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UFO Sightings A Mystery To Maidstone Mayor

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Date: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 08:34:11 -0400
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Subject: UFO Sightings A Mystery To Maidstone Mayor

Source: The Star Phoenix - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


Thursday, April 12, 2007

UFO Sightings A Mystery To Maidstone Mayor
Les MacPherson
The Star Phoenix

"They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed
at the Wright Brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the
Clown." --Carl Sagan (1934-1996 )

Valerie Kenyon is not among those living in fear of alien
abduction. She has never encountered an alien or seen a UFO, nor
has she ever heard from anyone who has.

It came as a total surprise to Kenyon, then, when the town of
Maidstone, where she presides as Mayor, was named this week as
the UFO sighting capital of Canada.

"This is the first I've heard of any UFOs around here," says
Kenyon, "and I've been in town since 1993." Kenyon likes to
think she knows what's going on in Maidstone. With 1,200
residents, most of whom she knows personally, she's as plugged
into her community as a Mayor could be. If UFOs were routinely
buzzing around the town, Kenyon is certain she'd have heard
about it. UFOs weren't even on her radar, however, until, from
out of the blue, came the unexpected news that her town is a UFO

According to a Winnipeg researcher who maintains a registry of
UFO sightings in Canada, Maidstone leads the country in this
respect, and by a huge margin. The seemingly ordinary Prairie
town generated 51 reported sightings last year, or almost one a
week. Next was Montreal with 24 sightings, then Winnipeg with
23, Aylmer with 21 and Vancouver with 17.

Of course, it's often overcast in Vancouver, so there might be
whole squadrons of UFOs zooming around in formation over the
city and no one would see them through the dense clouds. Even
when it's clear, UFOs might go unnoticed in Vancouver.

If I was piloting an alien UFO and trying to keep a low profile,
I'd certainly restrict my flying to cloudy days. Either that, or
I'd use a cloaking device. It figures that modern aliens would
have cloaking capability if the Klingon warbirds had it way back
in the 1960s on Star Trek. What's surprising is that UFOs so
often fly around on clear nights, not only uncloaked, but with
their running lights on. That would account for the 738 reported
sightings across Canada last year. It's as if the aliens are
trying to be seen. Osama bin Laden can somehow stay out of sight
for years with everyone looking for him, but aliens, with all
their superior technology, can't seem to manage it.

Likewise surprising are the local disparities in sightings.
Maidstone, for example, is all but swarmed by UFOs while
Saskatoon, among other places, did not even make the list. What
do they have in Maidstone that we don't have here? Kenyon has an
idea. She thinks that most of the 51 sightings in her town were
generated by one former resident who was well-known as a UFO

This is what the survey does not make clear. The 51 reported
sightings could be one person seeing 51 UFOs or 51 people seeing
one UFO. In terms of credibility, the weight of numbers makes a
big difference.

"There are not a lot of people seeing these things," confirms
Kenyon. She describes as "just a little different" the former
resident she believes is responsible for most of the sightings.

That would be Barb Campbell, who lived in Maidstone until this
year when she moved to Paynton, 25 kilometres east on the
Yellowhead highway. Campbell says it was her and three other
people who reported most, if not all, of the 51 sightings in
Maidstone last year. Coincidentally or not, she is a devoted
student of the paranormal with a special interest in UFOs. What
are the odds that UFOs would appear over the very town she lives
in? Not as long as you might think, says Campbell, who runs a
website devoted to paranormal activities in the province. It
figures that people who are actively looking for UFOs would see
more of them, she explains. What others might overlook or
dismiss, she notices, observes and reports. This made Maidstone
more of a hot spot for UFO watching than for UFOs. There could
be UFOs galore streaking over many other communities, says
Campbell, but no one is looking for them. How many of these
Unnoticed Flying Objects are violating our airspace and to what
sinister purpose, we can only imagine.

I just wish that for once they'd show themselves, indisputably,
for all to see, instead of always lurking as they do at the very
outer limits of our perception.

The unfortunate thing about all this is that Maidstone, a
progressive and thriving town, gets tagged as Canada's UFO
capital. This is not the reputation that Kenyon is trying to

She'd rather talk about the town's new subdivision, where six of
the 11 serviced lots have been sold. As yet, there is no demand
for a UFO landing pad.


c. The StarPhoenix (Saskatoon) 2007

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