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Re: The AA Film

From: Gildas Bourdais <bourdais.gildas.nul>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 17:20:36 +0200
Archived: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 10:51:04 -0400
Subject: Re: The AA Film 

>From: Steven Kaeser <steve.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 13:25:19 -0400
>Subject: Re: The AA Film

>>From: Ed Gehrman <egehrman.nul>
>>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>>Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 15:11:33 -0700
>>Subject: Re: Why The Cover-Up?


>Hesitant as I am in getting into this...

>>He never told me it was a hoax. He announced that they had done
>>a restoration. Except for Rays change of story,
>>there isn't any evidence that the AA is a hoax. Ray could not
>>explain or show how the restoration was accomplished.

>>>I think you and others who have faith in the ETH have
>>>>invented a nice bedtime story. But science says it won't fly.

>While Ray has held onto his story as best he can (in part to
>avoid fraud charges, IMO), he also has created a neat little
>movie to show how he made the "recreation".

>Meanwhile, we have a special effects expert that has come
>forward to claim that he made the creatures that were shown in
>the AA 'film'. For most of us, this is enough information to
>believe that the entire AA 'film' was a hoax from the beginning,
>but I hope you have fun chasing that particular myth further.

>I know that you and Bob have held onto the semantics of Ray's
>phrasing and believe there's some greater truth involved, but
>let the rest of us know when you find something substantial.


The only point of agreement I have with you, is that the AA film
was a kind of hoax from the beginning.

But I will add that Ray Santilli has been lying all the time,
including for his new story, obviously.

He did not shoot, or recreate, any part of it. The special
effects experts did not make the body, and the real nature of
the film remains undetermined.

However, I do not share the ideas of Bob and Ed about it. I
don't believe theirs theories of monotremes and ancient
civilisations, hidden who knows where.

Gildas Bourdais

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