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UFOIC The UFO Investigation Centre Australia

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Subject: UFOIC The UFO Investigation Centre Australia

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

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UFOIC - The UFO Investigation Centre (1956 - 2006) - An
Extraordinary Odyssey

Back in May this year I gave a lecture presentation to the 2006
National UFO conference held at Campbelltown entitled "UFOIC -
the UFO Investigation Centre (1956-2006) - an extraordinary
odyssey" which had the following abstract:

Through the lens of the evolution of the Sydney based group
UFOIC from 1956 to 2006 (fifty years), from historical to
current cases and research, a rich harvest of UFO material is
presented. History, controversy and research is covered in
roughly equal measure. The 1868 Parramatta case will be covered,
along with the 1927 Fernvale affair - a "prophecy" of the coming
of the "flying saucer era" twenty years later in 1947, and the
Mothman Prophecy events of around 1967. A Chinese connection - a
"Dragon Seed" - will be examined from its earliest manifestation
through the pioneer UFOIC researcher Andrew Tomas through to my
research in more recent times, through to the strange
breakthrough research into the unusual rare Chinese ethnic
minority DNA turning up in the "Hair of the Alien" saga - a wild
ride through an extraordinary odyssey spanning more than half a

The group UFOIC has had a long complex and fascinating history.
It emerged out of the original Australian flying saucer group,
pioneer researcher Edgar Jarrold's Australian Flying Saucer
Bureau (AFSB), based in Sydney, New South Wales (NSW). Andrew
Tomas joined AFSB in January 1954. The group attracted future
UFOIC members such as Dr. Clifford and Dr. Miran Lindtner. With
the departure of Edgar Jarrold in curious circumstances, Andrew
Tomas reorganised the remenants of AFSB as a NSW state branch of
Fred Stone's Adelaide based Australian Flying Saucer Research
Society (AFSRS). In November 1956 the UFO Investigation Centre
(UFOIC) was formed from this history, with Dr. Clifford serving
at its first president until December 1958. Dr. J. Greenwell was
briefly president, then Dr. Miran Lindtner took up the group
presidency, continuing an energetic and dynamic period of
research and investigation, until his untimely accidental death
in 1969. Fred Phillips took over as President in this difficult
time. The group went into a bit of a decline but by 1973 it had
been reorganised and energised under the leadership of David
Buching. By 1975-76 Michael Smyth and I were cordinating the
groups activities. In line with some other state groups, we
adopted the group name UFO Research, with a NSW identification -
UFO Research (NSW).

By the early 1980s the group was reconfigured, adopting a
networking type approach, rather than continuing the traditional
public group format. This change worked well with a good working
relationship with the national networking organisation ACUFOS -
the Australian Centre for UFO Studies - and later with UFORA
(UFO Research Australia) when ACUFOS became a shell of its
original self.

The original UFOIC name was readopted in 1991 when a name change
was forced by a new group registering the UFO Research (NSW).
UFOIC continued its research and investigation, preferring a
successful model of a "low profile" active network, rather than
a public relations group format. This approach has served the
group well and continues today under my direction. I originally
joined UFOIC back in the late 1960s as a country member, joining
the committee in 1975 when I moved to Sydney.

This brief outline of the history of UFOIC reveals a complex but
fascinating evolution, driven by changing research and
investigation strategies and focuses. Many striking UFO cases
have been undertaken by the group during its rich history. UFOIC
has made a potent contribution to UFO investigation and research
in Australia.

I am currently researching a history of UFOIC and would welcome
contact and contributions to this effort from past members and
observers of the group.