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Re: CE: Schmitt On Haut Affidavit

From: Dennis Balthaser <truthskr.nul>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2007 10:32:52 -0600
Archived: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:41:46 -0400
Subject: Re: CE: Schmitt On Haut Affidavit

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>Subject: CE: Schmitt On Haut Affidavit

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>Subject: Details On Haut Affidavit - Finally


>When Walter was video taped on his "historic record" by Wendy
>Connors and Dennis Balthaser, he never was told in advance that
>they would ever touch on the subject of Roswell. The agreement
>was to discuss the pre-Roswell years from his youth up till that
>time. When they crossed that line it is abundantly clear that he
>was getting more agitated by the second and wanted no part of
>it. Mark Rodeghier was quick to point out "how pressured Walter
>was and how he finally succumbed to leading questions." Walter's
>demeanor becomes more and more perturbed as he looks down and
>his fingers tapped faster and faster across the chairs armrests.
>Rodeghier felt that the video was worthless on those merits
>alone. We agreed.

With all the questions that have been raised about Walter Haut's
2002 affidavit, released in Schmitt and Carey's book Witness To
Roswell during the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, I
for one am glad to see that the authors have finally decided to
explain "some of the questions raised" since the affidavit was
made public.

In Don Schmitt's description about the video tape of Walter
Haut, Wendy Connors and I did on Nov. 15, 2000, I must set the
record straight pertaining to his first sentence above.

Schmitt wrote, "He never was told in advance that they would
ever touch on the subject of Roswell."

That statement by Schmitt is totally untrue, as I have a copy of
the 6 page typed agenda used to interview Walter on videotape by
Wendy and I, which was approved by Julie (Walter's daughter)
prior to doing the interview. Julie in fact gave us some
questions to ask her Dad which we added to the agenda.

The topics to be discussed were; Pre-military, Military - which
included many questions and comments about the Roswell Incident
- and After Military. We explained to Walter on tape that we
would not sell the video interview, the museum could sell it if
they desired to do so, but would use it and share the
information with other serious researchers. We also agreed to
give Julie 10 copies for family members which we did.

So both Julie and her father Walter Haut were aware, upfront, of
what would be discussed and for what purpose prior to and during
the interview.

In the thousands of times Walter had been interviewed, the
Roswell Incident was always the topic, whereas we took it
further and included an oral history of a man that had a
fascinating life, in addition to his involvement in the Roswell
Incident. He had made a critical statement to a French film crew
and we wanted to have that same statement for historical value.

As a full-time 'volunteer' at the UFO Museum from 1996-1998, I
had discussions with Walter on a daily basis and had the utmost
respect for him.

Within 24 hours of Walter passing, Julie mailed a 'threat'
letter dated 12-16-05 to Wendy and I, stating that we were never
to make the information on the videotape public; this on a video
that Wendy and I have a legal copyright to! Additionally, we
were instructed not to discuss any conversations we _ever_ had
with Walter in the past.

The reason Wendy and I decided to do the interview in the first
place was because during the taping of a documentary for a
French film crew that Wendy and I were involved in, we overheard
Walter state to the interviewer that he had seen a body. It was
decided that the interview would not only be about that comment
Walter made publicly, but also as an oral history about Walter
for historical value and for his family.

Prior to the video interview, Julie was invited to sit in on the
entire interview if she wanted, but did not.

I agree with Mr. Schmitt's comment that Walter was pressured at
times for certain information by Wendy during the video
interview, but she was trying to get the information we had
previously heard him state, and quite possibly some of the
information on the taped interview agrees with the 2002
affidavit. Determining whether General Ramey was in Roswell for
a meeting with Blanchard, Marcel, Haut and others remains of
utmost importance, and is being researched.

Walter's affidavit is of importance, but I feel comments such as
Don Schmitt's above and some made by Julie need to be curbed,
and hopefully the List now has some background on the video
interview Wendy Connors and I did in 2000.

Dennis Balthaser


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