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Re: New Phoenix UFO Video - Maccabee

From: Bruce Maccabee <brumac.nul>
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 17:28:39 -0400
Fwd Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 11:06:03 -0400
Subject: Re: New Phoenix UFO Video - Maccabee

>From: Brian Adams <ufosource.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 09:27:17 -0500
>Subject: Re: New Phoenix UFO Video

>>From: Rob Kritkausky <robkrit.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 11:32:04 -0700 (PDT)
>>Subject: Re: New Phoenix UFO Video

>>>From: Brian Adams <ufosource.nul>
>>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>>Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 14:03:22 -0500
>>>Subject: New Phoenix UFO Video

>>>It's possibly a triangle or rectangular craft, rotating counter-
>>>clockwise, horizontally, inside a cloud possibly in some type of
>>>stealth mode.

>Note: Clockwise viewed from below, counterclockwise from above.


>If you wish to see a larger version of this video, I just posted
>one on my web site. Let me assure you the video is quite real.
>However, the object/lights in the video may certainly raise some
>questions, as they do seem to move rather unconventionally. The
>lights were just as strange to the naked eye, in that the place
>in which they reappear certainly left me with the impression
>that it was traveling at an incredible speed.




>First of all Rob, your group is to be congratulated for this
>video. It's fantastic! I like listening to comments by Jeff et
>al as well.

>>When I joined this List a couple months back, I did so with the
>>intent of soliciting scientific help in the form of instruments
>>and expertise. This problem or need has since been satisfied,
>>perhaps not quickly enough however, as they were not in place
>>for this event. We did have a Cannon XL1 rolling as well as a
>>35mm Camera taking 30 sec. exposures at the time, but they were
>>focused elsewhere.

>Maybe it knew it was testing your guys. How could you know?

>>This sighting is a good example of what I consider "missed
>>opportunity". While in this instance I happened to take Jeff and
>>another gentleman to this site, it could just as easily been a
>>team of researchers with the instruments and expertise to obtain
>>much more valuable data then a single video clip. In fact, about>
>>65 minutes after the video was shot, a closer more interesting
>>light was observed, but we had just packed up our equipment.


>I heard Jeff Willes on C2C with Art Bell last Sunday night and
>Jeff explained it perfectly. Your group is watching the ufo hot
>spots and last Thurs night you guys hit it correct. Jeff also
>mentioned that he has had more daylight sightings than nighttime
>ones. They're even more perplexing because you just want to
>stare at them and watch what they're going to do next.

I have looked at the June 2004 and May 2005 (Willes) videos.

In the June 2004 video it looks as if the wavey line of
multicolored lights is just barely above the level of the
mountain-determined skyline that is barely visible in the video.
I don't know what those were. Multicolored flares at a very long
distance are a possibility. At a very long distance the fall
rate would seem to be slow, just as a 600 mph jet at 36,000 ft
seems to "slowly" move along. The triangulation looks similar to
what I found for the Phoenix lights of Jan 1998 and the earlier
(and more famous) March 13, 1997. (At a great distance the smoke
and parachute are too dim to see in the glare of the flare

As I watched the Jeff Willes video I had the following immediate
reaction: "I've seen that before." I was startled to see
something I had seen in Gulf Breeze, no less! The seeming
"saltatory" (jumping) motion of the light(s) appears as a
discontinuous motion and raised the question (back in August,
1992 in Gulf Breeze) "How the f---- does it do that??!!!" This
Gulf Breeze sighting would have gone down in the records as a
truly bizarre UFO sighting if the only information had been the
eyeball sighting accompanied by a home video recording (actually
two home video type recordings). The mystery was resolved only
because we had available the type of device that Rob would love:
an f/11, 2000 mm focal length Minolta camera telescope coupled
to a sensitive (0.1 lux) B&W surveillance with video recording.
This was available because I was with an small instrumented
scientific group that was trying to "get the goods" on "Bubba".
(Bubba is explained on my web site:


However, this "UFO sighting" is not described on the web site
and, in fact, has never been published.)

We were watching the sky from a parking lot on Pensacola Beach,
a peninsula which is about a mile south of Gulf Breeze.

The small instrumented group was accompanied by the Gulf Breeze
Research Team of about a dozen other witnesses. This was a
typical skywatch just after dark and we were scanning the skies
looking for anything unusual when suddenly someone spotted a
flash of light to the east-northeast over Gulf Breeze.

This was quickly followed by another flash, but the location of
that next flash was slightly displaced from the first. More
flashes followed. We could see a slightly curved line of
flashes, each one separated from the previous one and each one
turning on just as the previous one went out. And then there was
a huge flash of light followed by nothing more.

In the home video camera this series of flashes looked as if
some object/light was turning on for a couple of seconds and
then quickly turning off and then appearing _immediately_ at
another location where it flashed again, then went out and
immediately appeared at yet anoter location. In other words, it
appeared to be discontinuous motion of a lighted object. At the
time I said something like "It's jumping from one place to
another. Things are supposed to do that!"

As I said, if the visual recollections and the home video camera
recordings had been the only available information on this
"discontinuously-moving light" the sighting would have been
recorded as a very unusual UFO sighting.

However, when I replayed the videotape of what the telescope
"saw" the explanation became clear: during the very brief
extrabright flash at the end the lights lit up the AIRPLANE that
was throwing out the FLARES!.

Thinking about it afterward we figured out what had happened. A
rather large 2 engine aircraft (clearly AF aircraft flying in
Eglin AFB air space which is east and northeast of Gulf Breeze
in the direction we were looking) had thrown out a series of 2
second flares. They threw these flares out every two seconds
until the last burst when they threw out an estimated *50*
flares at once!!! Because they synchronized the flare ejection
rate with the flare duration the lights in the sky appeared to
jump because just as one flare went out the next flare would
"turn on". Of course, during the 2 second burn time the plane
would travel to a new location on its path, so each flare was
displaced from the previous flare by some distance (a few
hundred feet). This made it appear as if a light was jumping
from location to location.... the appearance of discontinuous

I suggest that the Willes video shows the same thing: flares
being ejected one after another from a plane that was so far
away as to be undetectable, perhaps as a result of the cloud in
the sky.

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