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Davies Hynek & Kaku [was: Alien Message 'May Be In

From: Bill Chalker <bill_c.nul>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 14:51:25 +1000
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Subject: Davies Hynek & Kaku [was: Alien Message 'May Be In

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>Date: Sunday, May 29, 2005 6:37 PM
>Subject: Alien Message 'May Be In Our DNA'

>Source: The Mail & Guardian - Johannesburg, South Africa


>09 August 2004

>Alien Message 'May Be In Our DNA'


I touch upon this in my forthcoming book, Hair Of The Alien -
DNA And Other Forensic Evidence Of Alien Abduction, due July
19 2005, from Paraview Pocket Books, a division of Simon &

Paul Davies suggests that some sort of pattern (along the
mathematical type code in Carl Sagan's Contact) might have been
encoded in our "junk DNA". While this sounds like science
fiction, particularly if we are seeking mathematical or symbolic
codes, perhaps a more reasonable strategy would be to look for
verifiable factors in "junk DNA" as well as unusual mutations
(or polymorphisms) in our DNA, that might provide evidence of
"non-Darwinian patterns" that perhaps reflect an
extraterrestrial or intelligent influence - a sign of artificial
evolution or intervention. My biochemical associates and I have
already been looking for such things. Some intriguing areas of
interest are being looked at.

I briefly discuss this directly with Paul Davies during a
Macquarie University post graduate open day on campus on April
12th, 2005. He indicated his "junk DNA/ET evidence" speculations
were meant to be serious. He referred to Freeman Dyson as an
originator of the idea. Dyson was described as a hero of his. He
felt the idea was no less serious than the idea of seeking out
ET "radio signals" (i.e. SETI which he agreed had not delivered
any credible evidence so far) so why not try something that is
far easier to do and is well within our current technology -
 searching for coded clues within our own DNA. I mentioned that
this intersected with some work I had been focusing on and he
expressed interest in seeing my book, but I wondered if this was
mere tokenism, given his well known skepticism re UFOs.

We discussed his acquaintance with Allen Hynek, who acknowledges
his assistance in his book, The UFO Experience. Davies confirmed
he regarded Hynek as a nice guy and stayed with him at his
Chicago home. I told him I had done the same. Davies said he
didn't think that there was anyone of Hynek's stature in the
field of UFO research today. I said there were some interested
researchers of note. Knowing he had endorsed Michio Kaku's new
book "Parrallel Worlds", I mentioned Michio Kaku's interest in
the UFO subject. He seemed unaware of this or skeptical of my
statement, so I suggested he inform himself by watching the
Peter Jennings' documentary, UFOs - Seeing Is Believing, which
was airing on Australian television the following weekend. I
alerted him to Kaku's open endorsement of serious investigation
of UFOs, and said this was not the first time that Kaku had made
positive comments about the subject. I also indicated that the
programme would have a positive presentation of his old friend
Hynek's role in the controversy.

I am currently operating a blog site focusing on the issues
raised in my forthcoming book, along with other matters of
interest. Much of the material raised will be of interest to
UFO UpDates subscribers. You can see it at:



Bill Chalker

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