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Re: Crop Circles Discussion

From: Paul Scott Anderson <paulscottanderson.nul>
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 06:27:37 -0700
Archived: Sat, 25 Aug 2007 10:43:05 -0400
Subject: Re: Crop Circles Discussion

>From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
>To:  ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 02:18:35 -0300
>Subject: Re: Crop Circles Discussion

>No, I asked where the intricate patterns were in dense forests
>similar to those found in easy to reach fields. The flattened
>areas you speak of are nothing like the snazzy glyphs of today.
>Those 300-500 foot diameter circles with the trees lying about
>in a radial pattern suggest some type of air burst to me,
>perhaps some sort of microburst from a rapidly disintegrating
>TCU. Get these trees at the right time during a rapid freezing
>and that can snap like twigs when this heavy, cold, descending
>vertical wind hits them.

It's possible they are from some airburst, sure, we just
documented them for what they were, unusual radially-flattened
trees in circular patterns. Again, the forestry experts I talked
to were unsure about their cause, but said that specific type of
'damage' is _not_ something typically seen around there.

>I'll read them. But consider this. I was as puzzled as anyone
>else when I started hearing about the larger crop depressions or
>circles back in the eighties. I thought there might have been
>some connection to the UFO phenomenon but time after time I read
>about hoaxes surounding the crop circle phenomenon. Was it Nancy
>Talbot [did I not read this recently] that discovered instances
>of famers in collusion with the boys with the boards for some
>financial gain.

Good. So you acknowledge you hadn't read them before? And in
your previous post today you said you hadn't heard of Terence
Meaden. You've just proven my point, that there is a lot about
this subject that you didn't know, yet whenever it comes it
comes up you tend to attack it as a bunch of nonsense. If you
don't even know about Terence Meaden, who first proposed a
possible natural yet previously unknown cause of the simpler
circles back in the 80s, then you need to go back and take the
Crop Circles: 101 class... his work was some of the most
significant (and debated) ever done.

Yes, it was Nancy Talbott who first told me that.

>We all have a bit of the Shirmer in us but I've not been
>Shirmerized, and I'm not putting words in your mouth. I've been
>disappointed with the hoaxing that has gone on in crop art. What
>I'm afraid of is that the phenomenon you embrace is considered
>to be part of the phenomenon that I embrace, by a large segment
>of the public and the media,  and that yours will ultimately
>collapse and drag, mine down with it.

Yes, you did put words in my mouth. Quote:

"You on the other hand seem to blindly accept these intricate
patterns as some phenomenon created by some extra terrestrial
intelligence despite the fact that many have been admittedly
hoaxed and that humans are just as capable of producing them
with boards, ropes and measuring tapes."

When I have _never_ said I believed that, and actually have
leaned in other directions for quite a few years now. By
intelligence I mean 'ET' as in spacecraft/UFOs; there are other
intelligence or conciousness-related experiences that are
possibly connected though, imo, and I've had some of those
myself (the 'premonitions' of formations on a couple or so
occasions, down to specific details, etc.). Other people I know
have had these as well, including Nancy Talbott, as she has
written about previously, having _witnessed_ formations happen
only a few hundred feet away from her.

It has already 'collapsed' in some respects, but not for those
who still contend that there is a genuine phenomenon among all
the 'noise' which has simply been overshadowed and ignored for
the most part.

The lesson here is that you should try to familiarize yourself
more with subjects like these before sounding off on them...


Paul Scott Anderson

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

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