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Re: Crop Circles To Be Debated

From: Paul Scott Anderson <paulscottanderson.nul>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 21:12:38 -0700
Archived: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 09:54:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Crop Circles To Be Debated

>From: Jim Deardorff <deardorj.nul>
>To: ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sat, 11 Aug 2007 16:25:59 -0700
>Subject: Re: Crop Circles To Be Debated

>A key argument for the inability of any hoaxing team to have
>produced any of the really complex, awe-inspiring CC formations
>of the past 15 years is the failure of any one of them ever to
>come forward and claim credit for it, and offer to show the
>media some afternoon just how they did it, and come through on
>such an offer by showing how they did it without making any
>mistakes. They know they would not be able to do this, so they
>do not offer to do it. Negative skeptics have to claim that the
>hoaxers of the really grand designs are so very modest that they
>never wish to reveal who they are. I don't buy any such claim as
>being realistic or psychologically reasonable.

Some of the hoaxing teams in the UK are actually well known to
some of the researchers there. They _have_ done some
demonstrations in recent years, witnessed by some of the
researchers. While usually done in daylight (or at night with
floodlights in one case) they have at least shown what their
capabilities actually are, which are rather impressive. This
doesn't prove they make all the formations, but many researchers
now agree that they are probably responsible for a good number
of them, in more recent years. Nancy Talbott has also reported
that it is well known now that some farmers have agreed to have
formations made in their fields, for monetary reasons.
Circlemaking has become a business there.

>A related argument is that no fields are found or reported in
>which a hoaxing team repeatedly practiced making one of the
>grand CC formations before the final one of the same appearance

I agree though that these 'practice formations' seem to be rare
or almost nonexistant. But, some formations do have obvious
mistakes in them and some are just really bad...

But then there are some, like these recent ones for example,
whose perfection is amazing:


This one, as a known man-made example, was commissioned this
summer by National Geographic:


>Of course, the lack of any reports of the hoaxers being at work
>at night, when grand CC patterns are laid down, adds to the
>above arguments.

On occasion, hoaxers have indeed been caught making formations
at night. Saying that they haven't is misinformation which
continues to be perpetuated.

Apart from all this though, there is still good evidence for a
genuine phenomenon, of both simple and more complex formations,
in various countries. Human hoaxing has just overshadowed this
and much of the serious research being done, unfortunately.

Paul Scott Anderson

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

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