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Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

From: Brad Sparks <RB47x.nul>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 19:21:08 EDT
Archived: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 11:34:51 -0400
Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>From: Mary Castner <m.castner.nul>
>To: <ufoupdates.nul>
>Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2007 09:46:01 -0500
>Subject: Re: New Revelations On Origins Of MJ-12

>You clearly _never_ intentioned to let me or Barry see the
>paper before it was sent to MUFON. The so-called co-author
>couldn't even get a copy for review until a couple of days
>before press, but you passed off the paper to Paul Kimball weeks

Your facts are hopelessly wrong again as usual. You falsely
charge that I gave Paul preferential treatment with reading
an advance copy of my draft "weeks" before even my own
co-author Barry. This is absolutely false and outrageous.

I submitted a partial draft "preview" on May 24, which you and
Barry received, less than two weeks after I had Barry's draft
suddenly thrust upon me. Paul got nothing at all until July 17.
How do you explain that?

I sent you and Barry a complete draft on July 11 and you even
sent back a copy with some line edits on July 11.

You were sending out copies of my draft for comments and review
on July 11 even before I sent anything to Paul on July 17 - how
is that possible if you and Barry allegedly got nothing till
"weeks" after Paul did?

I sent it to you and Barry on July 11 and you/he were already
commenting on it July 11, doing line edits July 11, more
comments on it July 13, 14 and 15, before I sent Paul anything.

Paul got absolutely nothing "weeks earlier". He got nothing
until a week _after_ you and Barry got it. On July 11 you and
Barry were already praising my draft as you emailed me:

"I'll say one thing whether AFOSI or money motivation or both
Barry said... 'There is no doubt that it is utterly destructive
to any thought that MJ-12 is real.' ...Haven't heard from Vic
yet. I forwarded to his work after calling him and telling him
you sent it out."

So, reading your last comment above, you were also sending out
copies of my draft for private review and comment on July 11
even _before_ I sent a thing to Paul on July 17. Talk about
throwing stones in glass houses!

Again more laudatory comments from you and Barry _before_ a damn
thing went to Paul. July 14 from Barry:

"a mythology is being created around UFOs and this paper is
clear evidence of that notion."

And you emailed on July 14, before anything was sent to Paul:

"I just finished reading the text last night.... Brad pointed
out a couple of things I though interesting a) UFOlogists are
basically spies in the militaries eyes ... b) turf battles
between branches of the military I knew about, but it finally
dawned on me UFOlogists are also viewed as infringing on their
turf c) there is still room for rogue agents in the since of
carrying out a mission to excess... and having personal
vendettas against ufologists if for no other reason then being a
thorn in their side."

I contacted Paul on July 17 for his last-minute input on the
Wilbert Smith connection since he had done extensive
investigation of Smith and the Smith Memo in Canadian archives
and he had produced a television documentary on MJ-12. There was
no time for anything else, just a lookover to see if in the rush
I had missed something important working day and night on the
MUFON Symposium article. I was looking for anything on the
Wilbert Smith Memo that I should mention and had missed because
of fatigue. I was not looking for line edits of grammar and
structure as these were like trying to hit a moving target as I
was myself doing extensive re-working hour by hour after the
July 11 draft I sent out.

You are forgetting to mention, as I pointed out before, that you
and Barry had 5 months from January to May 11 to work on the
article, then you dumped it on me at the last minute just before
the then May 15 deadline. You had 5 months and then gave me 4
days (and didn't tell me what the exact deadline was, but left
me groping in the dark unable to plan how much time I had to
work on the article).

You call that fair? You and Barry get 5 months but I get 4
days? What kind of "collaboration" is that where you two
withhold the most vital info, like exact deadline, the serious
problems one of two co-authors was having (Barry), the fact that
the co-author who was holding everything up for 4-1/2 months had
not produced a single footnote of documentation all the while
misleading the other about the contents he was or was not

Thankfully I was able to get time extensions that were specific
and not nebulously confused, and thankfully someone else was
even later in submitting their article to MUFON so we were not
the last and not holding it all up.

