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UFOs Or Too Many Cold Beers?

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Date: Mon, 06 Aug 2007 17:00:17 -0400
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Subject: UFOs Or Too Many Cold Beers?

Source: The First Post.Co.UK


August 6, 2007

UFOs -- Or Too Many Cold Beers?

UFOs were spotted across southern England yesterday.

Sean Thomas checks out the theories

Early yesterday morning, several people across England - in
Bristol, Herefordshire, Norfolk and elsewhere - saw UFOs in the
night sky.

Some called Radio 5 Live to report their experiences. All spoke
of weird light effects. Some saw singular star-like objects.
Others saw a parade of orbs. One eye-witness captured his
sighting on camera.

Already various theories have been advanced - and shot down. The
first and most obvious answer was meteorites. Patrick Moore, the
veteran TV astronomer, was unimpressed. He thought the lights
were unlikely to be 'astronomical' - because the witnesses had
not seen contrails and other phenomena associated with meteor

Another theory doing the rounds yesterday was that the lights
were 'Chinese lanterns'. This solution is credible. Early on
Sunday morning, partygoers at the Big Chill Festival in the
Malverns released illuminated balloons into the sultry night

The witness who posted his film on YouTube shot it in the Forest
of Dean, quite close to the Malverns. But this answer ignores
the many eye-witnesses spread across southern England.

The same problem attaches to a third explanation: that the
lights were fireworks. You'd need quite a rocket to get from
Norfolk to Shropshire. Another idea - a satellite breaking up -
 doesn't square with the drifting motion of the objects.

A final theory is secret military experiments. This sounds
ludicrous, but according to UFO-logists a similar flap in
Ireland last year was provoked by just that.

What is the real answer? Maybe midsummer madness - or too much
cold beer. This weekend in England was the hottest of the year
so far.

[Thanks to Stuart Miller of http://uforeview.net/ for the lead]

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