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Brazilian Military Release Classified UFO

From: A. J. Gevaerd - Revista UFO <gevaerd.nul>
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 11:58:47 -0300
Fwd Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 12:33:34 -0400
Subject: Brazilian Military Release Classified UFO

This is a broad announcement for the International UFO
Community, forums and lists over the internet, general public
and media:

Brazilian Military Recognize UFO Research And Release Classified

By A. J. Gevaerd,
Editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine and
Head of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers - CBU

Friday, May 20, was an historic day for Ufology in Brazil, and
around the world, as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), for the very
first time in its history, officially received a committee of
top UFO researchers to openly discuss UFO sightings in Brazil
and fully examine classified government UFO documents in several
military facilities in Brasilia, the Federal Capital.

By taking this very important step, the Brazilian Air Force
(FAB) has placed Brazil on a very short list of countries whose
militaries acknowledge that Ufology is a serious activity and a
significant effort to fully understand the nature and origin of
UFOs. "We want to have all info on the subject, that is withheld
by us for some decades, fully released to public, through the
UFO community", declared Brigadier Telles Ribeiro, chief of
Brazilian Air Force Communication Center.

The Brazilian Government, through the Brazilian Air Force,
finally decided to come forward and recognize UFO research
as a genuine activity as a direct result of intense pressure by
the campaign, UFOs: Freedom of Information Now, a movement
started by the Brazilian UFO Magazine in April 2004.

The campaign was launched by the Brazilian Committee of UFO
Researchers (CBU), composed of 6 UFO civilian researchers:
Claudeir Covo, Marco Petit, Rafael Cury, Reginaldo de Athayde,
Fernando Ramalho and A. J. Gevaerd. Athayde was sick and
replaced by new interim-member and veteran UFO researcher
Roberto Affonso Back.

Details of the campaign both in Portuguese and in English can be
read at:

www.ufo.com.br and www.ufo.com.br/secrecy.php

The approach to the Brazilian military by the CBU committee
started last February, ten months after the campaign began, with
a phone call from a Brazilian Air Force spokesman, Major Antonio
Lorenzo, and a formal invitation to a visit and discussion at
Air Force headquarters in Brasilia. Major Lorenzo fully
recognized the UFO researchers' efforts in the field and
provided a few details of what kind of classified files and
procedures the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has about UFO phenomena
and its detection, recording and investigation.

Two meetings, took place last Friday, May 20, between the
civilian UFO researchers and the military.

The first happened in the headquarters of the Integrated Center
of Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (Centro Integrado de
Defesa Aerea e Controle de Trafego Aereo, Cindacta), a very
sensitive facility. Over two hours, the researchers were given
lectures on the procedures conducted at Cindacta and had the
chance to visit air traffic control rooms and understand how
UFOs could be detected by Air Force personnel.

The second, and most important, meeting took place almost
immediately, at the restricted facilities of Brazilian Air
Defense Command (Comando de Defesa Aerea Brasileiro, Comdabra),
an even more sensitive installation that controls the entire air
defense systems in the country and surrounding areas of the
Atlantic Ocean and South America. In this facility the UFO
researchers were given a full briefing of the top aspects of
aerial defense of the country.

It was at this facility that its commander, Brigadier Atheneu
Azambuja, told the UFO researchers how concerned the Brazilian
military are about the UFO phenomena. Azambuja also gave details
of Comdabra procedures and openly admitted that the Brazil has
systematically detected and registered UFOs =96 labeled as "H
Traffic" =96 since 1954. That wasn't a surprise for the UFO
researchers of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU),
but how this registering process took place was.

After detailed explanations of Comdabra activities, Brigadier
Atheneu Azambuja, for the first time in history, gave full
access to the civilian UFO researchers, allowing them to examine
3 different folders containing classified UFO information, cases
from specific dates in 1954, 1977 and 1986. The first case was
an airplane pursuit of a UFO over the ocean shores of Parana

The second file was much more important. In the folder
containing the 1977 documents examined by the UFO researchers
were dozens of cases of UFOs in the Amazon with an amazing over
100 pictures taken during 'Operation Saucer', an official
program of UFO investigation by the military that took place
from September to December, 1977, and has been fully covered by
specialized UFO pressaround the world.

The third case was the "The Official Night of UFOs in Brazil", a
very significant series of events that happened in May 1986,
when 21 objects of over 100 metres in diameter jammed the
Brazilian air traffic control system over Rio de Janeiro, Sao
Jose dos Campos and Sao Paulo, when several jets were sent to
intercept the intruders =96 without success.

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) representatives at those meetings
then fully admitted that Ufology is serious business and broadly
recognized the activity of UFO research by the civilian UFO
community. And also guaranteed that further steps are about to
be taken to let the researchers to examine the entire military
UFO files in a more comprehensive way. Plus, a committee of
military and civilian UFO researchers would be established very
soon, co-ordinated by the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers

This certainly means that we will start a new era in Ufology in
Brazil and in South America. Very good things are about to
happen as the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) Command, the Brazilian
Ministry of Defense and Brazilian Ppresident Luis Inacio Lula da
Silva receive the open letters and formal requests for opening
for good the documents and start the mentioned committee, as
presented to them by their spokesman.

More news to come.

A. J. Gevaerd, editor
Editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine
Head of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers - CBU


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