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There's Life Out Among The Stars

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Subject: There's Life Out Among The Stars

Source: Cowichan Valley News Leader - Duncan, British Columbia,


Aug 04 2007

There's Life Out Among The Stars

By Peter Rusland
News Leader Pictorial

Does extraterrestrial life exist?

"My feelings are an optimistic yes," answers Dr. Greg Arkos of
Malaspina University-College's physics, engineering and
astronomy department.

He explained why during the recent annual Island Star Party at
the Victoria Fish & Game club's grounds on the Malahat summit.

But Arkos' fact-packed lecture wasn't populated with little
green men, abductions and UFO photos.

He's a show-me kind of guy who backs his beliefs with numbers.

"Consider the (low) odds we're alone given the billions of stars
in the sky," he said, after laying out theories of galactic
life, scientific summations and earthly advances over the

Arkos' effective power-point presentation showed how innumerable
stars =97 perhaps surrounded by planets =97 appear in a tiny
seemingly empty patch of black sky near the Big Dipper when seen
through the massive Hubble telescope.

He also reports some 240 planets that may support life have been
mapped "and we're finding more all the time."

"That's a huge boost to the idea of extraterrestrial life."

But communicating with those beings and traveling to visit them
=97 or proving they're visiting us =97 is a whole other matter in
Arkos' world.

Given space ships that can travel light speed, "aliens with
space craft could zip around the galaxy, but we see no evidence
of aliens next door."


"Maybe we are it; maybe aliens don't travel; or maybe other
civilizations exist but they're not allowed to interfere with

Arkos returns to the odds of life on other planets given many
are known to contain water, nitrogen, CO2 and other vital
building blocks.

"It seems like life's ingredients are all around us."

He also points to seemingly inhospitable environments right here
on Earth where life manages to exist: hot springs, deserts,
Antarctica, and ocean-floor black smoker holes.

"Life adapts," says Arkos, postulating life could get a toehold
at various points in the heavens.

The fact humans haven't heard from aliens doesn't surprise Arkos
given universal time, space and distances.

"We haven't rung their phone yet," he says of the small amount
of time since we sent out radio waves in the past decades years.

Arkos says aliens would need some sort of numerical system to
understand human contact.

But he points to hieroglyphics and animal communications as
proof the complex can be grasped.

However, Arkos stops way short of believing in UFO sightings,
the Roswell (New Mexico) alien photos and other stories.

"Roswell was probably a military test ground," he states, noting
90 per cent of UFO sightings can be explained.

"Nobody has ever found a piece of alien metal, corpses,

Ultimately, finding and talking to alien life is a matter of
money for the right technology.

"Funding's the main problem," he says after outlining how the
Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence project has come up

Still, scientists using the Drake Equation =97 parameters that
support the possibility of life =97 calculate there are some 100
civilizations in our Milky Way that could communicate with us,
fueling Arkos' cautious extraterrestrial optimism.

"People want to believe but I can't until there's evidence."

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