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Re: Police 'Copter Chased UFOs?

From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 13:03:07 -0300
Archived: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 12:51:20 -0400
Subject: Re: Police 'Copter Chased UFOs?

>Source: The Nottingham Evening Post, Nottinghamshire, UK


>11 August 2007

>Police 'Copter Chased UFOs?

>Conspiracy theorists jammed the message board of the Evening
>Post website after we revealed the Ministry of Defence has
>recorded ten UFO sightings in Notts since 1999.

>However, the story is perhaps even more sinister than the Post's
>suspicious online correspondents were aware.

>Details of these 'encounters of the third kind' were released
>under the Freedom of Information Act.

>They included bright and coloured lights, often in odd geometric

>Interestingly, one of the objects was reported to be travelling
>at the "speed of an arrow" [about 190mph].

>An incident on April 15, 2002 at 3.30am, in Nottingham, is
>recorded as "three silver triangular objects in a triangle
>formation. Closely followed by the police helicopter".

>One might expect the police to have some record of this
>incident, since the Helicopter Support Unit logs every call out.
>But strangely, the records for 2002 are not available.

>According to staff at the unit, the computer programme, which
>stored the information, was developed by a member of staff, who
>unfortunately suffered a stroke.

>Apparently as a result of his illness, the man could not
>remember the password.

>"All our records for that particular year are on a programme we
>no longer have access to," said a spokesman, who perhaps
>unsurprisingly in the circumstances, did not want to be named.

As usual, the public's [including the media] ignorance of how
aviation works completely overlooks the police pilot's logbook.
Unless he too had a stroke and couldn't remember where he put
it. There's also the aircraft's own journey log - a written
document - that has to be maintained meticulously. So there are
two sources right there that can be accessed.

Don Ledger

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