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Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

From: Mary Castner <m.castner.nul>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 12:09:04 -0500
Archived: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 21:49:36 -0400
Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

I think we need a little clarification here.

First, Barry Greenwood never asked for his name to be removed
from the paper, though there is conflict about sections of the

Second, Barry and I started this project. Barry wrote the
original paper and was the lead author, not Brad. Brad likes to
claim he is the lead because Barry had the courtesy to list his
name first in the original since he was going to give the
presentation. I personally supplied vast quantities of research
material along with the Pandora files. Barry wrote up 27 pages
or so and Brad would get another five or six for his
conclusions. Pretty much the limit for a one hour presentation.

Third, I asked Brad to only present the paper originally as
Barry would not attend, but he wanted to be co-author so that
was agreed upon.

Fourth, Barry had a severe case of tendonitis in his right arm
and took him a while to write the paper as a painful process,
which he finally passed to Brad in mid-May, he immediately begin
to cut it up and told me he didn't like it and it was full of
issues that bothered him. Now I agreed there was information
that would be good to add (non AFOSI in body of text) and that
Barry's article was probably too general and not enough detail
and probably too much history. Barry's paper was geared to a
general reader and not an insiders presentation, which it

Fifth, after that neither Barry or I saw the paper again until a
couple of days before it had to go to press, though I asked a
number of times. When we finally got a copy it was greatly
expanded to ~70 pages and reorganized. However, most of the
AFOSI material that was suppose to be in Brad's conclusions was
in the body of the text. Brad proceeded to attack Barry's theory
of money motivation while at the same time gutting out
supporting material. Brad even claimed lawsuit for quoting
material and lack of references, etc. Not _once_ did Brad ever
ask me or Barry for a specific reference relating to what Brad
gutted out, except the "put the bread and butter on the table"
one by Moore and because Brad was so adamant that anything that
might support a money motivation theory not be included he
started screaming he didn't want to be sued and it couldn't be
included. Of course, you can't sue anyone for quoting and the 20
year old reference from CAUSE would have been provided.

Sixth, Barry thought it was too late to change as it had to go
to press, but I insisted we call James Carrion. Some material
could be added back into Barry's conclusions but he had to
hurry. Then at deadline Brad refused to allow a single paragraph
of Barry's material back into his conclusions and then telling
Barry basically his stuff was crap and that he (Barry) should be
grateful Brad removed it. After all he was doing this as a

I might remind Brad that originally he was only asked
to read the paper and would getting a free trip to the
conference and a chance to meet people on MUFON's dime. Not a
bad deal considering in the end he had a platform to present his
AFOSI theory, access to all the research material and finally
publication. I think Brad made out like a bandit.

I am going to restate this, Brad wanted to be co-author and
James Carrion went along with it because he thought the person
who read the paper should have some input. The argument
continued over a couple of days about a single paragraph to be
reinserted right down to the deadline hour and then Brad made a
vague threat and whinny complaint, "To think I did this as a
_favor_ to you and Mary - and I get dumped with a shitload of
abuse before I can even recover from weeks of all-nighters. You
should be thanking me for saving your ass from potential
litigation to say nothing of just sheer massive errors numbering
in the hundreds. I am going to sleep now and when I awake I had
better not hear one more peep of abuse about any of this."

Some gall, gutting a co-author's statements without permission
even if he didn't agree with the information, but that's what
the conclusions were for. MUFON wouldn't add Barry's material
back in without Brad's approval as co-author, though it was okay
for Brad to remove material without Barry's consent.

I understand MUFON was caught between a rock and the deep blue
on this one and the show had to go on. Barry understood that
too. Brad's claim of abuse is downright ridiculous.

As for weeks of all-nighters I remind Brad again he didn't have
to do this - only read the paper. It was Brad's decision to make
all these changes and he was also writing another book at the
same time and thus he put himself up against the wall. The
reality is Brad wanted his fingers in the pie. The reality is
Brad doesn't have a shred of proof this was an AFOSI activity
only speculations woven into a plot that many want to believe.
However, In fairness Brad added in some good non-AFOSI,
Moore/Doty/Pratt material and picked up the slack of doing the
references except those he didn't want to do and yours truly
also did lookups that Brad requested of me.

Seventh, at the same time Brad announced he wasn't going to read
the paper (too long anyway) and just briefly summarize the MJ-12
material and then go into the ufology community's problems about
accepting unauthenticated documents. A worthy topic in itself,
but that wasn't what people were paying to hear. At this point
nobody knew what Brad was going to present or what percentage of
what material and Barry said he didn't want his name on the
_oral_ presentation _if_ Brad was going off into his AFOSI
theory and unauthenticated documents as the main content of the
presentation and not the Pratt material. Fortunately, Brad saw
the light of day (maybe with a little help along the way) and
stuck to the Pratt material and did a faultless job of
presenting that material from what I hear.

Eighth, somewhere along the way Barry will present his view on
the new material and motivations. Motivations are important and
do have a baring on individuals behavior and actions.

Ninth, I bare some of the blame as my gut feeling was that Brad
and Barry wouldn't get along as co-authors. Brad has a way of
being strong headed and it's my way or the highway. Also, I was
asleep at the switch and not in tune with Barry's chronic pain
issue at the time. As a researcher on the project I could have
taken his paper and gone through it, adding references before
passing to Brad.

Tenth, Barry has reviewed what I am posting.

Mary Castner

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