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Nick Pope The MoD & FWSP

From: Joe McGonagle <joe.mcgonagle.nul>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 16:04:09 +0100
Fwd Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 15:20:02 -0400
Subject: Nick Pope The MoD & FWSP

Hello List,

I note the absence of any reply from Nick to my post at:


in what started of as a thread about the British National
Archives UFO Research Guide, from which the following points are
still outstanding:

1. No apology from Nick in regard of the "writing out" of Clarke
and Roberts from the discovery of the Flying Saucer Working
Party document. I am frankly amazed and disgusted that he
refuses to admit his error in the face of such convincing
evidence as an email from his old department confirming that
Clarke and Roberts were responsible for the discovery.  See:


2. No comment on the suggested description of his level of
active interest in an official capacity with respect to alien
abductions, crop circles, and animal mutilations. To use one of
Nick's own cliches, "I go where the evidence takes me". On the
one hand, we have Nick's implications at his website and
elsewhere on the web that he was actively involved in research
and investigation of these. On the other hand, I have:

a) A letter written by Nick (officially) to an UFO researcher
declaring that during his first year in the role, he had not
come across any abduction reports.

b) A transcript of a TV interview of someone carrying out the
same role as Nick, at the same time, stating that less than 25%
of his working time was spent on UFOs. Efforts are in hand to
obtain a copy of this interview, including any out-takes.

c) 2 letters from the MoD (one in Nick's book, Open Skies,
Closed Minds, and one to me personally) from the MoD expressing
total disinterest in the phenomenon.

d) Nick's own words, in The Uninvited, indicating that the
extent of his official participation in the "research and
investigation" of abduction cases was to file reports and
console witnesses.

e) In relation to animal mutilations, Nick's own words in "Open
Skies, Closed Minds":

"In my official capacity I had no remit to investigate
mutilations at all. The link between ufology and mutilations is
obscure, and little discussed outside the States.Consequently I
received no mutilation reports from the public during my three
years as UFO officer, and nor would I have expected to."

f) In relation to crop circle research, an abortive attempt to
have a soil sample analysed and some complaints from the public
about military helicopters damaging crops.

g) Nick's persistent use of the term "UFO project", coupled with
comparison to project "Blue Book". Clearly any similarities to
MoD interest in UFOs and the activities of "Blue Book" are
purely superficial, yet Nick likes to make his role seem more
substantial than it really was. In fact, the indications are
that the department he worked for was excluded from anything of
a sensitive nature, as set out in the earlier official internal
documents at:




Note that these are only available for a short duration, if the
links no longer work, you can contact me for copies via email.

Nick's refusal to offer any counter-evidence is a typical
spin-doctor tactic. If you have been caught out, clam up and
hope that it will all go away (maybe the ostriches are right).
Well, instead of going away, this is going to blister out and
erupt - I need to find out whether or not Nick's rendition of
his role (which is totally inconsistent with available
documentation and anecdotal evidence from his ante- and post-
 cedents) could possibly be valid. I now have to waste FoIA
requests on trying to show that his version is factually
exaggerated. Who knows what else that might reveal?

Thanks Nick, you continue to be a liability and burden on UK

Joe McGonagle

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