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Filer's Files #21 - 2005

From: George A. Filer <Majorstar.nul>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 11:42:14 -0400
Fwd Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 13:25:52 -0400
Subject: Filer's Files #21 - 2005

Filer=92s Files #21 =96 2005
Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director MUFON Eastern
Vice President of Skywatch International
May 18, 2005, Web: www.georgefiler.com

Webmaster: C E Warren www.cewarren.

Sightings Continue

Mexico petroglyph of space craft?

This is a 7000 year petroglyph discovered in the province of
Querato, Mexico in 1966. You can see four figures with their
arms outstretched below a large oval object radiating what
appear to be beams of light. Thanks to Mathew Hurley

The purpose of these files is to report weekly the UFO
eyewitness and photo/video evidence that occurs on a daily basis
around the world and in space. Many people claim it is
impossible for UFOs to visit Earth, I ask you only to keep an
open mind and watch the evidence we accumulate each week. These
Files make the assumption that extraterrestrial intelligent life
not only exists, but my hypothesis is that of the over one
hundred UFOs reported each week many represent a factual UFO
sighting Articles this week include: Mexico petroglyph and Mars
may have life. UFOs were seen over Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas,
California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Kentucky, Idaho,
Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York,
North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia and
Washington. Sightings were also reported in Australia, Belize,
Canada, France, Mexico, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.


Mars fossils match those on EarthArkaleus writes: When you gaze
upon these fossils for the first time, a crucial question
appears. How did these life forms come to be on TWO planets at
roughly the same time? How else does life move from one place to
another, except by migration or transplantation?

Perhaps one of the most incredible fossils I found on this site
was that of the squid. It is undeniably a squid, even to the
most skeptical interpretation it has too many symmetries and
geometrical similarities to a squid to be discounted. A squid
can't jump very far, let alone leap the millions of miles needed
to move from Mars to
Earth.mhtml:mid://00000007/!cid:X.MA1.1116349107.nul This
invites a marvelous fiction to develop within the mind. Either
evolution is a totally misrepresented science, and life develops
upon templates that are pre-existing and innate to matter
itself, or somebody moved these life forms between the worlds by
design. This would seem to indicate the presence of a vastly
ancient intelligence responsible for a kind of cosmic gardening
in this solar system. Not impossible, and wonderfully reassuring
for such a lonely species as our own. Who were these beings? Did
they move Martian life forms to earth, long ago, to avoid their
extinction on Mars; a planet fated to lose its ability to
support life? This would explain why so many sea creatures are
so alien to other life forms on this world: They ARE alien life
forms. These fossils tell us a lot more than just the existence
of aquatic life on Mars. They are the empirical evidence of the
gods themselves, those beings science has safely put away from
themselves as fables of the ancients. Nothing BUT an intelligent
undertaking could transplant all these species between two
vastly separated worlds. This may indicate that life may not be
native to this solar system at all, that it may in fact be
imported, much like a gardener must import seeds to his own
soil, to put in what was not there before. This discovery may be
the catalyst for a whole new era of creationism, a true science,
and may indeed be the first empirical evidence of god we as a
species have ever encountered. Thanks to Arkaleus and Sir
Charles W. Shults http://xenotechresearch.com/mhydro1.htm

Alaska saucer-like craft flies northwestJUNEAU -- The sun was
setting, the witness was looking northwest at the Gastineau
Channel on April 23, 2005, at 6:30 PM, when he saw an object
moving northwest. The object was a saucer shape and was much
smaller than a commercial airplane. It was bright, from
reflected sunlight. I assumed that it was metallic, and its
color was probably silver. The object moved in a straight line,
with some tilting on its axis from one side to the other. Its
motion was quick, and silent and I watched it until it was too
small to see. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director,

Arkansas disk spotted

FT. SMITH =96 The witness reports seeing six circular objects at
9:31 PM, on April 26, 2005, at the I-540 bridge which connects
Crawford & Sebastian counties. They split into pairs, with two
flying west, two flew north, and two went south. The lights
rotated in circular pattern, with one center light. There was no
sound. The lights blinked in a clockwise motion, then went out
except for one in the center, that looked like a star. She could
still make out a shape, because they only appeared to be about
2000 feet high.

