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Re: The End of SETI As We Know It? - Fleming

From: Lan Fleming <lfleming6.nul>
Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 16:18:36 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 08:09:07 -0400
Subject: Re: The End of SETI As We Know It? - Fleming

>From: Bob Shell <bob.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Mon, 30 May 2005 15:10:09 -0400
>Subject: Re: The End of SETI As We Know It? - Shell


>I think we agree more than we disagree, Stan. I just don't think
>it makes sense for people to assume blindly that UFOs are the
>product of an advanced civilization (or civilizations) from
>other planets in our universe.

>If we accept your definition that they are not from this Earth
>at this time, it makes a lot more sense. Remember Col. Corso's
>statement that a UFO he had seen was a time machine. Now some
>discount Corso completely, but I don't. Beings from another time
>makes far more sense to me than beings from a different place,
>and that time could as easily be in what we perceive as past as
>from what we perceive as future.

Traveling across interstellar distances as required by the
"conventional" ETH may be extremely difficult, but it's within
the theoretical boundaries of what modern science permits.
Traveling backwards through time, on the other hand, seems well
beyond those boundaries. Maybe it can be done (or will be done
in the distant future), but some radical extensions to
contemporary scientific knowledge would be required. For that
reason, Ithink the Occam's razor heuristic would favor the ETH
over the time-traveler hypothesis (invoking Occam's razor in
support of the ETH may seem blasphemous to "skeptics" who don't
like to see poor Friar William's name being taken in vain, but
who really cares?)

Another possibility is John Keel's "ultraterrestrial" idea. I
know he bashes ufologists with as much glee and with much of the
same polemics as "skeptics" do, and that some of his reports may
be of dubious reliabilty. But I still find his
"ultraterrestrial" notion entertaining. It would be ironic if
the entity that goes by names such as "the Trickster" in Native
American lore, Loki in Nordic, and Hermes in ancient Greek
decided to update his schtick to modern times by appearing as a
space alien to the hapless mortals he encounters. But again, I
think Occam's razor cuts in favor of the ETH. UFOs may be
elusive, but I doubt that Loki would ever let himself be caught
by radar detectors or video cameras.

While I think the ETH seems to be the most plausible explanation
at present, I recognize that it isn't the only possibility. The
UFO phenomenon might even ultimately turn out to be fully
attributable to hoaxes, misidentifications, and delusions as the
skeptics insist, although given the available evidence, I'd rank
the plausibility of the "psycho-social hypothesis" right down
there with Loki.

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