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Why Should Anyone Be Interested In UFOs?

From: Sergey Shpakovsky <sergejsh.nul>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 01:28:06 -0400 (EDT)
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Subject: Why Should Anyone Be Interested In UFOs?

Source: Greg Bishop & Nick Redfern's Blog - UFO Mystic


Apr 19 2007

Why Should Anyone Be Interested In UFOs?
by Greg Bishop

Actually, there isn=92t really any obvious reason to care about
the UFO subject, which is why most people don=92t, at least not
very much. Only a small percentage of the population know about
the most famous cases, and usually just the most recent ones.
What is really interesting though, is that almost anyone perks
up when the subject is mentioned in a relaxed setting. Why is

One good reason is that UFOs speak to the maverick that lives in
the back of most of our minds. They are outside every
ontological barbed-wire fence that the authorities have staked
around our psyche. Along that fence are guard towers filled with
fundamentalist skeptics, most academics, some of the news media,
and others who consider themselves no-nonsense types. When
something truly unexplained flies over our heads (or digs under
the fence) we are told to laugh or look away. No one with a
working brain really likes to be told what to think, so some of
us look and wonder. The UFOs (and whatever causes them) are
cheerleaders urging us along an intellectual evolutionary path.
At least, that=92s what I like to think.

There are very few other things in our existence that have the
power to do this. Some esoteric spiritual philosophies, such as
Zen Buddhism, Western Occultism and Sufism offer a chance to
look inward for answers. Another path that offers this in a
quick and sometimes dangerous way are psychotropic/ psychedelic
drugs. Some use a combination of these to seek personal truth.

The study of UFOs, if taken in its entirety, produces some of
the same results. An endless cataloging of cases for its own
sake is little more than hobbyist pornography, but looking
deeper for patterns and trends sometimes opens the door to not
only a deeper appreciation for the subject, but a peek from the
outside of our own current views of existence and its obvious
limitations. Why can=92t we agree on what causes UFO sightings, or
what controls the phenomenon? A few authors have already pointed
out that there is little or no evidence that UFOs are
interplanetary craft piloted by aliens from other star systems.
Still, the hardcore believers continue to dance to this enticing

What is interesting is the myriad of other possibilities. This
opens up a whole Pandora=92s box (from the fundamentalist skeptic
point of view) of forbidden ideas: time travel, manifested
thoughtforms, apparently unknowable existences, intelligences
other than corporeal humanity, etc. What these ideas all have in
common is that there is currently no way to measure them or
=93prove=94 their claim to existence. It seems that the UFOs are
urging us along=96trying to open new pathways in our species=92
tunnel vision.

When some of these new ideas and viewpoints take hold, it is
almost certain that the intelligence behind the UFOs will change
its modus operandi yet again, and always remain beyond the
current understanding. Almost 60 years after Kenneth Arnold saw
those silvery thingies skipping above the peaks of the Cascades,
most people are still thinking along the same =93aliens from other
planets=94 path. There are a few (like John Keel, Jacques Vallee,
Whitley Strieber, Michio Kaku, Gregory Little, Keith Thompson
etc. etc.) who have listened to the UFOnauts and more
importantly to their possibly inscrutable message.

Sometime in the future, when the old guard dies out and cutting-
edge science shows us incontrivertible evidence that
=93unbelievable=94 things are possible, we will realize some of the
things that the UFOs have been whispering in our ears for
millenia. The world will change in spite of neanderthals like
James Randi, Joe Nickell, and Penn and Teller. Most people like
new ideas. They=92re exciting and affirm that we=92re here for more
than just a few decades of meaningless toil or materialistic

Try that theory at your next party.

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