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Angler Says He Was Buzzed By UFO

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Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 09:43:42 -0400
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Subject: Angler Says He Was Buzzed By UFO

Source: The Northampton Chronicle - UK


10 August 2007

Angler Says He Was Buzzed By UFO

Chronicle & Echo readers have been recounting the times they
spotted a UFO in the sky above Northamptonshire after the
Ministry of Defence revealed there have been dozens of sightings
in the county in the past decade.

One reader said he saw UFOs on two occasions in the late 1970s
and early 1980s. A keen angler, he was fishing at Weston Favell
Mill one evening when he noticed a large bright light,
travelling erratically in his direction.

The light dimmed as a light aircraft approached, but then began
moving again.

"It never regained the brilliance as before, but as it
approached, it resolved itself into an opaque yellow-orange
ball," he said.

"It passed overhead, not a sound could be heard. And what's
more, it wobbled in flight. Unlike the aircraft that I would see
all the time, this object would not fly in a straight line; it
wobbled from side to side in its forward motion."

Several months later the same reader was fishing in Midsummer
Meadow when he spotted another UFO.

He said: "To start with I thought it was another aircraft. From
the side all that could be seen was an oval-shaped fuselage and
an orange-red glow from the rear. I quickly realised there was
no sound from the craft, which was no more than two hundred
yards away."

A pensioner from Spinney Hill, Northampton, who worked in the
aircraft industry, told MoD officials he had seen four small,
star-sized and rust-coloured objects travelling at immense speed
and swerving in front and behind each other, while walking his
dogs in Barnes Meadow in September 2003.

Despite questioning MoD officials, the pensioner remains
mystified by what he saw.

He said: "I just wish someone would tell me what it was."

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