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Re: OSI CIA NSC MIT AF & UFOs - Sparks

From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
Date: Sat, 28 May 2005 19:00:44 EDT
Fwd Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 14:55:58 -0400
Subject: Re: OSI CIA NSC MIT AF & UFOs - Sparks

>From: Richard Hall <hallrichard99.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 13:32:09 +0000
>Subject: Re: OSI CIA NSC MIT AF & UFOs

>>From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 18:25:09 EDT
>>Subject: Re: British National Archives

>>>From: Nick Pope <nick.nul>
>>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>>Date: Wed, 25 May 2005 20:45:57 +0100
>>>Subject: Re: British National Archives UFO Research Guide

>>>I don't dispute that Clarke and Roberts were the first
>>>ufologists to _claim_ that they obtained the documents. They've
>>>_claimed_ to be the first to acquire all sorts of material; an
>>>article in The Observer on May 5 2002 implied they uncovered a
>>>CIA memo on UFOs written by Walter B. Smith, when in fact it was
>>>published by Timothy Good in 1987, in his book Above Top Secret.


>>In fact there was never any such secret CIA document written by
>>CIA Director Walter B. Smith in the first place. This is a
>>serious error of document analysis. Enthusiasts who desperately
>>want an all-important CIA Director to seemingly be treating UFOs
>>as a matter of national security have conveniently failed to
>>read that this one-page document was a DRAFT written by a lower
>>level CIA official (CIA OSI chief Chadwell) and sent to DCI
>>Smith in Sept 1952 for his signature and for Smith to send it
>>officially to the National Security Council (NSC).

>>But Director Smith never signed the DRAFT and never sent any
>>such thing off to the NSC. He quite obviously had rejected it!
>>Chadwell kept re-sending the document for Smith's signature and
>>urging him to approve OSI's heroic plan to take over the UFO
>>problem from the AF and set up a government-wide serious
>>scientific investigation of UFOs, to be directed by the
>>illustrious MIT - in other words every UFO researcher's dream.
>>However the enthusiasts refuse to be bothered with such minor
>>matters as reading documents in context, reading chains of
>>correspondence for responses and non-responses, discerning
>>whether "attachments" are drafts and unapproved (or subsequently
>>rejected by what we would call in legislative affairs a "pocket
>>veto", you just sit on it and don't act within a period of time
>>and it dies without having to make a public or even an internal
>>official expression of rejection).

What? No comment on the above? It's taken straight from the CIA
UFO documents of 1952.

If you don't dispute the above then you must agree that the CIA's
OSI had a "heroic plan to take over the UFO problem from the AF
and set up a government-wide serious scientific investigation of
UFOs, to be directed by the illustrious MIT - in other words every
UFO researcher's dream." This is taken straight out of Chadwell's
memos to the Director of CIA Smith, so you really cannot dispute
this and if you cannot dispute this then how can you really reject
the rest of my argument since it's a natural consequence of the
preceding, it all flows from these premises?

It's all taken straight from the CIA UFO documents of 1952,
publicly released and available on the Internet (except one key
coverup document the CIA quietly removed from its website).

>Now here comes the mind-boggling part:

So you don't dispute the preceding, only the following. But you
cannot separate the two parts. If CIA OSI had a heroic plan to
take over the AF's UFO project with a government-wide CIA-
 controlled scientific study of UFO's put in the hands of top
scientists at MIT, then the rest must follow, sorry.

>>Rank-and-file UFO researchers also do not want the CIA to get
>>any credit for a heroic role because they have already made up
>>their minds that the CIA can only have a villainous role in the
>>UFO controversy, the CIA can only be the evil agency behind the
>>"sinister coverup" of proof of alien visitation, and that CIA
>>officials were behind the despised Robertson Panel as diabolical
>>ETH-denying debunkers.

>The CIA officials were behind the UFO debunking, clearly and

Well Dick can you quote any CIA officials advocating the
debunking of UFO's in 1952 _prior_ to the Robertson Panel? Not
just negative or skeptical views, not just quoting AF officials
advocating the debunking (that's where the CIA got the idea in
the first place). But CIA officials in 1952 advocating a program
of debunking UFO's, find me a quote.

If you were at a Robertson Panel and you were told these were
the "best UFO" cases the AF had and you found out they blew up
into pathetic IFO's, you'd be all for debunking UFO's too.
Unless of course you found out the AF was deceiving you and
substituting IFO cases for UFO's, and holding back a special
file of best UFO Unknowns.

Knowing what you know now in 2005 of course you'd be able to
figure out it was all a dirty trick. But if you were a 1952
intelligence official and had no suspicion and/or had no idea
such a blatant trick could be successfully pulled off, how would
you ever know? You would have to personally plow through 4,000
UFO cases in the AF files and read each and every one to see if
something was possibly being held back, and even then you could
never know for sure that you had _all_ of the files especially
if you were snowed under with 4,000 files.

The CIA never got any such collection of 4,000 Air Force UFO
case files, and never got weeks and weeks to go over them even
if they had insisted. How long would it take you Dick to read
through those 4,000 case files? You've got them on microfilm and
it is at least 20,000 pages. At one page a minute, eight hours a
day, it would take 42 days to read it all, and you would have to
be dedicated to doing nothing but that 7 days a week, including
Saturdays and Sundays 8 hours a day.

Between the date the Robertson Panel was ordered on Dec 4, 1952,
till it convened on Jan 14, 1953, was only 40 days. And I don't
believe anyone would give up Christmas and New Year's for such
an onerous job, and not 6 weekends in a row either. Did CIA have
someone stationed at Project Blue Book in Dayton during those 40
days to read through every page?? No, of course not, the CIA
relied on the AF to select the "best UFO" cases.

