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UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 21

From: John Hayes <John.nul>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 16:19:50 +0100
Fwd Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 17:00:47 -0400
Subject: UFO ROUNDUP, Volume 10 Number 21

Posted on behalf of Joseph Trainor.


Volume 10, Number 21
May 25, 2005
Editor: Joseph Trainor

E-mail: Masinaigan.nul
Website: http://www.ufoinfo.com/roundup/


      Strange orange lights were seen by hundreds over the
eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the capital of Australia's
Victoria state.
      "If witnesses to the strange phenomenon seen last
Friday night," May 13, 2005, "are to be believed, the
answer could be alien spaceships."
      "The mystery developed at 10:30 p.m. when about a
dozen of the orange lights were seen hovering over
Ferntree Gully."
      "Tim Webster, 23, of Upwey, Vic., admits he was
looking forward to an alien abduction as he photographed
the lights on his phone camera."
      "'They were too high for fireworks, higher than a jet
and creating patterns that no aircraft could do.'"
      "Mr. Webster called his friend, Aaron Singe, 22, who
was at Mountain Gate shopping centre."
      "'Tim just said, 'Look outside, you're not going to
believe it,' Singe said, 'It's pretty hard to convince
about this sort of thing, but this is too weird.'"
      "Another friend, Stuart Wilson, 24, managed to take
video footage of the lights."
      "The shaky video shows a large prick of light forming
shapes such as diamonds, lines, characters and what looks
like the Southern Cross."
      "The lights were watched for ten minutes before
flying in a different direction and vanishing, Mr. Wilson
      "'It's possible aliens are driving them, but, until I
see one (an alien--J.T.), I'm not going to be convinced,'
he said, 'This is pretty close, but I didn't see any
little green men.'"
      "But Mr. Webster doesn't need convincing."
      "'I was never into sci-fi, but now I'm going to do my
homework on UFOs,' he said."
      "Local pizza shop owner Ned Bulic also took phone
photos and said, 'They were definitely alien UFOs.
Nothing else could have moved like that.'"
      "Police contacted Melbourne Airport after reports
came in from Hallam, Vic. to Boronia, Vic., but there were
no anomalies on the radar."  (See the Australian newspaper
Herald-Sun for May 15, 2005, "UFOs spotted over
Melbourne."  Many thanks to Robert Fischer for this
newspaper article.)


      "An exceptionally bright 'fireball' was spotted
slicing through the sky over Finland" on Tuesday, May 17,
2005, "before exploding over the (Scandinavian) country's
border with Russia."
      "The phenomenon was witnessed by dozens of people in
the eastern part of the country, the Finnish Astronomical
Association (Finnish acronym: URSA) said Wednesday," May
18, 2005.
      "'Our authorities have roughly indicated that the
(fireball) began its descent over the eastern border and
ended in an explosion over Russia's Karelia region,' URSA
newsletter editor Marko Pekkola told Agence France
      "Closer identifications will be needed to determine
the exact route taken by the 'fireball,' which was
probably an incandescent meteorite, Pekkola added."  (See
the Agence France Presse report for May 18, 2005.  Many
thanks to Jim Hickman, executive director of Skywatch
International, for the AFP news release.)


