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Re: New Revelations on the Origins of MJ-12

From: Barry Greenwood <uhrhistory.nul>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 09:26:40 -0500
Archived: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 15:34:05 -0400
Subject: Re: New Revelations on the Origins of MJ-12 


The following paragraph, among others, was deleted without my
permission by Brad Sparks from the draft manuscript for the 2007
MUFON Symposium paper on Robert Pratt's records on the early
years of MJ-12. The information was originally reported in my
newsletter "Just Cause," September 1989, page 10, almost 20
years ago:

"After Moore released the first wave of MJ-12 documents in 1987,
CAUS, and particularly Larry Fawcett, spoke to Moore about
cooperation in researching the story in the form of filing FOIA
requests, etc. as an effort to flesh out information. Moore
rejected the offer, adding that he wanted to "put bread on my

The matter was never challenged by any of the original team of
Moore, Shandera and Friedman, though a lively debate continued
on for years concerning the reality of the MJ-12 documents in

Along with a slew of personal mischaracterizations and ad
hominems in his e-mails to me, Sparks claimed that this
paragraph was libelous and tried to frighten MUFON into
believing that they were liable for any damages that he
perceived would come of it. He forced MUFON into conceding to
his demand not to include this information in the paper or he
would not have delivered his speech.

I asked a key proponent in the original MJ-12 team who was
involved in a libel issue, Stanton Friedman, who had filed and
won a libel case in Britain against Jenny Randles, if this
information was libelous. His response, in an e-mail dated
August 23, 2007 was "No, I don't consider it Libelous..."

One might also check the following link:


For here you will find that even if libel did exist, which it
doesn't by any stretch, the statute of limitations would not
allow any action. Otherwise, Abraham Lincoln's relatives could
be suing newspapers for perceived slurs 144 years ago!

Also, for more background:


Judge for yourselves if this is libel. If not, then where is the
justification for trying to censor and silence me in the

Barry Greenwood

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