the background of old films
>is all fine and dandy, but in reality it is... well, verbal
>masturbation in my opinion.

IMO I thought it was a boom mike moving back and forth on a
closed set. The set lights were reflecting off the silver mike
causing the saucerlike appearance.

>While I admit my experience in this field is lacking and the
>method I propose (which is identical to what James has
>suggested) may seem like a shot in the dark, it is instances
>just like the capturing of the video above, that illustrate the
>validity of this approach.

I heard Jeff Willes on C2C with Art Bell last Sunday night and
Jeff explained it perfectly. Your group is watching the ufo hot
spots and last Thurs night you guys hit it correct. Jeff also
mentioned that he has had more daylight sightings than nighttime
ones. They're even more perplexing because you just want to
stare at them and watch what they're going to do next.

Here's my daytime triangle sighting I had in April 1995 at
believe it or not the Ozarks UFO Conference in Eureka Springs
Arkansas. It was just after the Sat afternoon speaker session
for the dinner break and a group of us from Springfield, MO were
outside discussing dinner plans. I noticed that my friend Dave
Schnelle kept looking up in the clear blue sky. Time 445pm. I
asked Dave what he was looking at and he said it's something
strange up in the sky. So I looked up and sure enough a large
triangular craft suddenly appeared. I mean it must be huge. As
large as your thumbnail at arms length away.

The only reason I believe it became visible is because it was
reflecting the setting sunlight. It was motionless for a only a
few moments but you could easily see rectangular panels on the
underneath side of this craft. It was really bright white then
poof it disappeared not to be seen again after watching for it
several minutes. It seemed to be in high orbit when just at the
right moment fortunately Dave and I observed it only by chance
due to the sunlight glinting off it at that precise angle.

>Wanting disclosure is valid and understandable, needing it is
>giving up control and creating dependence.

I believe most really do believe in alien controlled ufos but by
our gov't keeping this charade going it only makes them look
uneasy. That may be the real problem. There'd be a lot of
explaining to do. Just by denying or ridiculing this disclosure
thing to the end won't ever cut it. What are the most popular
movies? UFOs, space/futuristic scifi, and humans battling
aliens. Coincidence? No way. BTW, I'll be at Star Wars midnight

>Don't just meet science half way... use the tools and methods it
>offers to obtain the data/proof that has proved allusive to
>date. Witness Reports can be very valuable, but this value is
>not in the form of proof, but in the form of maximization of
>opportunity. IMO

Making the effort to perform this task is another way of saying
it. Great job Rob and to your loyal group of ufo skywatchers.

Brian Adams

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