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Re: UFO History Takes A Beating - Lehmberg

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2006 12:17:38 -0500
Fwd Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 06:24:00 -0400
Subject: Re: UFO History Takes A Beating - Lehmberg

>From: John Rimmer <jrimmer.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 19:42:57 +0100
>Subject: Re: UFO History Takes A Beating

>>From: Tim Shell <tshell.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 13:51:08 -0500 (CDT)
>>Subject: Re: UFO History Takes A Beating


>>But those are the preceisely cases we need to keep looking at.
>>The ones we've grown most comfortable with. Even if a new scan
>>reveals the fishing line and the case blows up in our faces.
>>Because that's what science is about. Chipping away at belief
>>until all that remains is fact. Debunking in the purest sense of
>>the word, since it's foolish to tolerate bunk.

Three cheers for brave science and the men who practice it.
Hoist its prideful banner high.... Onward scientific soldiers,
marching as to war... and we'll fight fight fight on to triumph
and the glory, and the honor, wiping the slobber from slack jaws
as we go and fighting the never ending battle for truth,
justice, and the scientific way...

I don't mean to mock you, Mr. Shell, but notwithstanding the
unerring accuracy of your sentiment?  You are in no way allowing
for the dark side of same. And there is a dark side, Sir. It
remains predictably unacknowledged first by persons of Mr.
Rimmer's conflicted caliber but then, and I think largely
because they are honorable men willing to continue to play by
the honorable rules as codified... even as others are not? Even
by men of such erudition, intellect, and honor as Richard Hall
and Jerry Clark.

I resurrect my analogy of the locker rupture and the mal-
intellectual thugs who prosecute it:

In my country, while attending high school, one had to be very
careful to insure that ones locker door closed and locked
completely and didn't let so much as a thread of gym shorts show
through the small crack betwixt door and casement. If you
didn't, that thread would be ferreted out by a diligent juvenile
delinquent and the shorts torn and ruined as they were worried
and jerked out of the locker crack shred by tattered shred... We
called them "locker ruptures."

Our ufological delinquent Mr. Rimmer's intransigently obdurate
performance remains almost admirable if he balanced his
obsessive energies in the service of ferreting out, once in a
while, threads of procedural and logical error abundant in the
arguments and researches of pelicanists and skepti-bunkies
(while -pretending- to challenge the "conventional wisdoms" of
quality cases abundantly assessed)... but that's not likely...
It counters the by-laws of garden variety pelicanists. But for
tatters he has largely manufactured himself, out of whole cloth,
the Trindade case (et sig al) has an obvious solidity that Mr.
Rimmer attempts to ruin like the gym shorts just described.

He has grasped his "find one more witness" tatter (of Trindade)
like one of those juvenile delinquents I alluded to earlier, and
biting down hard on it in his little English bulldog's teeth he
is content to hang on for dear life, prosecuting his dull
obstinacy like stubbornness was a virtue. It is not, just as
it's not about Mr. Rimmer's "one more witness." It wouldn't
matter to Mr. Rimmer if Philip Klass stumbled forward from the
grave and said that he was on the boat at Trindade, in the yard
at McMinnville, or in the cab with Heflin and in truth, saw ,
himself, the UFOs in contention.....

It is about looking beyond the usual, thinking out of the box,
and removing oneself from the center of a trumped up "God's"
universe. It's about reading to the period, accepting the larger
reality, and combating reactionary denial. It is about truth,
justice, and the sentient's way. In my opinion, anything else is
reactionary stodginess, obsessive pig-headedness, blithering
anti-science, and the death of a progressive rationality...
...as Tim Shell assiduouly points out.

Mr. Rimmer should let the current tatter go while his
humiliation can be repaired. He wastes our energy and his, and
he performs no service, still. Verily, he's unaware that the
locker and gym shorts he's trying to rupture through the locked
door are actually his own.

See? The mechanism of re-hashing the musty hash on the already
well parsed hash of old cases is two-fold, and it's all aimed at
the otherwise distracted observer who still sits on the fence
regarding the legitimacy of UFOs. If the 'pelicanistic-
skeptibunky-klasskurtxian' can demonstrate, even fraudulently,
that a jury is still out on the best cases... it is to these
cases discredit first... and then, by extension, to all
ufological cases. If the old bulletproof cases can be made to
appear dodgy, then all ufological cases can be made to be
perceived, to the fence-sitting masses, as the same kind of
dodgy... and by fallacious extension the impetus to investigate
any and all ufological cases, past, present, and future is
thwarted and ham-strung.

>In an ideal world this would clearly be the case.

Are we going to forget for a moment your complicity in keeping
us from the benefits of that ideal world, Mr. Rimmer? Are we to
disregard your scurrilous affect and duplicitous campaign with
regard to same? Are we to overlook your program, your design,
your prosecution, and your mechanism to facilitate what you
would pretend to decry here? Not on my watch. You are not a
truth-seeker, Sir! You are a truth-bleeder!

>But in the
>real world, as is all too obvious from postings on UpDates, this
>does not happen.

Only because of the insentient and duplicitous 'worrying'
activity of you and yours, Mr Rimmer, and your portentous
willingness to destroy a perfectly good set of gym shorts torn
from a perfectly serviceable locker on which you've unethically
broken the casement or warped the door! The Hope diamond can be
turned to dust with an errant sledge... Mr. Rimmer, proving
nothing but the inadvisability of having diamonds, around you,
at all.

>No matter how often the metaphorical 'fishing
>line' has been revealed ufologists have become so comfortable
>with those cases that they regard any attempt to re-examine them
>critically as a form of heresy.

Oh what a pompous load of klasskurtxian crap. No matter how
often the 'fishing line' can be demonstrated not to have been
there, bumptious avians have become so adept and comfortable
crapping on them that they regard any attempt to protest their
duplicitous 'reexamination' as a form of heresy. What you would
have said in that better world about which you moan through your
crocodile tears, Sir.

>Cases such as McMinville, Trindade, etc, are now part of the
>canon of ufology and must be defended at all costs, and beyond
>logic, from the pecking of the pelicanists.

Ceaselessly criticizing cases such as McMinnville, Trindade,
etc, are part of the klasskurtxian bag of scurvy skeptibunky
tricks and shall be defended at all costs, and beyond all logic,
from the protests of more honorable truth-seeking men and women
regarding same.

>Of course, the best way to challenge any critical assault on one
>of these cases is simply to call the person making the criticism
>a pelicanist. No further discussion is needed or tolerated.

Mr. Rimmer! You and yours shredding metaphorical shorts from the
broken casements of a ruptured lockers is the _only_ way you can
mount your meepy challenge or prosecute your inconsequent mal-
critical assault on UFOs. The pelicanist is known by its squawk
and the fetid droppings it leaves in its wake, only, Sir, and by
anything they would utter in an otherwise reasonable and
reasoned discourse. Be not proud.

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