Three circular objects were seen five miles east of Mulberry,
over the Arkansas River going west at 10:15 PM having no sound.
When she got to work, one was just to the south-east of her and
hovering somewhere near the airport. Then suddenly a National
Guard jet took off from the airport, and search lights came on
around the airport. & the lights disappeared. Thanks to Peter
Davenport, Director, www.ufocenter.com

California Cylinder

NORTH HILLS =96 The witness looked north and saw two cylinder
shaped objects on April 19, 2005, at midnight. They were
traveling north at a slow speed, and suddenly disappeared. The
objects were gray in color. No other things were observed.
Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director, www.ufocenter.com

SONORA -- Mark A. Olson, D.M.writes, "On May 1, 2005, I looked
out my front window and saw a bright disk-shaped object moving
very slowly over the trees, heading North. I ran back inside to
grab my camcorder, but didn't have time to grab the tripod.

I managed to catch the object for approximately 45 seconds
before losing sight of it behind a tree. The object was large
and bright silver-white. I've attached a video clip of the
object for your perusal=94. Thanks to Mark A. Olson, D.M.

Delaware Light over General Motors plantWILMINGTON -- I was out
doing carts for Acme Markets in Delaware when I looked up over
the GM plant and saw a plane on April 19, 2005, at 9 PM, and
spotted a green light flying west away from the plant. He
states, "I heard no sound as the light switched from green to
pink to amber as it continued east toward Elsmere.=94 It proceeded
to shoot up, hover, and then accelerate to the west at a high
rate of speed where I lost it. Thanks to Peter Davenport,
Director, www.ufocenter.com

Connecticut triangle with three lights ANSONIA =96 The witness
observed a row of lights hovering at a low altitude of about
only 200 feet above the ground on May 5, 2005 at 8:30 PM. The
witness pulled off the highway, and doubled back, as the object
silently and slowly moved over the horizon. It did not make a
sound. White lights were on each corner of the triangle. The
lights pulsated slowly, and slightly. While crossing it's path,
the middle light began to move. The witness discovered that
object was far larger than helicopter dimensions. Thanks to
Peter Davenport, Director, www.ufocenter.com

Florida triangular object FLORAL CITY =96 The observer was out
having a late night swim in the pool on a beautiful 73 degree
night, when he noticed an object approaching from the north
flying south fast towards Tampa at 10:45 PM, on April 29, 2005.
I watched it fly overhead - bright white lights at the three
corners of the triangle and a blinking red light in the "belly."
Traveling fast - at arm's length it would take a tennis ball to
cover the object. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director,
www.ufocenter.com PLANT CITY =96 The witness reports sighting two
objects that at first appeared to just be stars were moving in
two different formations in the night sky. At 10:33 PM, I looked
toward the constellation Gemini, and I did a double take because
two stars appeared to be moving from west to east. One was
following directly behind the other the distance between two
fingers making a "victory" sign. The second light moved south
and caught up with the front light and they continued to proceed

JUPITER -- Craft appeared hovering initially with a stream
behind it. Rear configuration of lights which appeared star-like
changed position/direction at 9:30 PM. Three distinct lights
circled by halo followed, leading watcher to conclusion that
craft had changed direction and was moving away. It was quickly
out of sight.((NUFORC Note: We assume that the witnesses were
describing the launch of a Titan IV missile out of Cape
Canaveral, which occurred at 20:55 hrs. (Eastern) on this date.
The missile apparently was launched to the northeast, so it was
visible along the eastern shoreline of the US. PD))

Kentucky black oval object observed

BOWLING GREEN -- I am a Christian, and I work in a professional
environment and am telling you the truth. The observer was
traveling home from work driving down Russellville Road on April
16, 2005, at 5 PM, and saw a perfectly round bright black object
sitting high up in the sky. It was completely round and solid
black, and it seemed like it was not moving at all. It was a
basketball sized round black object sitting stationary in the
sky. It was definitely far away and very high up in the sky. If
this was a balloon of some sort then why was it black? Thanks to
Peter Davenport, Director, www.ufocenter.com Idaho a missile
"suspended" below jet

SANDPOINT =96 The observer saw a white missile-shaped object,
about five-sixths of the length of the plane, suspended beneath
the body of the plane on May 10, 2005 at 5 PM.. There is a
mountain of 2000' that is the background for the view, dark rock
and evergreens. The weather was clear, and the sighting was to
the north of my house, an unobstructed view , and about one mile
away. The plane was very quiet- usually the jets are much
noisier! The plane looked gray in contrast to the really slender
white missile shaped. There were no lights or markings.

