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Friedman Vs. Shermer

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 12:03:46 -0500
Archived: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 13:22:37 -0400
Subject: Friedman  Vs. Shermer

David - Goliath. Still fighting it seems. One's over-cocky, and
is once again reamed. One strides the mainstream opposed by too
few; while his honored opponent's courageously true. One narrows
scope to a slender percentage, the other is open to data,
comprende? One is a scoffer in knee-jerk dismissals; the other's
employing some facts as his missiles.

Filled with his confidence, and the weight of his creed, Goliath
is ripe for a fall that he needs. David, well read, has prepared
for his role; Goliath shows up with his head in a bowl. David
shoots well, and infuses his points. He cited them, hell - he
was owning the joint!

Bereft of his homework Goliath's ungainly. He fumbles around for
his words so inanely. He cheery-picks data still grinding the
axe to qualify models he knows shall not last.

Why, Goliath seems caught in his own vicious trap; he hadn't
prepared and is pinned to the mat! Stone-marked and bleeding he
writhes on the floor! He proves at his last that his less is not

Goliath is vanquished for arrogance, friend. He lies belly up
for his close minded kin. Plus? The sneers from his camp are the
stones that are used in the sling of a righteous, experienced

Round and around went the weight of Stan's sling; his arguments
whistling like fiery stings on the physics, the cosmic, and base
relativity! Shermer was mired in failure's proclivity; his
ignorance plain in our search for the answers that excise our
ignorance - our cognitive cancer.

See, Friedman could read and he'd read the man's book. He's
studied his Rommel, so like Patton? He cooked.

Shermer, assured of his glorious might, that's he's to prevail
in a "no contest" fight, was covered with gaps in his armor-cum-
science... which weakened his impact beyond all reliance.

Goliath is beaten, but lives to admit that the intrepid David
had merit and grit. Dismissal's outrageous, the listener
concludes. The argument's valid, and the thought now intrudes
that space is a huge place, completely unknown, and it's filled
to the BRIM with anomalous foam!

Lost in its hugeness is mind undefined by concepts which limit
and keep us 'confined'.

We hold to the tails of timid tradition - are blind to the front
by this backward position.

Complacent, believing proud science must win, we turn a blind
eye to the fringe that begins just a mean tiny distance from
what we now know is the little we know of what's hidden there,
Bro! What can be measured; what can be seen?

What is seen changes to fit any scheme!

Friedman won out once again 'cause he's right. His scholarship
proves what he sees is the light!

Why, he has what compels me to question the 'man', for all the
man's blandishment or well earned elan. He had the right stones,
and he hurled them well. Degrees will mean nothing if buying to
sell. So flourish, proud science, your arrogant spite - and feel
that stone as _your_ forehead it strikes!

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When Dr. Shermer says the a 'spaceship' and 'body' would do it
for him, frankly? He lies I suspect. That's just to start.

Sincerely. Nothing would *do it* for him, but that 'it's' sent
back for additional analysis. He would continue to demand
further analysis until 'it' was either proven wrong, however
ephemerally, or he was checked into a rubber room and thorozined
to incontinence.

Stanton Friedman believes we are not served by our ignorance in
these matters. I suspect that Dr. Shermer believes we are.
That's why he'll lose the debate.

Moreover, with regard to Dr. Shermer: I feel all his points are
based on ignorance, misinformation and apparent will to promote
these things. Who did he cite but fellow axe grinders? Axe-
grinders handily blown away by Friedman already, Clancy and
Pflock spring to mind... but forget that.

Asked who tries to cleave to the closest science one can only
give Stanton Friedman that nod. There's some irony, on the
surface at least. Dig shallowly to find there's no irony,
really, at all.

And did you notice, reader? At 27:33 remaining in the fourth
hour... Dr. Shermer made still one more reference to an anal
probe. What _is_ it with Dr. Shermer and anal penetration?

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