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Telling Footprints Of Ray Stanford

From: Christopher O'Brien <cob.nul>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:54:20 -0400
Archived: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 14:51:21 -0400
Subject: Telling Footprints Of Ray Stanford


August 17, 2007 Baltimore Sun Article on Ray Stanford:



I'm a relative newcomer to the 'field' and have spent the better
part of fifteen years trolling for ufological data and
documenting a variety of unusual events in the San Luis Valley,

Like some of you, I've devoured books on 'the field' since I was
a kid and spent thousands of hours in the field interviewing
hundreds of witnesses of seemingly inexplicable, real events. A
select few of you have learned from the true pioneers of this
field - how to identify. Investigate and document legitimate
reports of the unusual. And we all probably agree that there is
no substitute for truly competent field investigation in any
scientific discipline.

Before my move to Arizona, Ray Stanford invited me to his and
wife Sheila's "living room museum". Having an interest in
dinosaur paleontology, after seeing his collection (and
listening to his analysis) I must agree with Dr. Matthew
Carrano, Curator of Dinosaurs at the Smithsonian's National
Museum of Natural History, who has publicly acknowledged
Stanford's collection and paleontological analysis as "extremely
important, even on a global scale." (Quote from the Sun 8-17-07

Dr. Carrano had been to the Stanford's home, seen his track
collection, and examined Stanford's soon-to-be-published new
genus and species of nodosaur, an armored dinosaur.

Another scientist, the author of an important book about
dinosasurs on the East Coast signed his book "To Ray=97Now that I
know you, this book is due for a big re-write!" Ray has even
been asked to add his nodosaur track to a display of infant
dinosaur tracks in the Smithsonian!
As to Ray Stanford's unparalled UFO research, I personally feel
Stanford has no equal. When his instrument-recorded evidence is
published (a very impressive part of it has been shown to me),
I'm sure its importance will be even greater than even his
impressive paleontological contributions, and that's a
conservative estimate.

Unfortunately, there are only a small number of truly competent,
exceptionally experienced field investigators left in ufology
and, over the decades, the field has featured only a few true

In IMHO, Ray Stanford stands head and shoulders above this
fractious field and I think it is about time that someone points
this out. There is no other person that I know of - period - that
can rival his fifty-plus years of instrumented UFO investigation
and his impressive cross-scientific knowledge in a variety of
scientific fields.

When armchair Ufologers cease passing the buck and start doing
physical science instead of acting like mere UFO anecdote
collectors, progress might be made in this field.

Christopher O'Brien
Author of: The Mysterious Valley Book series

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