For 4-1/2 months you and Barry didn't give me even a partial
draft (till April 29) but you complain about a few days' or
weeks' delay with getting my draft when I was not ready since
you left me with almost zero time.

During those 4-1/2 months you concealed from me the fact that
Barry had tendonitis slowing down his writing. You and Barry
also concealed from me the fact that Barry was absolutely _not_
going to show up at MUFON with me, not just _probably_not_ going
to attend, thus misleading me into thinking there was a chance
that Barry would be there to help. I only find out in mid-July
that it was certain and conclusive that I was going to be the
only one at MUFON and the entire burden would all fall upon me.
Is that fair?

You two also concealed from me the fact that Barry was _able_ to
attend but was simply _refusing_ to show up at MUFON. You led me
to believe that Barry was _unable_ to attend. In fact, I only
find out in mid-July that Barry was saying that Walt Andrus and
Stan Friedman "did" something to him at the last MUFON Symposium
he attended, apparently some kind of ambush, but you didn't have
the courtesy or decency to let me know about this before I made
my decision on whether to help Barry out, so that I would know
all the facts beforehand. Instead you suckered me into taking
Barry's place at the MUFON podium all alone to take the potshots
that he was unwilling to face.

As I emailed you on May 25 and reiterated numerous times:

"no one was preventing you from putting in an email what James
told you on the phone about a May 15 due date. You deliberately
did not. Now you're just gonna have to wait a little while I try
to make up for all the work that could have been done the last 3
MONTHS but never was done. All this time I thought Barry was
making an effort to capture the data in the Pratt files and
analyze it, but NEVER SENT ME HIS DRAFT so I could see what it
was he was doing. Now I find out he was just doodling with the
data, playing games, filling space with irrelevancies."

Another email from me on May 25:

"For the past TWO MONTHS I thought Barry was systematically
going through the hundreds of pages of Pratt files selecting out
juicy items, writing up his take on each so we would have the
benefit of his 20+ years on MJ-12. I thought all those blizzards
of HUNDREDS of ... emails analyzing to death every little tidbit
piece of MJ-12 ... was going into Barry's master presentation,
that it wasn't wasted... but the good points were carefully
being preserved. Instead what came out was a VACUOUS REHASH of
boring and useless OLD MJ-12 history [instead of reporting on
the newly released Pratt files on MJ-12] and literary
gameplaying with loving to hear the sound of his own words about
"In the beginning man created MJ-12" blah blah blah."

"So now I am having to go back and do all the work that Barry
never did. Then you and Barry will try to nitpick every damn
thing to death when time is running out, after all the past two
months were already wasted, and now I get just a few days? A
week? What? You'll excuse if I don't have time for this game."

I put together the most heavily documented and footnoted article
in MUFON history but Barry didn't even have a single footnote of
his own, and refused to supply references I asked again and
again to support his own points. I am still waiting for the
references on Doty admitting he faked the Ellsworth document (I
think that is just false) and references and copy of the CAUS
article reporting some stray irrelevant remark by Bill Moore
about "putting bread on the table."

Well now you and Barry can present your own version of Barry's
MJ-12 greedy-rogue-agent theory in the MUFON Journal as James
Carrion offered you way back on July 15, but which you withhold
from readers here. I hope you can dredge up a single fact to
support greed motivation but I don't have much hope of that.
Barry has had 20 years to come up with evidence of greedy AFOSI
agents and has not. And he cannot refute the counter-evidence
(Doty not seeking out big bucks Hollywood producers like
Shandera, etc.).

The point still remains that the MJ-12 Eisenhower Briefing is
identified in the Pratt files as "the original Aquarius
document" - with its absurd Jesus-was-an-alien hogwash - in
1981-2, three years before the Eisenhower document ever showed
up in Shandera's mailbox in 1984, regardless of who hoaxed it or


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