My DVD player stopped working about 30 seconds before I saw the
plane.((NUFORC Note: Peter Davenport,

We wonder whether the witness might have observed a USAF AWACS
(E-3A) aircraft, or some other type of military aircraft. Just a
guess. PD))

Maine oval seen for ten minutes.

WATERBORO -- On April 29, 2005, the witness spotted two bright
lights overhead, one emitting three rays of light and then, a
circle of light around it passing west to east at a high
altitude at 9:45 PM for ten minutes. The satellite looking
object was somewhat brighter and was traveling west to east at
the apparent altitude of a satellite. It suddenly emitted a
stream of misty light out of both sides toward the rear of the
object, and shortly after a misty light out of the front of it
in the direction of its travel. These three lights continued for
a couple of seconds and went out. Then the object was encircled
with a white misty light continuing on its way toward the
horizon. A second object appeared overhead traveling the same
altitude and direction about 5 miles behind the first. Both
objects continued over the horizon. My home is 30 miles from
Portland Maine airport where I work for the FAA as a technician.
I see arrivals and departures over my house all the time. Thanks
to Peter Davenport, Director, www.ufocenter.com Massachusetts
spectacular rectangle seen ROCKPORT -- A MUFON investigator
called his mother to chat and to let her know that there would
be a bright high pass of the International Space Station (ISS)
at 8:46 PM. At about 8:24 PM, she said in an excited voice that
'she saw it and oh my God it is so big,' etc. I told her it was
too early for the ISS, but she insisted and said it was no
satellite or meteor.She said the object was the shape of a
rectangular box. It was bright yellow with no other lights and
was flying south as if some intelligence were guiding it. It was
not drifting aimlessly or shooting like a meteor. She said she
did not notice any physical effects in her body, but I heard an
uncharacteristic agitation in her voice. The object came from
the north at about 30 degrees when she first noticed it. Mom
held a 3" by 5" box in her hand and said that is how large it
appeared in the sky with the luminescence as bright as the moon.
The highest elevation observed was approximately 75
degrees.There was a small plane and a jet that flew in the same
direction. She went to the kitchen window to see it again and it
vanished. It was a clear night, so it either sped up or just
disappeared.The Heavens-Above website gives observation times
within a second. I am submitting this report for my mother who
is 76 years young in possession of all of her faculties. I am a
MUFON investigator. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director,

New York red almond shaped objects

CONSTABLEVILLE =96 The witness saw two red colored almond shaped
objects that looked like eyes. on April 22, 2005, at 12 PM. He
was standing outside looking up at dark sky and saw a shooting
star. The witness saw an almond shaped red light rise above the
trees about 1/2 mile away and stayed there. Then another red
light, rose up from the treeline. It looked like two very large
almonds and stayed for about 20 seconds. Then the right side
went down into the trees and disappeared, followed by the left
side of the 'eyes'. It was very scary. Thanks to Peter
Davenport, Director, www.ufocenter.com

Missouri white light in the skyST. LOUIS =96 The witness was
standing in the street talking to a few friends on April 14,
2005, at 8:52 PM, and saw three straight dots in the sky. There
was a bright light in the western sky that started moving,
slowed a little and then started up again. We watched as it flew
at a high rate of speed, slowed down and went in its exact
opposite direction. As it did this it did get too much further
from us when it seemed to be moving slower again, but this time
it got dimmer and dimmer. After this I saw two F-15 fighters
just fly out, and then I called 911 to find out what had
happened, they referred me to Scott Air Force Base, who directed
me to Peter Davenport. Thanks to www.ufocenter.com

