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Don't Shoot The Messenger

From: James Carrion <jcarrion.nul>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 13:58:01 -0600
Archived: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 09:59:11 -0400
Subject: Don't Shoot The Messenger

I am surprised how that Brad Sparks is being maligned on this
List while the message of his MUFON Symposium talk has been
scarcely debated here. To borrow a phrase from Stanton Friedman:

If one can't attack the data, attack the people. It is easier...

If you take the time to read Brad s Paper and the Pratt
Sensitive Documents (both available for download at:


you will find something very interesting Bill Moore and Bob
Pratt discussing the plot and characters of a proposed fiction
novel where MJ-12 figures prominently.

In that conversation Moore remains fixated on the 1952
Eisenhower Transition period which also figures prominently in
the Eisenhower Briefing Document (EBD) that shows up in 1984 in
Sandera s mailbox. From Page 60 of the Pratt paper:

Moore: Well, that was '53... fully 11 months after the Robertson
Panel, and there were all sorts of doings and goings on between
the CIA and the NSC where the CIA was attempting to - it's not
clear which way it was going, whether the NSC was attempting to
get the CIA to take over things or whether it was vice versa.
I've never been quite clear, on who was trying to influence
whom, but if you read that message it is very confusing. And
especially when a lot of those documents make reference to
attachments which aren't there. So I have just sort of
conjectured that the NSC got control of it at the point in time
where Truman was ending his administration and Eisenhower was
beginning his. If you stop and think about the point in time of
the Robertson Panel, it happened just on that transition phase.
See, Truman had not run for reelection in '52, in November.
Eisenhower wins and takes office in January, January 20, and
you've got the Robertson Panel deliberating in there, and it
could .well be that somebody was trying to determine how to go
on with the change in administrations, which would have
presented a problem for that sort of a thing, especially if it
had gotten highly developed and the decision had already been
made that this has got to be kept locked tighter than a drum.
How then to deal with it with an incoming president whose
reaction is not certain. And that's a point that nobody's ever
brought up that I've heard in discussion. Nobody's ever noticed
that that date is a very interesting.

Pratt: The CIA has taken advantage of other changes of
administration to take control of things.

Moore: Of course and so it is entirely possible that there is more to
this business than meets the eye and that the Robertson Panel was
sort of a front to hide activities behind... Stan said that
recently Rickover said - I don't know how he got this - to somebody
at a dinner or something, "Yeah, we've got two saucers and a
couple of bodies and they're little brown creatures."...(Two
saucers. That's what we been getting consistently, that we've
two of them, that one's badly broken up and damaged and the other
is almost intact.

I find it highly strange that Moore is pursuing this line of
thought in 1982 and two years later the same plotline shows up
in the EBD.

I am not pro or con the existence of MJ-12 (or a similar group
with a different name), but I can say one thing for certain, the
Pratt Papers cast doubt on the authenticity of the EBD.

The EBD is too convenient a package when you add up Moore s
Roswell investigation and this proposed fiction novel. Of course
detractors will probably state that Moore had been previously
shown the EBD by one of his insider contacts, that he was
relaying factual data, and the 1984 release was more
appropriate since the last MJ-12 member had just keeled over.
Then again dead men can t sue for libel.

Bottom line, I don t condone personal attacks of any kind.

Please focus on the message and not the messenger.


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