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The Spy Who Exposed Himself

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Subject: The Spy Who Exposed Himself

Source: American Chronicle - Beverly Hills, California, USA


April 23, 2007

Getting Naked: The Spy Who Exposed Himself
Gary S. Bekkum

First, a few caveats about the following rant.

What follows is actually lifted from a post I wrote for a new


... and is intended to provide additional behind-the-scenes
reporting of the strange activity behind my official stories
released by "The American Chronicle," an on-line newspaper run
by editors with enough intestinal fortitude to actually publish
my writing. It is presented here in a blatant act of of self-
aggrandizing promotion, and in hope of eliciting more interest
in the strangeness the researchers at Starstream Research have
uncovered at the highest levels of the U.S. Intelligence

That said, what follows carries with it an intentionally
ambiguous message encoded within the various oblique references.
For anyone new to this story, we suggest first checking out the
"Spies, Lies and Polygraph Tape" series here at "The American
Chronicle," and then spending a little time browsing the files
at Starstream Research.

Getting Naked

Ok, let's be clear about one thing:

We have been asked by the spy who exposed himself not to mention
his name, his government office, and his intelligence
affiliation in anything we post on line. That said, most of you
still curious enough to read this post already have a pretty
good idea of who this man is, where he used to work (it was a
very well known and sometimes notorious three-letter government
agency), and his current assignment. We'll deal with the former
spy, the wisely conservative yet very public medicine man, in a
future post. If you have read this far, you likely suspect the
identity of this person as well.

If you have absolutely no idea who or what we are talking about,
we suggest checking out a few of our stories at:


Recently there has been a lot of discussion on various Internet
forums about the Naked Spy, posting of his real name and
government affiliations, and why his appearance bodes well for
plans to officially disclosure what the government knows about
the UFO phenomena.

We are more interested in why the spy got naked in the first

Imagine our surprise at being flashed, then politely asked to
keep our mouth shut. The Naked Spy enlisted a well known Private
Investigator and associate to add additional support to his
cover-up operation. We don't question the veracity of the
glowing comments the P.I. made about the spy and his service to
the U.S.A. -- "Unsuspecting Space Aliens" -- which by
coincidence appeared in a printout superimposed over the name of
the golf course nearest

to our home base. We have always assumed privacy was thrown out
the window once we poked our nose into this sordid business,
even if our role is purely voyeuristic in nature. Apparently we
aren't the only voyeurs curious about the new nakedness, or why
the Naked Man is interested in Alien Recovery Vehicles and
Replicated Alien Machines.

So why get naked and then try to hide that fact by jumping back
into the closet? Maybe it had something to do with our exposure
of the U.S.G. TIGER Committee and the UFO AVIARY.

A press release we issued last year over PRWEB has racked up
more than 165,000 hits, with greater than 3,100 hits coming from
media outlets. Since our recent exposure to the naked truth,
PRWEB has grown cold feet and refused to release several of our
recent PR statements. Fortunately there are other outlets on the
Internet with more balls. Otherwise, just stay tuned right here.

Perhaps the Naked Spy's problem comes from over-exposure, when
our stories appear in The American Chronicle, an on-line
newspaper, and rank in the top ten for Google News search terms
like "spies."

Imagine the chuckles heard 'round the water cooler at the Office
of the Director of National Intelligence. In the Intel business
it might just as well have been the chuckle heard 'round the
world. Flashing a few UFO junkies is one thing, but having your
nakedness paraded before the world by the likes of the
Washington Post or the New York Times might be more than this
small operation intended.

We have more bad news for those expecting to be flashed with
nodding approval for their pet theories of aliens and UFO tales.
The Naked Spy has a history of exposing himself in the past, and
it wasn't always about UFO's and extraterrestrial contacts. At
one time he also exposed his identity, location and activities
targeted against illegal trade operations. In a previous decade
there was a very public exposure involving a major newspaper and
hearings in D.C. involving nothing less than impropriety and
three-letter-leadership. We doubt this kind of reckless behavior
is anything less than setting the bait in a deliberately
orchestrated trap. Sorry folks,we suspect some of you have been
taken hook, line and sinker. When it comes to spy game antics
surrounding the AVIARY and the AQUARIUM, its best to keep in
mind that some birds eat fish. This particular Cat (fish?) is
sometimes associated with the Pelican. You have been warned.

So what to do with those old audio recordings that demonstrate
our naked friend's previous openness in discussing the bird
games of twenty-some years ago? We have the advantage that one
of us has actually confirmed the voice based upon a personal
meeting with the gentleman last year. We question whether the
recordings were made by permission, thus they languish in our
archives. We can confirm in the audio interview the Naked Man
claims to have been a member of the UFO Working Group, as told
in Howard Blum's book, "Out There."

Those that ignore history are doomed to repeat it.

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