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Re: Crop Circles Discussion

From: Paul Scott Anderson <paulscottanderson.nul>
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2007 06:29:40 -0700
Archived: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 11:06:57 -0400
Subject: Re: Crop Circles Discussion

>From: Don Ledger <dledger.nul>
>To:  ufoupdates.nul
>Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2007 14:15:39 -0300
>Subject: Re: Crop Circles Discussion

>I don't know what subjects - plural - you are referring to. We
>are talking about the subject of crop circles. I did for some
>time familiarize myself with the formations of these crop
>circles but became disenchanted when it was discovered that
>there was obvious hoaxing in their formation in more than a few
>cases. At that point I began to tune out. You yourself admitted
>to John Rimmer that you thought most were hoaxed.

Okay, that's part of the problem. Most people just tuned out
after Doug n' Dave came on the scene. The ones that continued to
investigate still found evidence that there was more to the
story... and just because some are hoaxed does not mean they all

>I don't need lessons to have an opinion about something I've
>looked into previously that to me has a high probability of
>being laid to rest as a man made phenomenon. I disregard all of
>the new video and digital camera evidence as hoaxed for the same
>reason, because it is now relatively easy to fake UFO photos.

You made statements about the subject as if they were known
facts, ones which I knew from experience were simply wrong. An
opinion is fine, but when you state these things as facts in an
attempt to disregard the phenomenon, that is misleading. You
sort of admitted there were some historical cases that you
hadn't heard of, and said you'd read them. What about the
scientific evidence?

>You seem to be selective with whom you get testy with. Rimmer is
>saying the same things I am but with him you show patience. I'll
>guarentee you he's less informed about the subject than I am.
>maybe you recognize that and that's the reason.

No, at least not intentionally, I just responded to specific
statements being made. Both of you are less informed than many
of the long-time circle researchers out there.

>The only reason I even bothered with this thread was because
>there was/is an attempt on your part to link trace cases to crop
>circles as some way to legitimize it and give it a birth right
>by somehow making this some smooth progression from small
>circles to the larger when in fact the early crop circle hoaxers
>used just this link to play upon amplifying it into something
>other than how the original depressions and swales were formed;
>by the hull of some anomalous craft.

You still don't get it. I'm not trying to connect the two
things, what I'm saying is that there is evidence for _another
class_ of circles or rings in vegetation which are _not_
connected to landing reports (trace cases). Most of the early
crop circle reports I am trying to tell you about did _not_ have
physical craft associated with them and did not show evidence of
heavy pressure, landing gear, burn marks, etc. as in typical
landing trace cases. They are also physically similar to the
simple circle and ring type 'classic' crop circles which are
still found today on some places. These also are almost never
associated with a landing craft. You and John just assumed that
any old crop circle cases I made reference to must actually be
landing trace cases. Why can there not be more than one cause or
origin for circles and rings?

If you also look at photos of many of the earliest documented
circles in England for example, they exhibit the intricate swirl
patterns (of various categorized types) still often seen today,
not simply crushed and sort-of swirled and/or burned plants seen
in landing traces.

>When I see a sophisticated 200 foot "crop" circle branded into a
>large stand of 45 foot spruce trees-without evidence of chain
>saw use-then you will have me convinced.

I'd like to see that too...


Paul Scott Anderson

Canadian Crop Circle Research Network

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