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When Is UFO Magazine Not UFO Magazine?

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2007 12:07:19 -0500
Archived: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 11:14:24 -0400
Subject: When Is UFO Magazine Not UFO Magazine?

UFO Mag Hijack

Got me a cracker-jack idea.

I bought-up the domain names Earthfiles.net, Coast2Coast.org,
and Rense.us and I'm running a mash-up of paranormal foo-feraw I
procure from others and don't properly attribute (rather like
Victor Martinez) so as to capitalize on the traffic these sites
generate and draw the spill-over back to me. Pretty slick, huh?

These sites I allude to shouldn't miss the few thousand hits to
their pages in the first place, I'm just a not-for-profit
"hobby-site" in the second, and in the third? Well, think of the
free publicity I can generate for myself if any of these
trespassed entities do squawk! I can play the part of stepped on
little guy railroaded by the well-moneyed corporate big shots!
You can't pay for publicity like that. Seems like a short-cut to
the big vein of notoriety for me!


Unethical you say? Unprincipled? Immoral? Unscrupulous?
Dishonorable? Disreputable? Wrong?

Well, all this and more happened over the weekend, reader. Bill
and Nancy Birnes, owners of the one and only UFO Magazine are
being stepped on in a similar fashion. Their investment,
integrity, and property, as considered by one Mike Coletta
(ufogeek.com) are without legitimacy and beneath the remotest


The first time I saw the URL I thought the Birnes had a new
feature and went to the address expecting to see something from
them. I suspect that's the problem, eh, and not all that "beyond
belief" as Mr. Coletta whines unconvincingly. The Birnes have no
excuse to be non-plussed in the affair? I mean how dare they?

Rather, "beyond belief" is Mr. Coletta's pretended incredulity
and sullen intransigence in the matter!

I don't know the legalities involved, but the history,
investment, and justice outraged by Mr. Coletta seems ponderous
enough to trump whatever some crass pretender, like Mr. Coletta,
might trot out in a slimy 'defense', you know?

With regard to Mr. Coletta, he obviously lives in a convenient
dream-world where honesty and ethics are drawn only to suit
himself. Sincerely, only one as apparently self-deluded such as
Mr. Coletta could persist in seeing a lack of trespass in this
matter. As to "watching and learning" as he advices on his

I suspect that even his conjectured victory is likely to be
pyrrhic, in the end. But he should try to have the fun he can, I
suppose. I suspect there will be precious little of that as this
unwinds to a tedious denouement.

Additionally, Mr. Coletta indicates that I am in the tank for
Bill and Nancy Birnes, wrongly proclaims I am in their employ
and demands to know what my wages are!

As to wages paid to me by William Birnes? That's really none of
his business, is it? I can get a wage and still be ethical,
unlike Mr. Coletta it might be argued. I point out that the
magazine is quite clear every issue and on their web-site;
however, that they do not pay their contributors.

I contribute, as it happens, because my contributions were
requested by the Birnes, and they have treated me with respect
and collegiality since the beginning of our association. I trust
this was clear enough for the bystander, and adequate
explanation why I am behind them on this matter.

That said, I remind Mr. Coletta that, as he would admonish me, I
will be "watching and learning". and commenting on his progress,

For now, the Birnes still have to dig into savings occasionally
to get a legitimate magazine on press (they are decidedly _not_
Microsoft folks), but they'll be plugging along with great good
will and joy, I'm sure, regardless.

This unctuously earnest pretender and trespasser, Mr. Coletta,
seems so damned mean-spirited. Additionally and inexplicably
playing the naif and painting the Birnes as "Big Biz" going
after the "little guy", he prosecutes dodgy behavior he's
admitted to before... or why would Radio Shack tuck tail and
run? Crap, reader!

He's, in fact, more a seeming intellectual thief and an errant
spoiler - no better than a guy who throws a bottle of lye
through your brand new plate-glass storefront, a storefront so
lovingly painted, as it turns out, by volunteer effort.

I'm appalled at Mr. Coletta, frankly. I suggest all fair-minded
persons might be similarly appalled.

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