      Huaral, a small city in Peru located 97 kilometers
(58 miles) north of Lima, the national capital, is the
site of South America's latest UFO flap.
      On Friday, May 6, 2005, "an unidentified flying
object was recorded and captured on a videotape belonging
to a college student from Lima, who was visiting the
agricultural region known as El Ahorcado," 16 kilometers
(10 miles) from Huaral.
      El Ahorcado was described as "a strange wilderness
surrounded by sinuous curves, great, oddly-shaped boulders
and is the home of humble farmers who rise at dawn and go
to bed at dusk."  Since the beginning of May 2005, the
region has had "daily sightings of strange vehicles that
are completely different from airplanes and helicopters,
which generally do not fly over the region."
      "On Friday, May 6, 2005, at 6:45 p.m., as the sun
went down and the sky darkened, Jason Mendez Cordova, a
doctoral student majoring in physics, was strolling
through El Ahorcado in the company of his brother and a
friend, looking at the rocks and studying the unusual
landscape, when he taped something on his camcorder.  At
the time, he was surprised to see that the camcorder was
picking up images of an impressive light.  This continued
to another 20 minutes. They recorded children at play as
the light hovered over the unusual rocky landscape."
      Later, "Jason returned to his home in Mangomarca
Zarate.  He downloaded the images and immediately became
aware of a strange object recorded by his (video) camera.
Upon checking and rechecking it, he realized that--
unbeknownst to him--the image of an unidentified flying
object had been picked up on the tape."
      "'I wasn't aware of the strange craft when shooting
the landscape, the huts, the children playing and the
dusty streets of the area, until I downloaded the video to
my personal computer,'" Jason reported, "'That's when I
observed the sighting.  It's useless or illogical to
believe that in such a vast universe we would be the only
living creatures.  There are intelligent civilizations on
other planets, and worlds (that hold--S.C.) a variety of
life forms.'"
      Eyewitness reports have also been received from
"other farmers and residents of the city of Huaral, who
claim seeing strange craft on a daily basis in the clear
skies, both early in the morning and at dusk.  Two farmers
who work early in the morning, as is their custom, claim
having seen an enormous craft that plowed the skies over
Huaral and appeared to follow them as they walked.
Whenever they stopped, the object stopped as well,
continuing this behavior until the immense vehicle became
lost among the boulders."
      "Another resident claims that around 6 p.m.," on
Monday, May 2, 2005, "she saw a craft that flashed
intermittent lights in the heavens, hovered among the
clouds and then vanished at high speed.  'It was faster
than an airplane, very strange.  This is the first time
I've seen such a thing, but some neighbors and my compadre
tell me that they have seen similar things at other
times,' she said."
      "The eyewitnesses asserted that these strange
aircraft do not resemble airplanes or helicopters in size,
speed and shape."  (See La Prensa for May 19, 2005, "UFOs
over Huaral."  Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Alex
Sender por este articulo de diario.)


      Two UFOs flying in tandem overhead were blamed for a
mysterious electrical blackout in northern Chile.
      "Two objects travelling at high speed interrupted the
electric supply in the city of Copiapo" and in the nearby
farm commune of Caldera.
      "Word is circulating throughout the city of Copiapo
and the commune of Caldera that the blackout that plunged
the region into darkness on Wednesday," March 30, 2005,
"between 8:15 and 9:15 p.m. could have been 'caused by the
sudden transit of two UFOs.'"
      "The report has been given a certain measure of
'credibility' considering that the blackout had been
caused by a malfunction at the 110,000-volt transformer
substation, which has been confirmed by Empresa Electrica
de Atacama (EMELAT) (Translated: Atacama Electrical
Authority--J.T.), which has been quoted as saying, 'The
problem is still under investigation.'"
      "Local resident Gonzalo Delgado, who flatly refused
to be photographed 'since they'd think I was a nut,' told
the newspaper El Chanarcillo that 'around 8 p.m. on
Wednesday I was in the barrio Cuesta de Cardone
(neighborhood) and hitchhiking my way back into the city.
I suddenly realized that two objects were crossing the sky
at high speed, and, when I turned and looked back at the
city, I realized that it had vanished.  That leads me to
believe that it was at this time that the power failure
occurred.  Two trucks were coming down the road at the
same time who could have also seen the phenomenon.'"
      "He stresses that he thought long and hard about
reporting what he had seen, since he feared being
dismissed as a lunatic, 'which I think would be unfair,
since I did see the two luminous objects.'"
      Delgado "stressed that he could not 'ascertain that
the transit of these two objects was responsible for the
power failure.  But if EMELAT is still investigating, what
else could it be?'"
      "No official explanation has been presented by the
company, leaving the possibility that the two UFOs were
responsible for the blackout."
      Copiapo is in Chile's northern state of Atacama,
located about 300 kilometers (180 miles) north of Santiago
de Chile, the national capital.  (See the Chilean
newspaper El Chanarcillo for March 30, 2005, "Did UFOs
cause a blackout in northern Chile?"  Muchas gracias a
Scott Corrales por este articulo de diario.)


