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Re: Brad Sparks' 'Forthcoming' Roswell Revelations?

From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2007 22:19:31 EDT
Archived: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 21:05:02 -0400
Subject: Re: Brad Sparks' 'Forthcoming' Roswell Revelations?

>From: Anthony Bragalia <envcol.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 20:01:28 -0400
>Subject: Brad Sparks 'Forthcoming' Roswell Revelations?

>Brad Sparks MUFON Symposium Proceedings paper on MJ-12
>hints at tantalizing and potentially very valuable new Roswell
>information. He is very brief in these revelations, which could
>easily go unnoticed without careful reading. Perhaps Brad may
>speak more directly to them here. To my knowledge this
>information has never been mentioned or published by any other

I think that is correct, no other researcher has ever mentioned
or published anything like this. The skeptics will not tolerate
anything but a Mogul balloon. Roswell proponents will not
tolerate anything less than alien bodies and crashed spaceship.
Even something like "possibly extraterrestrial" is not good
enough for them. It can be right in front of their eyes and they
cannot see it.

Anything in between a Mogul balloon and an ET spacecraft is
completely invisible to skeptics and advocates alike, they
cannot see any evidence that falls in between even if they
should happen to come across it (as a few have), they will not
look for such evidence, and with virtually no exceptions they
will not help anyone else (such as me) look for such "in
between" evidence.

>Mr. Sparks states:

>"I must admit from my highly skeptical research that in 1949
>AFOSI was almost certainly responding to Roswell - for very
>compelling reasons I cannot get into here. There is in fact some
>weak, circumstantial evidence suggesting that it was a classic
>Roswell coverup."

>Where can we learn more about this revelation that AFOSI was
>"responding to Roswell" in 1949? In what way were they
>"responding" and why in 1949?

It may go back to 1947, before AFOSI was even established,
but the evidence becomes clearer in 1949. It is one small aspect
of the TOP SECRET U.S. government policy response to
Roswell, namely the coverup. It is part of my ongoing
investigation mentioned in the quote below. I tried for 6 years
to get help for my research but not until this year did I get the
help I needed.

>Also in the Proceedings is this Sparks nugget:

>"In 2000 while doing non-UFO-related research, Brad accidentally
>discovered the TOP SECRET U.S. government policy response to
>Roswell, which should not exist if Roswell was essentially a
>non-event. Brad is actively investigating this disturbing

>Can you tell us more about this "policy response" discovery you
>have made and why it is so disturbing?

It is an ongoing investigation that has really only been able to
get under way this year because no one wanted to support it. I
can't compromise the research by going into it here.

It is disturbing because I had thought of Roswell as a nothing
event, and because the idea the US Government took it so gravely
serious should be a disturbing revelation. One of our own
balloons (Mogul or otherwise) would not trigger any response at
all because it's one of ours.

>With the torrent of new Roswell revelations made this year,
>perhaps Brad would be willing to share his new information. And
>perhaps it will add to the evidence that Roswell was in fact an
>extraterrestrial event.

These "revelations" are just more of same, nothing much
different than what we had in 1980, everything dead-ends in
Roswell, New Mexico. The AF must be very happy that everything
dead-ends in Roswell and goes no farther. The few reports from
aerial bus drivers who should not be clued in on national
secrets in the first place go no nowhere as well.

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