I'm just reporting what is in already publicly released CIA UFO
documents, but _all_ of them, not just a selection, _all_ of the
CIA documents, including one the CIA quietly pulled off its FOIA
reading room website.

>>In fact the AF was behind the Robertson Panel and forced it on
>>the CIA. The CIA did not want a hasty small panel rushing to
>>judgment but wanted a _permanent_ ongoing full-scale scientific
>>study of UFOs preferably at MIT. In fact CIA/OSI tried to
>>postpone the Panel to give more time for Battelle's statistical
>>study but got overruled by evident AF pressure on DCI Smith. The
>>AF had gone over the CIA's heads in the first place to the IAC
>>and manipulated orders for a quickie panel done as fast as

Again, no comment on the above? It's taken straight from the CIA
UFO documents of 1952. If you don't dispute the above then you
cannot dispute the rest. So I take it Dick that you do not dispute
the facts taken straight out of the CIA documents that:

(a) CIA OSI did not want a hasty small panel rushing to judgment
but wanted a _permanent_ ongoing full-scale scientific study of
UFO's preferably at MIT;

(b) CIA/OSI tried to postpone the Panel to give more time for
Battelle's statistical study (of the full 4,000 AF UFO cases
that CIA did not have copies of and could not possibly have read
in the short time forced on it) but OSI's postponement got
overruled, and they were forced back onto the fast-track
schedule for the Robertson Panel.

>Note language highlighted *** by me (Hall)

>>The AF tricked the CIA with ***deviously selected IFO cases***
>>dressed up as the "best" UFOs. Based on this the CIA reached the
>>conclusion that UFOs were ET in origin in late 1952 (as Chadwell
>>and his deputy Ralph Clark both told me) but only until the AF
>>sprung its trap at the Robertson Panel.

>What was the motivation for this devious Air Force plot, Brad?
>We now know firmly that the Air Force (very strong key elements
>thereof) did believe UFOs were ET in origin. Are you suggesting
>thye deliberately deceived the CIA in this regard out of
>organizational jealousy?

Oh so you're telling me Dick that the fact (it's an indisputable
fact on the record as I've repeatedly pointed out) that the CIA
tried to take over an Air Force intelligence program (the one on
UFO's) by trying to go over the AF's head to the National
Security Council (NSC) that didn't piss off the AF to the max
and make the AF, the single largest and most powerful agency of
the US Government in 1952, to swear out a vendetta against the
tiny pipsqueak upstart CIA??

It's also an indisputable fact, on the public record, that CIA
associated its UFO researchers' dream plan for an ongoing
permanent scientific study of UFO's with those that the paranoid
McCarthyite AF Strategic Air Command (SAC) partisans deemed to
be guilty of "TREASON" and that the CIA did not realize this
until it was too late that it had touched a raw nerve with the
AF. Obviously that pissed off the AF even more than the blatant
CIA power grab in trying to take over an Air Intelligence
mission (UFO's).

This too is in the public record of CIA and other government
documents which no one bothers to read. You do not need my 1979
in-person interview of Fournet's boss in AF Intelligence, Col.
Weldon H. Smith, former Chief, Current Intelligence Branch,
Topical Intelligence Division, Deputy Directorate for Estimates,
(AFOIN-2A2), raging in anger even after almost a quarter century
that the CIA had tried to intrude into the AF's jurisdiction
over UFO's as a strictly Air Intelligence matter. This is
already something that can be deduced from the public records --
 if you look hard enough and read enough documents (I've read
100,000's of pages in the course of my research) and do enough
oral history interviews of key participants (I've done about 100
CIA Directors, Deputy Directors, Asst. Directors, AFOIN
officers, NSA, and many others).

However I do not intend to spend time here giving out _all_ of
my years of hard work, my proprietary research work product
amounting to 3,000+ pages in very crude rough draft format, to
lay out the case. Quoting the 100's of pages of public CIA-AF
documents to prove every nitpicky little point would itself
obviously take 100's of pages of posts and I don't intend to
give it all away in that fashion anyway. The public documents
are there for you and anyone else to read and I've laid out some
signs on a road map.

>>**As the AF planned***, the supposed "best UFO" cases blew up
>>into IFO's at the Robertson Panel, which never got the set of best
>>cases that Ruppelt kept in a special file collection. The CIA was
>>humiliated and never suspected it was an AF trick. The CIA
>>was thus manipulated by the AF into drawing the conclusion that
>>UFOs must just be IFO's, nothing more, and ought to be
>>vigorously debunked. But the UFO community does not want to read
>>the released CIA documents and see this is the case - the CIA
>>can only be the root of all UFO evil in the UFO community's
>>party line view of UFO history.

>Where is the slightest documentary evidence for this extreme
>revisionist history?


What you call "extreme revisionist history" is in fact taken
straight out of publicly available declassified and other CIA-AF
documents, and even published press interviews, as I've been
painstakingly pointing out (above), in fact in the very quote
above I say this is in "the released CIA documents." I just do
not intend to give it all away here. I welcome you to read _all_
the CIA documents from 1952 for example. And you apparently do
not dispute that the CIA OSI tried to set up every UFO
researcher's dream team at MIT to do the full-scale top-rank
scientific study of UFO's we've all dreamed about for ages. Just
read Chadwell's memos to the Director of the CIA. I apologize
that Chadwell's memos amount to over 50 pages or so, but I can't
help that fact, and I cannot type out 50+ pages here on UFO
UpDates and go over them line by line for another 50+ pages of
commentary-analysis-explanation, and I trust you will agree that
such a 100+-page project is an unreasonable demand.

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