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Re: Just A Few Roswell Questions - Rudiak

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 11:50:14 -0700
Fwd Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 16:37:45 -0400
Subject: Re: Just A Few Roswell Questions - Rudiak

>From: Kevin Randle <KRandle993.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 08:38:50 EDT
>Subject: Re: Just A Few Roswell Questions

>>From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2007 19:46:58 -0700
>>Subject: Re: Just A Few Roswell Questions


>Good Morning List, All -

>Here was some of the real problems with Bessie Brazel's story.
>She said that she was with her father when he took the debris
>into Roswell and while he was at the sheriff's office, she and
>the other family members were in the park.

>Marcel never said a word about Brazel being with his family.
>While Marcel wouldn't have seen them in the sheriff's office,
>he certainly would have noticed them as they drove back to the

>Cavitt never said a word about the Brazel family being there,
>and had they been, it certainly would have made the balloon
>story better.

>Bessie said that he father didn't return to Roswell and wasn't
>gone over night. She said that her mother would have killed
>him if he had disappeared like that...

>Except the evidence shows that he was in Roswell. Ignore all the
>testimony about that from Edwin Easley telling me they kept
>Brazel in the guest house on the base, to Walt Whitmore and Jud
>Roberts talking about Brazel being at the radio station to all
>the people who knew Brazel and saw him in town. Ignore the
>neighbors such as Marian Strickland who talked about Brazel's
>complaints about being held in jail (Easely's guest house is
>Brazel's jail and if you're not allowed to leave, then it is

>Ignore all that. Just look at the newspaper articles and we
>have documentation that Brazel returned to Roswell in direct
>contradiction to what Bessie said.

>And look at what her brother said. He said he saw the story
>about his father and knew that he was alone at the ranch. Knew
>his father would need help and went there. His father returned
>four or five days later.

>This is just one area where her testimony falls apart. Let's
>not forget she said that she, her brother Vernon, mother and
>father picked up all the debris and put it into four burlap
>bags and stored it under the porch...

>So, what did Marcel and Cavitt see? Clearly the family had
>already picked up the debris so there was no reason for Mack to
>go into Roswell, no reason for Marcel and Cavitt to drive out
>there, nothing for them to see, and no reason for her father to
>return to Roswell to give the dumb weather balloon story.

>If we have trouble with Bessie's story, it's because we're not
>paying attention and nothing more.

This agrees with most of the same points I raised. I was just
pointing out the possibility that Bessie B. could have been at
the ranch briefly and maybe seen something or picked up some
debris. So there might be something to her story, though it
seems all mixed up. Most parts of her story do not add up and
are directly contradicted by most other testimony.

But Bessie B. mentioned the magical "Mogul" "flower-tape", like
her father in his Daily Record interview. This is what the
skeptics seize upon. The problem is Bessie could just have
easily gotten this from reading or hearing about the Daily
Record story, or the main United Press Roswell story, that also
mentioned the flower tape, or just hearing it from her father at
some later time or some other family member.

Another possibility was she was describing some other event from
some other time at the ranch. Radar targets were sent up
regularly at White Sands prior to V-2 launches to chart high-
altitude winds, as I mentioned in my previous post. One of those
could have come down at the Foster Ranch and been confused by
Bessie with the Roswell events.

Yet another possibility I've considered was her strange
description of large numbers of pieces of debris which were
foil-like on one side and rubber like on the other and could not
be torn. This does _not_ match any early Mogul balloon material.
The closest I can find to debris like this was one experimental
balloon explored by Mogul made of nylon or silk that was coated
with rubber on one side and painted with metallic paint on the
other. (Photos on p. 449 and 973 of AF Roswell report) These
were nonextensible balloons made by Seyfang Labs of New Jersey
(who also apparently invented the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Parade balloons, for you trivia fans).

For the moment let us neglect how a silk or nylon balloon could
explode into numerous pieces, as described by Bessie B. (They
used helium, not hydrogen, so there is no way these balloons
could explode.) I can find mention of only four such flights in
the Mogul records published in the AF report, and only two of
these in any detail, Flight 79 on May 13, 1948 and Flight 94 on
Sept. 3, 1948, thus well after Roswell. Flight 79 went up in
Alamogordo and came down in Alamogordo and Flight 94 came down
in Mexico. So this scenario depends on one of the non-detailed
other flights coming down at the Foster Ranch to be seen by
Bessie B. at some date well beyond the actual Roswell events and
this balloon also somehow shattering, but God knows how. To
further extend the scenario, maybe the military descended on the
ranch while the family was there, because they wanted to recover
this flight for study, and because the Brazels were again
involved. This would be the multiple military people Bessie says
she remembers at the ranch. At best, this whole scenario is
another huge stretch.

In the end, all the skeptics have is Bessie B. describing
"flower tape", a description she could easily have picked up
from elsewhere - the newspaper, her father, etc. Nothing else
she describes really matches up with a plausible Mogul or
anything else.

While we're on the subject of 'flower tape', why is that nobody
else mentions 'flower tape' being on the radar target in Gen.
Ramey's office? Nobody there ever described any such thing, and
better yet, we have multiple, detailed photos of that debris
which various people have poured over in high resolution,
including the unnamed high level government photo lab the Air
Force debunkers had looking at the photos to try to find it.
Nobody can find it, just further proof that the radar target in
Fort Worth was just a shill for whatever was really recovered.

David Rudiak

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