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UFO Conference Is Celestial Experience

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Subject: UFO Conference Is Celestial Experience

Source: Harrison Daily Times - Harrison, Arkansas, USA



UFO Conference Is Celestial Experience
By David Holsted
Times Staff davidh.nul

EUREKA SPRINGS =97 It's been said that Elvis, to satisfy a
hankering, would fire up the jet and fly across the country to
get a hamburger from a certain restaurant.

It would only make sense that extra-terrestrial beings, overcome
by the munchies, would likewise fire up the flying saucer and
travel across the galaxy to get some southern-zapped chicken
from Arkansas. Or so suggested Ken "Casper" Bergeron of
Fayetteville, whose passion is looking for UFOs.

"I don't know if they're looking for lunch or what," joked
Bergeron, noting that many UFOs have been sighted around chicken
farms in northwest Arkansas. "They probably have Buffalo wild
wings where they come from, I don't know."

No UFOs were reported at the Sonic drive-in this past weekend,
but plenty of earthlings were in town to talk about them.

Between 350 and 400 people made the trip, presumably in cars, to
Eureka Springs for the Ozark UFO Conference at the Inn of the
Ozarks. It was a time for greeting old friends and fellow UFO
hunters, for swapping stories and relating experiences
concerning UFOs, buying and selling books and other articles
related to the subject and attending seminars conducted by some
of the most respected UFO authorities around.

It was an eclectic group of stooped old men in suits, young men
with pony tails, mountain men with beards wearing flannel
shirts, matrons wearing jogging suits, Goth-like young women in
black and others, diverse in their appearance, but united in
their interest in unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

The conference's motto, "They're Here!", pretty much summed up
the feeling of most of the attendees.

"Call me a nut or whatever you want to call me," conference
organizer Lou Farish said, "I've seen some things I can't

Looking for UFOs

Although he believed wholeheartedly in the existence of UFOs,
Bergeron took a lighthearted approach at times to the subject,
as evidenced by his joke about ETs in search of KFCs.

Bergeron is the field investigator for the Arkansas chapter of
the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, a national organization whose
motto is "The truth is out there." Along with state director
Norm Walker of Tontitown, Bergeron manned the MUFON table at the

Bergeron said he goes out three or four times a week to look for
UFOs and he is seldom disappointed. They're easily spotted if
you know what to look for, he said.

Once, while at Devil's Den State Park, Bergeron noticed some
clouds beginning to glow. There was no moon out that night, so
the light source had to come from somewhere else.

"We know (UFOs) hide in clouds," Bergeron said. "I've seen them
emerge from clouds."

According to Bergeron, UFOs are getting good at mimicking the
flight lights on airplanes, further confusing spotters.

Bergeron does not subscribe to the theory that UFOs are piloted
by beings who have traveled great distances across the galaxy.
Rather, they are the original inhabitants of Earth, he said, who
are "conducting their experiments on us."

Referring to the many caves in the Ozarks, Bergeron suggested
that UFOs might have their bases underground. Farmers around
Seligman, Mo., have reported lights that seem to be going into
caves in the area. Using a Geiger counter, Bergeron said he has
gotten indications of the presence of metal underground, such as
some kind of machinery.

"It's just a matter of finding them," he said.

Warming to their task, Bergeron and Walker then related the
story of the "Ozark Devil," a creature that was shot and killed
near Clarksville. Strange animals are often reported during UFO
encounters, they said. The dog-like animal was shot by a farmer
who said it was stalking his cattle. The teeth were different
than that of a coyote and the tail was bushier, the farmer

A MUFON consultant in veterinary science concluded that the
animal was not a dog. Rather, it had similarities to a wallaby,
a small kangaroo. These included large erect ears, short woolly
fur, a long tail, small forequarters and better developed
hindquarters. Wallabies, though, are vegetarians and the Ozark
devil had dog-like teeth. A MUFON field investigator had the
carcass refrigerated should DNA testing be necessary.

Meeting ET?

Jason Startup, a Topeka, Kan., artist, stood next to a seven-
foot polyurethane figure of a multi-armed, multi-eyed, multi-
antennaed serpentine creature. Titled "Quetzalcoatl Reptilian
Insectoid Hybrid," the figure represented what Startup imagined
the Mayan god who imparted knowledge might have looked like.

Startup claimed to have had several personal encounters with
creatures as fanciful as his sculpture. The first, he said, came
when he was 10 years old. His mother had just put him to bed
when saw a flash "behind the Lincoln Logs." A three-foot, tan
creature with large round eyes and long arms then appeared.

The being seemed to exert some kind of control over Startup,
because he couldn't move nor scream. As the creature took a step
forward, Startup said, his mother could be heard moving in the
hallway. The distraction momentarily broke the creature's power
and Startup was able to scream and the visitor retreated.

Though his mother dismissed the incident, Startup knew

"I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was real," he said.

Startup has had subsequent dreamlike episodes in which reptilian
beings, then a light bulb-headed alien creature, have appeared,
each time exerting the same controlling influence over him.

Startup acknowledged that some might think he's crazy, but he
remains convinced that what he saw was real.

"Through our perceptions, we dictate our reality," he said.

Only a weather balloon

"That's why I hate Fox News," said Sam Maranto, as the audience
watched a television news reporter, through special effects,
being "beamed" up by some alien force.

Maranto, the Illinois state director of MUFON, presented one of
the programs at the conference. He spoke of "Cases from the
heartland and beyond," particularly the UFO sighting at
Chicago's O'Hare Airport in November.

Unlike almost every other UFO sighting, which seemed to take
place in the middle of a desert or some Mississippi swamp (or an
Arkansas chicken house), the O'Hare incident took place at a
major airport in the middle of the afternoon. Maranto, an Art
Buchwald lookalike, said witnesses described the UFO as a dark
gray, metallic saucer.

After remaining stationary over the airport for some time, the
saucer then took off at such a great rate of speed that it left
a huge hole in the overcast skies, allowing a patch of blue to
be seen.

Maranto said he is currently investigating 20 cases of UFO

On the screen behind Maranto there flashed the face of a
meteorologist who was explaining a UFO sighting in the Chicago

It was flares suspended from a weather balloon, the
meteorologist said.

A ripple of laughter went through the gathering of Ozark UFO

They knew better.

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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