Nevada disk

LAS VEGAS -- Looking north of the city the witness a retired
nurse saw a gray disc moving erratically on April 18, 2005, at 1
PM. She was sitting in her backyard when she saw a charcoal
grayish colored round disc (saucer) to the north flying from
west to east.  The object seemed slightly wider on the bottom.
The total time of the sighting was about a minute or slightly
less. It began to drift side to side descending some as it did.
Then it moved at a steady upward slight incline and vanished!
Shortly, what she thought were military jets flew through that
area with two in front and one behind, from east to
west.((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness via telephone,
and she seemed exceptionally objective and lucid to us; we
suspect that she is a very good witness. PD))

New Jersey small silver cigar MONMOUTH COUNTY =96 The observer
states, "I was on Route 35 in Monmouth County with my father on
April 16, 2005, at 3 PM, when I noticed a small silver cigar or
disk shaped object in the sky.=94 It was gleaming in the sun very
brightly, and was moving pretty quickly. I watched about six
seconds, then, it disappeared in the cloudless sky, and then two
seconds later, it showed up again, and then disappeared as fast
as it appeared. I asked my father if he saw it and he said he
didn't notice. I'm almost positive it wasn't a plane. Thanks to
Peter Davenport, Director, www.ufocenter.com

North Carolina photos from Alan Caviness:

DAVIDSON COUNTY --  These two pictures were taken by a colleague
of mine with a 3.0 megapixel digital camera at 5 PM, on March
23, 2005 during a period of stormy weather. Approximately 10
miles to the north, residents were put on alert at this time for
possible tornado activity in a strong storm band traveling from
west to east. The dark clouds in these pictures were part of the
southern edge of the storm front. The object was not visible to
the UFO field investigator who took the photos. This is a site
for frequent UFO activity and is being monitored regularly. Only
12 days earlier, I had shot nighttime UFOs from the same
property. Some of them were small, round shapes with color. In
most cases, the UFOs in this area are invisible but can be
detected by digital cameras with their infrared sensitivity.

The investigator who shot these pictures believes that UFOs in
the area are attracted to thunderstorms and "feed" off the
energy generated by them. Thanks to  Alan Caviness, Field
Investigator - central North Carolina who has put together a
great CD of close to 100 other photographs shot from this
geographical area. These are available on CD for new subscribers
to Filers Files.

Ohio birds and UFOs -

FOSTORIA - Several people have commented that George Ritter's
VHS videos could be birds or insects. George frequently gets
video of birds and insects that are on multiple frames in the
video. Generally the UFOs which travel much faster are on only
one or two frames of the video. The top photo shows typical UFOs
while the bottom is a bird. UFOs were taken on 10 May 2005, at 6
PM. Thanks to George Ritter.

Pennsylvania disk

CHELTENHAM =96 The witness was walking his dog at 11 PM, on April
29, 2005, when he noticed a large circular flying object which
was lit up with a glow flying in his direction. Within 10
seconds it quickly changed direction and within another 5
seconds it was gone. The object was large and moved from one
direction to another quickly. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director, www.ufocenter.com

Utah triangle and flexible mass

SALT LAKE CITY -- My friends and I were camping pretty deep into
little Cottonwood Canyon on April 10, 2005, at 2:37 PM. We were
laying down and thought we saw a bluish flash to the east
without any sound. So we got up to take a look and we didn't go
far, and in a clearing there was a dark mass floating in the
air. It was more or less flat and it seemed round but its entire
mass did not move in unison. It sort of rippled but not in any
coherent pattern. On the bottom surface there was a constant
activity of blue flashes freckled across the object. We all
noticed the air felt very cold and moist and like static.
Finally, some pieces fell off the object. They sprinkled off and
shimmered as they fell to the ground. Then the object left
slowly but the actual movement seemed imperceptible. Thanks to
Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Virginia - Missile shaped craft

