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Gathering Draws Hundreds Hungry For UFO Evidence

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Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 13:16:07 -0400
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Subject: Gathering Draws Hundreds Hungry For UFO Evidence

Source: CBS-TV 4 - Denver, Colorado, USA


Aug 11, 2007

Gathering Draws Hundreds Hungry For UFO Evidence
Motto Is To 'Lift The Lid On UFO Secrecy'

Mike Hooker

(CBS4) DENVER --If you tell a group of people you believe in UFOs
you might get some funny looks, but not at a gathering at the
Marriott Denver Tech Center this weekend.

More than 500 people are in the city for the annual
International UFO Symposium, hosted by the Mutual UFO Network.
The motto of the event is "lifting the lid on UFO secrecy."

UFO investigators, or UFOlogists, say they're not prone to
believe every flying saucer story they hear. Still, they say the
photos and reported sightings are hard to ignore: they could
possibly be secret military inventions or alien visitors.

Investigator Sam Maranto told CBS4 at the symposium that he's
had six personal UFO encounters.

"I'm more than convinced," Maranto said. "I've had my own
sightings. There is something going on. What exactly,
specifically? I can't say."

Kathleen Marden's aunt and uncle, Betty and Barney Hill, said
they were abducted by aliens in 1961. Marden studied hypnosis
tapes of their story and became convinced.

"There was that 'Aha!' moment," Marden said.

James Carrion, the president of the 2,500 member Mutual UFO
Network, says he has studied the evidence surrounding the
possibility of UFOs with scientific skepticism.

"(I) went to the body of evidence and thought, 'Whoa!' There is
absolutely something here. This is a real phenomenon. We don't
know what it is, but it's absolutely real."

Carrion's organization, nicknamed MUFON, investigates reports of
UFOs from across the country. They say they get about 200
reports each month. Ten to 15 percent of those reports turn out
to be something unidentifiable, he said.

"It would be much easier to think that we were really not being
visited and that people were not really being abducted. It would
make the earth a much easier place to deal with, but I thing the
fact is we are being visited," Kathleen Marden said.

Richard Dolan, a historian and speaker at the conference, said
he's seen hundreds of government documents that show "some
serious stuff going down at nuclear missile bases."

Dolan says there's plenty of records that indicate mysterious
objects have come in and disabled US nuclear missiles.

"When you have a government telling you over and over that
there's nothing going on, some people are predisposed to believe
that. Others are not so predisposed to believe."

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