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The Future of the Space-Alien Meme

From: Mac Tonnies <macbot.nul>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 08:52:59 -0700 (PDT)
Fwd Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 08:35:23 -0400
Subject: The Future of the Space-Alien Meme

The Future of the Space-Alien Meme


Mac Tonnies


Throughout history, the UFO phenomenon has been one step ahead
of human capability. Our definition of the "other" has been
quietly revised and reinvented in a parade of forms ranging from
faerie folk to phantom airships to ghost rockets to NASA-esque
flying saucers complete with alien "crew."

If we are in fact observing an unknown intelligence, it has
proven remarkably adept at insinuating itself into the belief-
 structure of any given era, comfortably skating the razor's
edge of plausibility. It implants itself in our collective
unconscious, an abiding trickster that entices us with the
possibility of catching up at the same time that it morphs into
more fashionable disguises. The phenomenon is a constantly
moving goal-post - and we're largely amnesiac of any duplicity.

Whether we think we see an indigenous nonhuman species in our
midst, as in the case of the Celtic faerie faith, or the comings
and goings of eccentric aeronauts (the "impossible" airship
sightings of the 1800s), we always think what we're viewing is
genuine. Then, in a now-recognizable pattern, the performance
changes. Since we invariably change alongside it, we fail to
note that our visitors have merely upgraded their image to match
prevailing notions. Thus, the most widely accepted exotic
explanation for apparent alien craft in our skies - the
extraterrestrial hypothesis, with its Westernized nuts-and-bolts
trappings - is likely a facade.

If the UFO intelligence has been with the human species since
prehistory, perhaps it's naive to assume the "aliens" will stick
around in their present form once we've achieved their evident
level of sophistication. If we can refrain from destroying
ourselves, it's probable we will develop into a star-faring
civilization. What then? The enigma and mythological luster of
visiting space-aliens will have lost its appeal. If the UFO
intelligence wants to continue interacting with us (for whatever
reasons), it will be forced to adopt a new appearance; it will
have to find a new mythical substrate in which to sow its memes.

That's assuming, of course, that humans a thousand years from
now will still be blinkered by the capacity for belief. If we
evolve into a "posthuman" state, as argued by a growing faction
of thinkers in fields such as artificial intelligence and
genetic engineering, there's no telling for certain how our
perceptions will mutate to accommodate our new abilities. We may
shed the dubious luxury of belief altogether... leaving the
"ufonauts" stranded in the realm from which they originate,
unable to continue their theatrical dialogue.

Or we may, finally, be able to discern the face behind the veil.
As our technological prowess exponentiates, accompanied by a
corresponding "physics of consciousness," today's perceived
saucer-pilots may be rendered suddenly vulnerable. Equally
disconcerting, we might find ourselves surrounded by newfound
peers... if, of course, the phenomenon allows matters to
progress that far.

Pioneering anomalist Charles Fort claimed that "we are
property," a notion that seems disquietingly "Matrix"-like. But
if Fort was right, we're not necessarily celestial chattel,
doomed to an eternity of solipsistic antics. Our "visitors" may
be our not-so-distant relatives, or even ancestors from some
unimaginable future intent on nurturing their own historical
time-line. (A time-travel hypothesis could help account for a
variety of bizarre behavior associated with UFOs and paranormal
visitation. Ultimately, it may make more sense to view the
enigma as a concerted effort from the depths of time rather than
an anthropological mission from deep-space; this may, in fact,
be the ufonauts' most portentous secret, concealed by millennia
of distraction and misinformation.)

Transhumanists speak in awed, increasingly confident tones of an
imminent Singularity, beyond which forecasting the future
becomes an exercise in futility. Elliptically enough, perhaps
we're just now beginning to fashion the conceptual and
technological tools that enable our visitors to operate in such
consummate stealth.

Mac Tonnies <macbot.nul>

Website: http://www.mactonnies.com
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