      On Sunday, May 8, 2005, eyewitness Rick Riojas
spotted a UFO over his hometown of Angels Camp, California
(population 3,004).  He said it "was coming in from the
west over the (nearby) towns of Felix and Copperopolis.
      "For the past year, we have been witnessing strange
red, blue and orange spherical objects, like balls of
light, that seem to hover over the hills (of Calaveras
County--J.T.) from a location maybe 5 to 6 miles (8 to 10
kilometers) away."
      The UFOs "move from side to side and sometimes back
up and down.  I have seen the object near some large
trees.  It also seems to approach from the same direction
(west) every time.  But I have dismissed the idea of it
being a star, a plane or a radar helicopter.  Its
movements are too sporadic to be any of them."
      "They seem to be too far away from me for me to
adequately judge the size of any object.  I could guess
them to be approximately 20 to 30 feet (6 to 9 meters) in
      Angels Camp, Cal. is in the foothills of the Sierra
Nevada Mountains, approximately 66 miles (110 kilometers)
southeast of Sacramento, the state capital.  (Email Form


      On Thursday, May 19, 2005, Delilah Dawson was in her
kitchen in El Paso, Texas (population 563,662) when "at
about 5:30 a.m., my husband got home from work, frantic
about some object in the sky that looked like a star but
was too bright."
      "As I went outside to find out what he was talking
about, the sun was just starting to come up, and I saw in
the distance an object that appeared to be metallic silver
in color and was oval-shaped with what looked like lights
on it."
      "As I got our camcorder, it started to move slowly to
the right and slowly to the left.  Then it hovered for
about an hour and a half.  Then it disappeared."
      Excited, Delilah telephoned the National Weather
Service to report her sighting.
"The National Weather Service said it wasn't a weather
balloon because they don't go from right to left. We called
McDonald Observatory, and they couldn't tell me and hung up
on my neighbor.  Air Traffic Control declined to make a
statement and hung up."  (Email Form Report)


      A really strange phenomenon was reported last week by
eyewitness J.N. in Sault Sainte Marie, Ontario province,
      Earlier this year, the giant metal cross at Notre
Dame de Grands Lacs School in Sault Sainte Marie, Ont.
began moving from side to side in a queer metronome
fashion.  Principal, groundskeeper and students witnessed
the phenomenon for over three hours.
      On Sunday, May 8, 2005, J.N. reported, "I was outside
with my dogs and my girlfriend" when a strange spherical
light approached from the north.  "It looked like a star,
but it wasn't.  Just a bright light high in the sky.  It
went south at first, and then it went up, as if into
      Four days later, on Thursday, May 12, 2005, the
mysterious sphere of light returned.  J.N. reported, "I
was with my girlfriend.  We were walking to Mac's Mart on
Queen Street in the east end.  There is a sewage plant
nearby.  I was saying how much it stunk, when we looked
over and saw that light again.  This time it approached
from the south (Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, USA, known
to people of the Great Lakes region as "the Soo"--J.T.)
But this time it was lower and closer.  The light started
to move towards us but kept its distance.  It looked like
an eye.  That would explain it best--like a light with a
bar in the middle.  The bottom of the light was a
different colour.  It came towards us, then moved around
the city, heading west.  It was really fast.  It went from
the east end to downtown in a matter of seconds."
      "The phenomena seen by J.N. and his girlfriend appear
similar to those witnessed at Marian apparition sites--
notably, Cova da Iria and Valinhos in the Serra da Aire of
Portugal in 1917, and at Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina
in 1984," UFO Roundup editor Joseph Trainor commented.
"After the cross-shaking in Soo, Canada last winter, I
wondered if there might be some sort of followup phenomena
there on May 13, the traditional date of apparitions of
the Virgin Mary (birth name: Miriam bat-Joachim--J.T.).
Apparently, we had UFO sightings in Soo, Canada on May 8
and May 12.  Close, but no cigar.  File the cross-shaking
incident under Unexplained, not Miraculous."
      Sault Sainte Marie, Ont. is on Provincial Highway 17
approximately 429 miles (680 kilometers) northwest of
Toronto, Canada's largest city.  (Email Form Report)


