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Re: CE: Schmitt On Haut Affidavit

From: David Rudiak <drudiak.nul>
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Archived: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 15:54:47 -0400
Subject: Re: CE: Schmitt On Haut Affidavit

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>Subject: Re: CE: Schmitt On Haut Affidavit

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>>Subject: CE: Schmitt On Haut Affidavit

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>>Subject: Details On Haut Affidavit - Finally


>>When Walter was video taped on his "historic record" by Wendy
>>Connors and Dennis Balthaser, he never was told in advance that
>>they would ever touch on the subject of Roswell. The agreement
>>was to discuss the pre-Roswell years from his youth up till
>>that time. When they crossed that line it is abundantly clear
>>that he >>was getting more agitated by the second and wanted
>>no part of it. Mark Rodeghier was quick to point out "how
>>pressured Walter was and how he finally succumbed to leading
>>questions." Walter's demeanor becomes more and more
>>perturbed as he looks down and his fingers tapped faster and
>>faster across the chairs armrests. >Rodeghier felt that the
>>video was worthless on those merits alone. We agreed.

>Schmitt wrote, "He never was told in advance that they would
>ever touch on the subject of Roswell."

>That statement by Schmitt is totally untrue, as I have a copy
>of the 6 page typed agenda used to interview Walter on videotape
>by Wendy and I, which was approved by Julie (Walter's daughter)
>prior to doing the interview. Julie in fact gave us some
>questions to ask her Dad which we added to the agenda.

>The topics to be discussed were; Pre-military, Military -
>included many questions and comments about the Roswell
>Incident - and After Military.


>The reason Wendy and I decided to do the interview in the first
>place was because during the taping of a documentary for a
>French film crew that Wendy and I were involved in, we
>overheard Walter state to the interviewer that he had seen a
>body. It was decided that the interview would not only be about
>that comment Walter made publicly, but also as an oral history
>about Walter for historical value and for his family.


>I agree with Mr. Schmitt's comment that Walter was pressured
>at times for certain information by Wendy during the video
>interview, but she was trying to get the information we had
>previously heard him state, and quite possibly some of the
>information on the taped interview agrees with the 2002
>affidavit. Determining whether General Ramey was in Roswell for
>a meeting with Blanchard, Marcel, Haut and others remains of
>utmost importance, and is being researched.

Dennis and List,

Just for the record, below is my transcript of the relevant
portions of the 2000 oral interview concerning Ramey at Roswell
and Haut seeing a body and craft in a hangar. Afterwards, I'll
compare it with the 2002 affidavit.

As can be seen in the transcript, Wendy Connors (abbreviated as
WC) is asking questions based on her understanding of previous
comments by Haut. So Wendy does most of the talking and Haut
comes off as a somewhat taciturn, reluctant respondent to these
particular probes by Wendy. I got the impression that he
deliberately did not want to respond in detail, but he did
confirm what Wendy was asking him and certainly did not deny it.


WC: The next day Roger Ramey and Dubose, his aide, comes to
Roswell. As you have told me in previous interviews, you all
gathered in the conference room-Blanchard was there, Ramey,
Dubose, you, and several others-but you have never gone into
detail on what was discussed, other than you did tell me that
General Ramey wanted this thing stopped. And the last time we
talked, when I asked you if this was a real flying saucer, if
this was a real body, you said yes, that Roger Ramey lied, it
was not a weather balloon. Do you remember what the discussion
was in the conference room? Was Ramey upset with Colonel
Blanchard? Or did they just kind of put all their heads together
and say this is the best way to put the stop to this

HAUT: I wasn't privy to a lot of the information that went back
and forth between Ramey and Blanchard. I would assume that when
they got together they discussed this, with nobody else around,
and decided that the best way to do that is this. Let's get the
news media in here and let's just tell them our side of it, and
let it go at that.

WC: Let me get back to you're all in the conference room, and
Ramey's there, Dubose is there, obviously Colonel Blanchard had
been talking on the phone to General Ramey over that evening,
and the next day Ramey and Dubose show up, and as you said, you
were all in the conference room. Was it in the conference room
that Ramey decided to deny that this was a flying disc and it
was a weather balloon? Was the cover story done there in the
conference room?

HAUT: The fact that I was the public relations officer and
involved with this, I felt that I had to pay a lot of attention.
When you're a first lieutenant and here's a general here, and
there's a couple of colonels there, and lieutenant colonels over
there, and you're sitting here, the only field grade officer,
you kinda feel about that big!

