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SDI #447 - Twenty Questions

From: Alfred Lehmberg <alienview.nul>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 15:51:30 -0500
Archived: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 08:27:37 -0400
Subject: SDI #447 - Twenty Questions

SDI #447

20 Questions interestingly addressed by Joyce Aldrich, Dave
Furlotte, Michael J. Woods, and Alfred Lehmberg. As
painstakingly directed, transparently managed, if passionately
organized by Errol Bruce-Knapp - I mean seriously, you should
hear what was consigned to digital oblivion!:

1. Can Joyce Aldrich, a song herself apparently, belt out a Jazz
tune about UFOs?

2. How does David Jacobs take a lifelong "Contactee" with a
positive out-look and, in a few minutes pod-cast via Errol
Bruce-Knapp, transform her into a full-blown "Abductee" with the
fearful outlook characteristic of this category of experiencer?

3. How are abductees like a "Cassandra screaming from the walls
of Troy"?

4. What's the recently deceased Tom Snyder's connection to
Ufological taproot J. Allen Hynek?

5. Is animal activity often a first warning with regard to the
activity of UFOs?

6. Are power outages also an indicator of UFO activity?

7. What are Dr. Hynek's thoughts on whether or not project
"BlueBook" was a scientific exercise?

8. Did BlueBook officiators try to keep Hynek from the "good"
cases? Did they mislead him, misdirect him, and misadvise him?
Having hired him for his expert opinion, why?

9. Who was Reverend Bud Spriggs "Hell's Chaplain," and what was
his interest in UFOs?

10. Over the years, how often have police officers been involved
officially with UFOs in the performance of their duties?

11. Do the best educated and best informed of us... almost
invariably lead us astray, philosophically, intellectually, and
academically? Is this regarding pronouncements these
aforementioned worthies confidently make _about_ which they are
not academically, intellectually, and philosophically qualified?
Is _any_ information, of needs, required to be taken with the
proverbial shaker of salt?

12. What _is_ the UFO, MM, and JFK connection?

13. Granted Ernst [Nazi UFOs] Zundel is a bigoted nut, an
unenlightened racist, and an ardent revisionist qualifying anti-
 Semitism... should he be _imprisoned_ for his thinking? Will
Alfred Lehmberg righteously _eat_ the literary face of the
person suggesting Alfred Lehmberg is an anti-Semite? Should
Holocaust Denial be a punishable crime, or an ignorance to be

14. With regard to "little hairy people," is there legitimate
history regarding same as it pertains to the abduction

15. Are we "just getting by in a cruel and indifferent world"?

16. Are Alien beings ignored, denied, and denigrated by our
Government because Aliens don't have 'government' themselves...
and can provide or transfer to individual persons a method or
mechanism for achieving same?

17. Do the Canadians provide the "long arm" in space when
they're not trying to hold down their ration of "Tang" (TM)?
Does anyone else drinking that nasty beverage remember it as
fondly as does this 58 year old writer? ...Like drinking the
space program, wasn't it? Is Canada the future of same? Can
Dexter be trusted?

18. Is it to the Canadians, then, to be _first_ to discover life

19. Is it irony that Michael J. Woods regularly demonstrates
that he is the most scientifically grounded of any of us here at
SDI and is still well known as "The UFO Guy"?

20. Does the "Tin Foil Helmut" work... in _reverse_? Can beings
able to get here from another planet, time, or dimension...
_defeat_ tin foil?

...And sixty minutes remain! What's Lehmberg's reaction to Pal
Kimball speaking at this year's X Conference? What's up with
Haiti's YouTube video? What freaked out Michael J. Woods
regarding Dave Jacobs on SDI #446? How can Michael J. Woods
produce a hydraulic vacuum requiring Errol pay a cleaning bill?
What's up with Reverend Spriggs?

Ufological sensibilities empowered are the listener's own!
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