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Re: The Fermi Paradox

From: Ray Dickenson <r.dickenson.nul>
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2007 15:52:09 +0100
Archived: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 15:54:12 -0400
Subject: Re: The Fermi Paradox

>From: Michael Tarbell <mtarbell.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 18:16:31 -0600
>Subject: Re: The Fermi Paradox

>>From: Edward J O'Connell <ejayo.nul>
>>To: ufoupdates.nul
>>Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 11:25:05 -0400
>>Subject: Re: The Fermi Paradox


>>The UFO record suggests to me like we are under a leaky


>My primary concern with the Leaky Quarantine or Leaky Embargo
>hypothesis is the enforcement issue. It seems to imply a certain
>technological and evolutionary 'parity' amongst the parties,
>such that they all (or at least, the most advanced / powerful)
>are not only able to communicate with each other, but moreover
>enter into some kind of 'pact' to abide by and enforce the

>The vast span of time since planetary formation began, and the
>implied potential for billions+ years of disparity between ET
>civilizations, raises the question of what level of control the
>'cops' would realistically have. I should think that some
>fraction of the pool of ET cultures would be well outside the
>'jurisdiction' of any such authority, utterly unconcerned with
>their 'enforcement' powers, and pretty much doing whatever they
>please. Are all such cultures (and their physical traces)
>imperceptible and/or incomprehensible to us? Possibly so.

Hi Mike and Jay,

Good points, and you only have to look at what actually happens
to `reservations' (of native peoples) or `protected wild-life
areas' etc, for an analogy to what might be happening here.

In almost all instances, less than altruistic `entrepreneurs' -
 hooch traders, gun-runners, poachers, and downright thieves and
murderers, have intruded on what they see as easy pickings.


Ray D

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