WC: Well, I can understand that, but I want to get inside you. I
think if I was the PIO and Colonel Blanchard had told me to
release this story, and then all of a sudden here are the big
boys with stars on their shoulders showing up, you're all in the
conference room, and you know that you're going to have to pay
attention, just like you said, to what they're saying and what
they want because the public relations part that comes from it
is going to come back on you and you're the one who's going to
have to be answering the questions, through the media. Not much
came, because obviously, as we know from history, it was pretty
much dropped at that point. But you had to be prepared for that.
So that's what I'm asking and assuming that that there is where,
in the conference room, you're all in there, and Ramey is
discussing this is how we're going to kind of keep this very
quiet so that higher authority can handle it. Is that what

HAUT: Pretty much so. I couldn't find anything to nitpick on it.

WC: When I was here a few months ago, when the French film crew
was here, where we talked about the saucer itself, the disc, the
flying disc itself, and the body. At that time you told me that
you had not observed the body up close, that you were.you felt
you were about 20 feet away from it, that the body was partially
covered with a tarp, and it was next to the disc, the saucer
itself. I have two questions. One, was the disc in so many
different pieces or was it pretty much all together, but maybe
broken in pieces? When you observed the disc, what did it look

HAUT: I would venture a guess that probably a diameter of
somewhere around 25 feet.

WC: But even though you didn't go right up to the body, I'm
assuming from what you told me, as you weren't close enough to
smell the body, but that you were probably, to the best of your
recollection, you were within approximately 20 feet of the body,
which isn't really not that great of a distance. There's two
parts to this question. One, there was only one body? What did
that body look like?

HAUT: It was a relatively small body, comparable to ah, oh maybe
a eleven-year-old, ten or eleven-year-old child. It was pretty
well beat up.

WC: To make sure I've got this from a historical perspective,
this is just two point-blank questions. First, you're saying
that the recovery of the body, there was only one?

HAUT: (Long pause) I don't think so. (pause) I thought there
were several bodies.

WC: When you saw the body in the hangar partially covered with
the tarp, you only saw the one.

HAUT: Yes.

WC: OK. Now my next point-blank question is, and you had already
told me this before, that, and you looked right at me and you
said, "Hey, Roger Ramey lied. This was no weather balloon!" And
you were very implicit about that. From the best of your
recollection, they had a disc. And maybe it was in several
pieces, but altogether laying there was approximately 20, 25
feet in diameter. This was not scattered from pillar to post.
They had instrumentation. They really had a disc!

HAUT: That's my remembrance.

WC: But overall, you're very comfortable with you saw one body
and this disc object.

HAUT: Yes. (?? more like a mumbled affirmation)

HAUT: That you know. There's no question in your mind. That's

(Goes on to asking questions about knowing Major Marcel.)


There are some differences with the 2002 affidavit, which also
went into more detail, but nonetheless in 2000 Haut did verbally
confirm key points about seeing a small body next to the craft
and Ramey and chief of staff Dubose being at Roswell discussing
the cover-up.

Key differences were the affidavit having Haut seeing "a couple
of bodies" instead of one and giving different dimensions for
the craft. In 2000 he guesses it may have been 25 feet in
diameter, but the affidavit has it as "12 to 15 feet in length,
not quite as wide, about 6 feet high, and more of an egg shape."
Haut doesn't provide a shape in his interview, though Wendy
Connors kept referring to it as a disc. It was unclear whether
the craft was intact or broken into pieces.

Carey and Schmitt have several other witnesses describing a
smaller, egg- or oval-shaped craft, including a number of
civilians seeing the covered object being driven on a flat-bed
truck through the center of Roswell on the afternoon of July 8.
Since Don Schmitt apparently drafted the affidavit based on what
he says were Haut's various comments to him over the years (with
Haut carefully reviewing and then signing it with Schmitt not
present), an important question in my mind is whether Haut
actually gave this description to Schmitt or whether Schmitt
based it on the other witnesses. Alternatively, maybe Haut in
2000 was deliberately not being fully candid in 2000 about what
the craft looked like. Nonetheless, in both interview and
affidavit, Haut confirms a craft being recovered and seeing it,
regardless of shape or dimensions.

Then there is the discrepancy between one body and several. Haut
told Connors that it was his understanding that there were
several bodies, but when Wendy pressed him about the actual
number that he personally saw, Haut confirms that he only saw
one. However, again, regardless of the number he personally saw,
Haut is saying in both interview and affidavit that he was a
body eyewitness. In both he describes the size as about that of
a 10-year-old child.

Thus the main point remains that Haut was claiming to be a
body/craft and cover-up eyewitness (with Ramey at the base at a
meeting with Haut present) going back to at least 2 years before
the 2002 affidavit.

David Rudiak

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