      "A Russian village was left baffled Thursday," May
19, 2005, "after its lake disappeared overnight."
      "NTV Television showed video footage of a great muddy
hole drying in the morning sun, while farmers from
Bolotnikovo village looked on in shock and
      "'It is very dangerous.  If a person had been in this
disaster, he would have had almost no chance of survival.
The trees flew downwards, under the ground,' said Dmitri
Zaitsev, a local Emergencies Ministry official interviewed
by NTV."
      "Officials in the Nizhegorodskaya region, on the
Volga River east of Moscow, said water in the lake might
have been forced down into an underground water-course or
cave system."
      "But the villagers had a more sinister explanation."
      "'I am thinking...well, America has finally gotten to
us,' said an old woman, as she sat on the ground outside
her farmhouse."  (See Moscow News for May 20, 2005, "Lake
disappearance baffles villagers."  Many thanks to Jim
Hickman for this news article.)


      Fifty years ago, in May 1955, construction work began
on "the operating base near Groom Lake," Nevada--a base
which evolved into the top-secret Area 51.
      Although the official celebrations have already been
held on the base, a public celebration of the 50th
Anniversary will be held on Memorial Day weekend.  The
three-day event will be held from Saturday, May 28, to
Monday, May 30, 2005.
      According to ufologist Norio Hayakawa, one of the
event's organizers, "There will be a public celebration
and rally for the Golden Anniversary" that "will be held
on Saturday, May 28, 2005 adjacent to the eastern boundary
of the base adjacent to Groom Lake Road.  It will be
hosted by Joerg Anu, webmaster of Area 51: The Dreamland
Resort, the world's largest online source of information
about Area 51."
      (Editor's Note:  UFO Roundup readers can access the
Web site at this URL... http://www.dreamlandresort.com.)
      "Supporters and aficionados of Area 51, including
military matters enthusiasts, are expected to celebrate
outside the eastern boundary with numerous speakers.  A
mini-stage will be set up on the site," Norio announced.
      "According to Anu, May 28 was selected because it
coincides with" the Memorial Day holiday here in the USA
"and it would be easier for the public to attend the
celebration.  Some participants will arrive onsite on
Friday afternoon, May 27, 2005.  Celebrations will
continue throughout the weekend."
      "Local news media is expected to cover the event, and
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) rangers are also expected
to participate by helping to coordinate and other
activities needed to make the event a success."
      "For the past 16 years or so, Area 51 has been
psychically and erroneously associated with false rumors
of 'alien starships' and conspiracies."
      "Norio Hayakawa, a supporter of the importance and
necessity of this vital base for our national defense,
stated that 'the operating base near Groom Lake' is a real
aerospace complex, which was originally not intended to be
established as a big, secret, classified base."
      "According to Hayakawa, it has become a 'secret base'
only through paranoia created by false rumors, which began
in the 1980s and persisted through the mid-1990s."
      (Editor's Comment: Yet, in early 1995, Timothy J.
McVeigh, the convicted Oklahoma City bomber, conducted a
one-man long range reconnaissance patrol (LRRP) at Area
51, in search of UFOs.  McVeigh claimed to have breached
the inner perimeter at Area 51, actually reaching the dry
lakebed.  He said he was detected on his way out and was
kept under surveillance by the guards but was not
arrested.  A claim your editor finds a little hard to
      "Area 51 is a Research and Development equipment test
base, employing anywhere from 1,400 to 2,400 defense
contractor employees."  Contractors at Area 51 include
Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, TRW, EG & G
and General Atomics.  (Many thanks to Norio Hayakawa for
this news release.)
      (Editor's Note:  Lockheed does the annual
certification testing of airport screeners deployed by the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a sub-agency
of the Department of Homeland Security.)

      Well, that's it for this week.  Join us in seven days
for more UFO, Fortean and paranormal news from around the
planet Earth, brought to you by "the paper that goes home-
-UFO Roundup."  See you next time.

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