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SDI #435 - 20 Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 12:02:12 -0500
Fwd Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 17:15:01 -0400
Subject: SDI #435 - 20 Questions

SDI #435!

20 Questions assiduously addressed by Dave Furlotte,
Chris Rutkowski, Rich Dolan & Alfred Lehmberg as officiated
Errol Bruce-Knapp and likely monitored by the NSA:

1. Could the Alien Autopsy be a hoax mechanism _purposefully_
detracting from a legitimate Roswell Affair?

2. Was the most recent documentary about the Roswell Affair ("The
Roswell Incident: A True Story") a _fair_ reportage?

3. What was Late Show host's David Letterman's attitude regarding
Chris Rutkowski's Canadian UFO Report?

4. Is there an evenhanded check and balance, a fairness, or a
logical consistency between the opposing ufological factions with
regard to 'scientific' evenhandedness, 'mainstream' regard, or an
aggregate respect for philosophical oppositions?

5. Where is ufology going? How should it go there? Does it in fact
need to 'go' anywhere?

6. What behavior typifies an "armchair researcher"? Are these "ARs"
a bane on real ufological research?

7. Is a UFO investigation now "defunct." If so, does it have _any_
hope of resuscitation?

8. What does a "public's interest" in Ufology entail?

9. Given UFOs are a figment of undisciplined imaginations... why is
there an official representative designated (one Chris Rutowski) to
receive reports on same through official channels (Military and Law

10. How does Mr. Rutkowski "winnow" the stunning number of Canadian
reports down to those which are most meaningful.

11. How do 736 reports in 2006 actually _justify_ that reduced
amount of reports from subsequent years; in other words: how does
less reportage actually equal _more_ sightings of UFOs? Are UFO
observers in _good_ company?

12. How will Chris Rutkowski write reading, but not read writing
writ rotten?

13. How long must we continue to wait for Vol II of Richard Dolan's
"UFOs & The National Security State. Will that wait be _remotely_

14. Is self-publishing the affordable answer to a host of canted,
biased, crooked, unprincipled, inconsistent, avarice enjoining, or
even blithely scurrilous and psychopathic publishers? Small
hyperbole reader.

15. Why didn't Dr. Maccabee do the CNN spot with Glen Beck regarding
the recent O'Hare flap?

16. Are Glen Beck & Anderson Cooper _remotely_ qualified or
professionally detached enough to anchor a segment on UFOs?

17. Wither State Governor Fyfe Symington on the subject of UFOs?
Wither the "black hole of memory"?

18. Is there such a thing as TRUE journalism displayed by the
mainstream media? Is this media AFRAID of the "career death" UFO,
and is there a quid pro quo relationship between the MEDIA and state
intelligence agencies?

19. Why is it a "woeful sadness" to live in these United States of

20. What agreements can be found in the disparate researches of
Frank Feschino and the 'Summer Flap of 1952' compared with Richard
Dolan's effort vis a vis "UFOs and the National Security State,
Volumes I _and_ II."

This and much more gentle reader... forgetting a detail as
artistically delightful as the most appropriate bumper music I've
ever heard... tune in, turn up, and hunker down! Owww!

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!
Subscribe! Be amazed at what you unleash while there's still
time! <g>



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