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Re: CE3 Alien Types

From: Dimitris Hatzopoulos <dhatz-ufo.nul>
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 23:21:45 +0300
Archived: Sat, 04 Aug 2007 13:13:12 -0400
Subject: Re: CE3 Alien Types

In light of the recent discussion about the place of origin of
the UFO occupants, how about attempting a typology based on the
CE3 cases witness descriptions?

I found intriguing the apparent similarities between (listed in
chronological order, as SOM101 was received in Mar-1994):

1/ CE3 Caponi, Italy 1993 (photos and story)

2/ Majestic-12 SOM1-01 description of EBE Type I

3/ CE3 Varginha, Brazil 1996 (for which A.J. Gevaerd said there
are over 80 direct first-hand witnesses)

There are many Web pages on the Caponi and Varginha cases, I
list several sources at:


Look at the Caponi pictures at:


The Varginha case witnesses talk about "oily brown skin", "very
small hands with three extremely long fingers", "huge veins
running down its neck" (perhaps the tubes seen in Caponi's
photos?). There is a different in the description of length of
arms and legs, but the being seen by the 3 girls at Varginha was
seen in "kneeling" position (which incidentally is also how
Caponi's sketch depicts it). Apparently the Caponi being is
wearing a jumpsuit and "helmet" in all but the last photo.

MJ12 SOM010 (which I don't find very convincing, but which the
MJ12 researcher's website rates with the highest rate of
confidence) describes EBE-Type-I with a round cranium, chalky-
yellow pebbled skin, 4 long digits and legs which are bowed and
proportinally large.

Dimitris Hatzopoulos

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