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Bob Lazar Returns - Sort Of

From: Jan Aldrich <project1947.nul>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 13:22:11 -0400
Fwd Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 15:30:11 -0400
Subject: Bob Lazar Returns - Sort Of

I noticed that George Knapp and the I-Team have brought back Bob
Lazar - see:



Years ago, I subscribed to The Southwestern Oil and Gas News.
The editor was and expert in oil and gas (and most other kind
of) scams. He loved to quote from court documents in which
swindlers revealed their techniques.

Two themes that ran through many of these scams were huge
audacious claims which on the face were just this side of absurd
and the complete lack of respect for the poor "mark." In some
cases the con-men would name their companies (or divisions of
larger corporations) with such give always like REKCUS, Inc. It
didn't matter to large numbers of people who were easily taken
in and sent thousands of dollars to promoters of the schemes
which were based on the most flimsy evidence.

When Federal oil and gas leasing on wildcat Federal lands in
Alaska was restored, numerous "bucket shops" acquired lands
close to the Alaskan oil pipeline for $1 an acre. Using the fact
that Pudhoe Bay had huge oil and gas reserves worth billions of
dollars and the long pipeline which carries all the production
across Alaska was close to these completely worthless leases
far, far away from Pudhoe Bay production, the scammers sold the
same leases for $25 an acre. The marks were told they could
probably easily double, triple or get ten times their money back
by turning around and selling to big oil companies. Suddenly
Texaco, Chevron and others were besieged with people wanting to
sell oil and gas leases up to the size of 2500 acre for huge
sums of money. Of course, the oil companies were not interested.
It was obvious if the leases were worth so much more than $25 an
acre why didn't REKCUS sell directly to the oil companies and
pocket even a larger profit?

Now, when the truth starts to set in on the mark, new phone
calls start to come, maybe months or even years later. The new
callers tell the mark they have been taken, but their company is
in the business to recover the money lost in the original scam.
These new callers claim to cooperate with Federal, state, local
authorities and have a battery of lawyers stands ready to take
the original culprits to court, if necessary. It will just cost
them $3000 to $5000 to start the recovery process. This is
termed "re-loading the mark." In the 70s and 80s, California,
Nevada and Florida were very friendly to bucket shops, but these
guys were all over, New York, Wisconsin and Arizona quickly come
to mind. Among the many crimes that could easily be identified
here fraud, wire fraud, using the mails to defraud. However,
Federal authorities were slow to move. So one bucket shop opens
operates for awhile, they go out of business and start operating
under another name or location. With cell phones there doesn't
even need to be a physical location and bucket shops can easily
establish post office box (suite #xxx).

"Now the large amount of evidence points to the probability that
Lazar is telling the truth." Dozen of websites start off with
something similar to this statement.

Well, let's read some of these wonderful things that Lazar was
doing. Let's see he was building his own gravity amplifier, but,
but, later on he says he can't remember the gravity wave
frequency or even if it was in kilohertz, megahertz or
gigahertz. This is so precious!! George and the I-Team didn't
pick up on this!


"August 1990, George Knapp, the reporter that first broke the
story, uncovered a W2 for Robert Lazar. This slip represents
payments, after deductions, for five days, (non-consecutive)
working at the S4 base. Lazar started at the end of December
1988. And had only been at the base five times before the new

"Lazar noted that he had 'Majestic' clearance.

"This clearance level was 48 levels above "Q" clearance."

I guess in the latest reports on Lazar George and the I-Team
"forgot" about Lazar's W-2. Or for a ufoological more
acceptable term he "disremembered" Lazar's W-2.

(Now I've received E-mails from people who have said they have
"researched" UFOs for more than five or ten years. They haven't
read Ruppelt or the UFO Evidence, but they can tell you about
Lazar.) So recently, I have been told all about this wonderful
document. See (it take a little time to load up):


Department of Naval Intelligence. Isn't that just precious?!
Since it is the Office of Naval Intelligence although the
Canadians did (do?) have a Department of Naval Intelligence. As
an Assistant Adjutant in the Army, activities within the Army do
not issue W-2s to civilians. The Office of Civilian Personnel
does. The same for the Navy.

But now I am going to let you in on something which is more
precious and rarer than Element 115. The absolute and total

I had a 99 level clearance above "Q." The absolute top, top
clearance. And I know there are no such things as 29, 38, 48,
51 and 67 levels above "Q." The 29th level was deleted on 15
Oct 1967, and the 38th shortly thereafter. The 48th, 51st, and
67th were never filled and are gaps in the clearance level

The 87th level has to do exclusively with the recovery of a UFO
from the American sector of the DMZ in Korea. The cover story
for this operation was the pull back and deactivation of the 7th
Infantry Division. These things are unbelievably complicated
and difficult, and it takes thousands of people with a wide
spectrum of specialities to engage in such operations.

UFO operations are not run by the military, CIA, NSA NRO or any
of these other military or "intelligence" type agencies. Gad!
The main UFO investigations and counter actions agency is the
Office of Economic Subversion (OES), an apparently small office
within the Department of.... It isn't small; it is huge with
resources that are unreal. Things like Area 51, Wright Field,
etc., etc. are only involved on the very edge of the
investigations and counter actions. Most fancy modern facilities
are decoy areas and useless. Most OES facilities look like old
warehouse and are located in places like Camden, New Jersey (not
a real location).

Enough, and that's the real truth, every word of it.

Jan Aldrich
P. O. Box 391
Canterbury, CT 06331
(860) 546-9135

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