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Re: Review Of Mexican 'Fleet' Videos - Velez

From: John Velez <johnvelez.aic.nul>
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 10:28:22 -0400
Fwd Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 12:10:46 -0400
Subject: Re: Review Of Mexican 'Fleet' Videos - Velez

Hi All,

There is something flying around in our skies that isn't 'ours'.
Many people all over the globe, myself included, have been
recording the phenomena on video and film for much more than a
decade. The number of daylight sightings along with the amount
of video being recorded only increases as time goes by. Yet we
have no more answer today for this mystery than we had fifty
years ago.

The people of Mexico are face to face with the phenomenon of
UFOs in way that is difficult for others to even begin to
comprehend. Because of the 'in your face' presence of the OVNIs
in Mexico, the people there are forced to question more the
motives of these visitors/intruders than their reality.

They don't need to be convinced of the OVNIs reality. They have
eyes to see. And fortunately, cameras to record the events.
Thanks to the recordings, I am going to present a series of
webpages that will be highlighting some of the genuinely
anomalous behavior the OVNIs exhibit and which has been captured
on video.

Please, when the pages are eventually put on display, take the
time to study this material carefully. There is much more going
on in these videos than meets the eye at first. Hopefully, you
will all take the time to examine the material for yourself and
make up your own mind. Making up your own mind is something that
a few other individuals do not trust you to do all on your own.
There are several people out there who insist on interpreting
the Mexican video recordings for the rest of us.

Don't be lazy. Do your own homework and thinking. Make up your
own mind.

For those who may not know: I have earned a living creating
images/graphics for use by publishers and commercial printers.
ie; creating graphics for book and magazine covers, album and CD
covers etc. I have 16 years experience as a graphic artist and
lithographer. I specialized in the creation of graphical imagery
by using advanced film and photographic (composite) techniques.
I studied film with Kodak specialists and I also earned
certification in computer graphics after two years as a full-
 time student at Long Island University. Computer Graphics
Lab/Brooklyn Campus (1994) I bring almost 30 years of
graphics/film/video experience to the table.

After careful examination of the Mexican videos I can report the

1. I found _no_evidence_ that indicated the video images had
been artistically or otherwise, created or manipulated. (by
using masks, filters, or other mechanical techniques.

Believe me,  I _know_ what to look for. I could find no evidence
(down to the pixel level) of any artist alteration or

2. There is no evidence that that the images are,  'projections'
of lights/bulbs/lamps, against a pane of glass.' (As has been
suggested.) I also could find no evidence for 'drop-ins' or
other known image manipulating/creating techniques in any of the
clips I have examined.

The videos are precisely what they appear to be... the recorded
images of objects/'something', that was present in the sky on
the day and time the videotape was made.

3. Even under extreme magnification there is no sign of any
physical connection between the objects. No visible lines,
cables or tethers of any sort. The objects demonstrate an
ability to maneuver either in tandem/unison, or independently of
one another. I could find no visual evidence of a physical
connection between them.

4. The ability of the objects to remain stationary in the sky,
as well as in relationship to each other, (in spite of any
ambient wind currents) effectively eliminates 'balloons' or
'birds' as an explanation for the images.

IMHO, summarily dismissing these unusual objects as mere 'birds'
and 'balloons' is intellectually lazy. It is also grasping at
straws for a 'ready' explanation. It takes a bit of real work to
actually explain the anomaly that is being recorded in the skies
over Mexico. What is being committed to video is genuinely
challenging and -very- difficult to explain. More, to anyone who
has seen the video-clips, 'birds' and 'balloons' are an
obviously -wrong- and completely misleading explanation.

5. The objects appear to be self-luminous! They 'give off'
light. There is also a wavy, almost 'thermal,' visual effect
that can be observed. At times, the brightness of the light
coming from the objects is quite striking. These objects glow
very brightly even in the strong daylight.

6. Based on some of the maneuvers the objects display in some of
the clips, they give the very clear impression that they are
under intelligent guidance/control. Their ability to maintain a
fixed formation and distance from one another while maneuvering
or hovering motionless in the sky, is evidence for intelligent

I would like to briefly review a couple of the clips in the
webpages I will be posting shortly. In the clips and stills that
will be displayed will be examples of unusual movement,
maneuvers and formations by the OVNIs.

John Velez
Webmaster AIC

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