MECHANICSVILLE/AYLETT =96 The witness saw a missile shaped craft,
estimated at three car lengths long or about sixty feet long on
April 24, 2005, at 9:45 PM. The craft had a cone nose which was
dark in color, and the body was plain silver/metal. There were
no noticeable features along the body of the "cylinder." The
body is estimated to have a diameter similar to an H2 (Hummer)
from side to side (door to door). The tail had two red lights
and one white that were blinking, but not in sync. No wings were
visible. The witness was driving towards Aylett, VA down the
Mechanicsville Turnpike. The lights seemed mounted to a
propulsion mechanism. The craft moved with the traffic towards
Mechanicsville, at an estimated 60 miles an hour, hovering just
above tree level estimated at 35 feet. The craft was spotted
near the Hayne's Boat company which has lots of lighting making
the body of the craft quite visible. The craft emitted no sound.
Once the craft had supposedly moved in rear-view, it was not
visible in rear or side view mirrors. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director, www.ufocenter.com

Washington disk

CAMAS, Vancouver -- The observers, a young married couple, in
their mid-20's, witnessed a congregation of unknown craft, east
of their home at 1:20 AM, on April 19, 2005. My wife noticed a
star-like object swaying in the distance, through our bedroom
window. It was extremely clear that evening and the moon was
very bright. The witness states, "We both got out of bed to get
a closer look, when we noticed three+ objects, all emitting what
looked like red and green light.=94 Not believing what we were
seeing, several other craft came into view to the north of us.
We witnessed strange and rapid movements, and light emissions.
After 10 minutes, I grabbed our video camera and started
filming. We switched off, capturing 20-30 minutes of footage. We
filmed interaction between the craft and obscure individual
movement of 2-3 of them. Viewing the objects through the video
lens allowed us to see much greater detail and some great close-
ups were captured. My wife believes she saw this same bright
object the following night. However as she turned on the video
camera and started to focus on it, the video camera shut off.
She tried a second time, and the video camera shut off again.
Thanks to Peter Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Australia disk

TOWNSVILLE =96 The observers report seeing a circular saucer type
craft with lights flashing in a rotary circular fashion at 8:13
PM, on April 28, 2005. They were driving south on the East Coast
on a perfectly clear night, when they saw a UFO ahead and to my
right hand side of the road. It was saucer in shape with
flashing lights on the underside of the craft. The lights
flashed in a rotary circular fashion. It was hovering at no more
than 100 feet above the field, then, suddenly it completely
disappeared. I was lost for words at the sight and could not
speak until after the craft vanished. I then asked my passengesr
if they had seen it, they had.  COOBER PEDY -- Keith Douglass
reports that a local chap of Coober Pedy in central Australia
was lucky enough to record these images of an alleged UFO craft
on April 15, 2005, at around 10.30 PM, on a Friday night.

The wittiness said he went outside and noticed a orange light
and a white light over the northwest near the horizon. The
orange light appeared to move, so he went inside to get his
camcorder and his wife. While he filmed, the light came closer,
another white light was just below the orange light.
Unfortunately, the witness said he could not locate the other
white light it in the view finder. The craft loitered for half
an hour. The orange light came closer and he could see a glowing
dome on top, the object finally shot off to the northwest.
Thanks to Keith Douglass

Canada disc photographed

KINGSTON, ONTARIO -- Dirk Vander Ploeg Received a photo of a
definite UFO from Tim in Canada. The photo was taken on December
4, 2004 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. I have enlarged the
section of the object in the night sky and attempted to brighten
it. I used Adobe Photoshop for all tests regarding the object. A
clear image of a solid object is evident. Is it an
extraterrestrial UFO, I don't know. It is a definitely an
unidentified flying object. More photos at
http://www.ufodigest.com/kingston.html by Dirk Vander Ploeg.
Thanks to Skywatch-International Web Site http://www.skywatch-

WINNIPEG -- Rick Paley reports, "I am a businessman, and would
like to report a May 15, 2005, daylight sighting at 4:40 PM,
that lasted for fifteen minutes. I was a passenger riding in a
convertible on Mayfair Avenue and the new bridge, when I noticed
a bright object in the northeast similar in brightness to
Regulus if it were in the night sky with the exception this was
daylight.  We noticed that it remained stationary and appeared
to be getting larger as if it were descending. We pulled over on
Main just past the CN Station. It was moving towards the SW. It
had become larger and looked like two balls turning clockwise
slowly and was now emanating a bright reddish light. The reddish
light went from a single distinct light to 3 lights then back to
a single light then into two lights and back into three lights.
It seemed to hover emanating these lights, then began rising and
changed to a darker color with a silver edge and now looked like
an oval, solid object with some sort of "field" surrounding it
making it appear very dark. It started moving east and then
stopped and began to rise further into the sky. We watched it
for a few more minutes as it became smaller it flew north and
disappeared. Thanks to Rick Paley

