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Re: Mexican Fleet Prompts Release Of Kaufman Texas

From: Santiago Yturria Garza <syturria.nul>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 16:14:19 +0000
Fwd Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 08:03:50 -0400
Subject: Re: Mexican Fleet Prompts Release Of Kaufman Texas

>From: Nick Balaskas <Nikolaos.nul>
>To: UFO UpDates - Toronto <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 17:54:01 -0400 (Eastern >Standard Time)
>Subject: Re: Mexican Fleet Prompts Release Of Kaufman >Texas Video

>From: Santiago Yturria Garza <syturria.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 22:13:00 +0000
>Subject: Mexican Fleet Prompts Release Of Kaufman Texas Video

>Mexican Fleet Prompts Release Of Kaufman Texas Video


>Larry confessed that he thought these was a formation of rare
>birds of some kind but being unsure of what he got on tape
>decided to keep it secret with him until he found the mexican

>The video is great. At broad daylight and a tree as a reference,
>We have studied this video here in Mexico and according to it's
>characteristics and parameters we concluded that it's consistent
>with the mexican UFO fleets videos, same behavior, same movement
>in perfect synchronized formation  the Kaufman Texas May 3, 2004
>footage by Larry " Lawwalk " is for us a UFO fleet evidence.

>This is a confirmation that the UFO flotillas is a global
>phenomena and more reports are coming from other countries.
>Thanks to Larry and BJ Booth for releasing this information and
>provide the evidences.


>Hi Santiago!

>Since after studying the Kaufman, Texas UFO video you came to
>the conclusion that its "characteristics and parameters" were
>consistent with the behaviour, movement and perfect synchronized
>formation found in the Mexican UFO videos, you may have actually
>confirmed that the correct explanation for these UFOs are birds
>- just as Larry thought until he saw the very similar Mexican
>UFO footage.

>Although the objects in the sky and the leaves on the tree in
>the Kaufman video are not in focus are are not clearly defined,
>the behaviour of the objects are not inconsistent with a high
>flying flock of birds such as seagulls. Since there are several
>large lakes around Kaufman, the identity of these objects as
>seagulls is not an unreasonable one. The movement of the objects
>in the sky are also random and consistent to that of birds, such
>as seagulls which, unlike Canadian geese, do not normally fly in
>formation. As for me, I did not see anything in the Kaufman
>video clip that supports what you say is motion "in perfect
>synchronized formation" as one would expect for a fleet of UFOs
>(or Canadian geese) flying overhead.

>The observation that convinces me that these objects in the sky
>cannot be symmetrical "nuts and bolts" manufactured craft or
>UFOs is that, even though they are little more than out-of-focus
>white spots, the spots do change shape and in brightness in a
>random manner that further suggests Larry's first guess that
>they were birds is the correct one.

>Since such high flying flocks of birds are not unique to Mexico
>or Texas, I will agree with you that this is indeed a global
>phenomena. I recall one nice summer day in the late 1980s while
>laying flat on a lawn chair in my backyard in suburban Toronto
>reading Leonard Stringfield's 'UFO Crash/Retrieval' monograph I
>noticed many white dots manouvering high in the clear blue sky
>above me. Although I could not resolve these white dots as
>birds, since it had rained earlier, I concluded that they must
>be seagulls that moved inland from nearby Lake Ontario in search
>of food. I did momentarily entertain the idea that this flock of
>birds was actually a fleet of UFOs that for some reason happened
>to congregate over my part of town and it did not take much
>imagination in my part to believe this.

Hello Nick,

I don't agree with the explanation that the objects in the
Kaufman, Texas could be a formation of birds. I don't see wings
of any kind here at anytime and I assure you I have reviewed the
video clip  many times even in slow motion and I'm convinced
these are not birds or balloons.

As you know we have many videos of the mexican fleets to compare
with the Kaufman footage and besides we have developed certain
experience in analyzing this specific kind of videos. I repeat
that I find the Kaufman footage objects not conventional.

There may be some lakes around that place in Texas but to assure
these objects are just pellicans from a lake is simply not a
fact, that is not a confirmed fact in wich case this sighting
remains in discussion. For Larry " Lawwalk " his sighting must
have been a quite disturbing one due to the unusual
characteristics so he looked for a reasonable explanation first
and his reaction was the correct one, to apply the logic.

However and if you review his testimonial he was'nt so sure at
all and later he decided his video was worth to be shown. I
belive Larry being a skywatcher has gained experience in
videotaping UFO sightings and I'm sure he can distingush the
diference among birds or balloons than UFOs. In any case he
remains indecisive about this sighting and he's asking for
advice and that's what our position is providing.

In my point of view the Kaufman flying objects are not pellicans.

>If white spots were indeed higher flying larger UFOs instead of
>birds, I was sure they would have been noticed and reported by
>many others living in this large metropolitan area (although no
>where near as large as Mexico City for example). Apparently no
>one else must of been thinking of high flying UFOs like me that
>nice summer day because no one bothered to make an official
>report so I concluded that the white spots were just birds
>obervable only over my immediate neighbourhood.

We know very well that the american people react diferent than
the mexican people and we have seen a lot of disinterest in
coming forward making official UFO reports or perhaps fear to
ridicule and of course most of the times people don't even look
to the sky.

On the other hand there are a good number of persons that report
their sightings even that many of them have not evidences on
video or photographs. These increasing number of people have
been taken seriously and most of the time as you know their
reports are lone ones refering to that specific location and not
necesarely with multiple witnesses as you are questioning.

To condition a sighting to be reported by many witnesses and the
media just to be considered legitimate is not fair. In our
position a sighting report that provides an evidence on video is
worth to be considered legitimate if the analisis of the
evidence results proof positive.

Larry " Lawwalk " is an experienced skywatcher that provides
evidence on video. Has'nt occured to you Nick that maybe he was
alone that afternoon ? In any case is'nt Larry's evidence good
enough to establish a sighting took place either it were UFOs or
pellicans ?

So let's not condition this sighting's status to the need for
more witnesses because that's not fair. We should continue our
discussions on these issues. I think we have manys diferent
cases to be evaluated and the Kaufman case is just one of them,
a one that for good has been taken out from anonymity.

>Thank you again Santiago for sending me the video cassette of
>the Mexican UFO fleet footage which I am anxiously looking
>forward to see and have others view too, some of whom are photo
>analysts and thus better qualified to evaluate such videos than
<me. Each video that is suspected to depict UFOs flying in
>formation must be studied independently and we should not allow
>our biases or opinions, pro or con, to make pre-judgments
>before such analysis is done. If we do, we risk looking foolish
>and discrediting ufology in the eyes of the public.

You're most welcome.


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