France two flying triangles

PARIS 44 Two flying triangles were seen above Paris on June 30,
2004, by Marc who forwarded his testimony to me . "About
midnight, I looked at the sky from my balcony and saw a group of
luminous weak of light in triangular formation passing overhead
for a second or so. I did not believe my eyes but yelled at my
wife to come to see but she arrived too late. As she watched she
saw another triangle, completely different from the first that
turned behind a building!

Mexico Lighted UFO making tight circle

PLAYA DEL CARMEN -- This object appeared as light moving about a
mile off the Playa Car coast heading north towards Cancun on
April 29, 2005, at 11:30 PM. The object had a bluish white glow
with tints of green and red flickering (almost like a
reflection). The craft flew with the coast line, then made a
tight circle and came out on a tangent from the start of the
circles with a slight acceleration. When the craft accelerated,
the resorts lights around the massive pool area and surrounding
buildings dimmed for 30 seconds. The weather was clear and there
was no sound. The path of the craft was not part of the Cancun
Airports flight path. Also, the tight circle could not have been
made by any aircraft. Its lights were not flashing but more
changing and "fluxing" with frequency. Thanks to Peter Davenport
Director, www.ufocenter.com

Belize bight lights

San Pedro =96 The lights looked like two stars but they were
moving very slowly due east of the island near Ambergris Caye on
April 19, 2005, at 6:30 PM. They where visible for at least 10-
15 seconds then all of a sudden one disappeared and then the
other followed. They where very bright. They looked like giant
stars with just one big bright light. The objects did not leave
any trails they just simply disappeared. Thanks to Peter
Davenport Director, www.ufocenter.com

Canada silent craft over west end

TORONTO -- Sitting on the porch a loud strange plane noise
compelled me to look up on April 19, 2005, at 11:15 PM. At first
I thought I spotted a bird, but then a gray triangular
projectile passed over head with no lights or possibly a faint
white light in the middle. There was no noise associated with
the passage of the craft. VERNON, BC -- On May 7, 2005, about 2
AM, star like objects that brighten to the size of Venus were
observed. Similar lights were reported last year. The witness
counted several passes last night, south to Kelowna, east to
Lumby, west over Lake Okanagan, and north toward Armstrong.
Every so often one would brighten to the size of Venus and then
fade to a small orange color and disappear. They look like low
flying satellites. Two satellites were flying, one behind the
other and a third light appeared between the two others. The
front light was the brightness of a satellite and the two
following were duller suggesting the edge of something with big
under lights. I also heard the puzzling sound of a muted jet
engine. Thanks to Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Sweden bright light flying object

GOTHENBURG =96 The witness saw a bright shining light like the
Northern Star on May 7, 2005, but it was flying in a straight
line. As he watched, it changed direction to leave the earth's
atmosphere very ,very fast with the speed of lightning. This
usually happens at 11 PM. The first time we saw it was August
1999. We have seen a documentary on TV in 2001, that showed the
same objects filmed by NASA. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

UK/England several strange lights

BERKSHIRE COUNTY =96 The witness had just dropped off a friend at
1 PM, on April 19, 2005, when he saw something very strange. He
states, "I saw up to 15 large lights in the skies while driving
home and they were everywhere in the sky all of them spaced out
evenly.=94 Some were more lit than the others, and their lights
appeared to be twinkling/flashing/pulsating, they seemed to be
more or less stationary with slight movement. As I got home I
saw three lights above my house, only one was very bright while
the others were not as bright. I stood there smoking a cigarette
and staring at these lights. I noticed that the larger light was
moving in small circles but I couldn't make out the formation of
its movement and after ten minutes they all dimmed a little but
they were still visible. The next day I told a few trusted
people and they say they didn't see anything of the sort. It was
very strange indeed. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director,
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