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Save The 'Salimbeni Sputnik' Painting

From: Elaine Douglass <edouglass.nul>
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2007 18:15:24 -0600
Archived: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 08:45:34 -0400
Subject: Save The 'Salimbeni Sputnik' Painting

A Message From Italy To The Worldwide UFO Community

Why does this magnificent Italian Renaissance masterpiece have
an object in it that looks like a space satellite?

[Image at:

www.save-san-pietro-montalcino.com/sputnik.htm ]

No-one knows, but there it is. And there's a problem, which is
why we are contacting you and other like-minded persons
throughout the world known to be interested in the UFOs. We are
the organization Save San Pietro of the village Montalcino in
Tuscany, Italy. The ancient church which houses the 'Salimbeni
Sputnik' =96 as the painting is sometimes known =96 is our church.
But the church is falling down, and the painting is
deteriorating. Nor can the painting be removed; it is fused to
the very wall of the church.

That is the problem, and it is urgent.

A Renaissance painting with an inexplicable technological object
in it, a 400-year old Italian art treasure =96 which appears to be
evidence of a hidden history of man's contact with advanced
extraterrestrial races =96 and it is deteriorating in a collapsing
church in an Italian village.

We need your help restore and preserve the painting. That is why
we are contacting you.

Save San Pietro has produced 1000 full color prints of the
painting which look just like the reproduction in this email. In
exchange for a donation to the restoration of the church and the
painting, we will send you one of these gorgeous prints. See
below for more details about the print, but first let us tell
you more about the painting.

It is huge, 240x360 cent. (120x180 in.), in oil, on silk, on a
wooden board framed in a golden arch. It was painted in the year
1600 by the Renaissance Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni. It is
a world-recognized masterpiece, catalogued in many books. Look
closely at the upper portion of the painting. The two robed
figures represent God and Christ, but what is that strange
object between them? Is it not a shiny metallic sphere? What are
those two rods attached to the sphere? Do they not look like
antennae? And what is the small round protrusion at the bottom
left of the sphere? Can you almost see, if not sense, the
presence of a lens? Is it a telescope? A telecamera?

Recall the sputnik satellite launched by Russia in 1956? The
metallic sphere in the painting is uncannily similar to the
Russian sputnik. Did Ventura Salimbeni see something in the sky
above Tuscany? What on earth, or in space, prompted him to
depict a sputnik among the Holy Trinity? We believe the painting
has significance beyond the confines of Italy and Italian art.

Does the 'Salimbeni Sputnik' have a message for the entire
world? We think it might, we hope you agree, and we hope you
will help us save it.

Let me tell you who we are and how we are working to save this
magnificent painting. Our organization is called 'Save San
Pietro' because the painting is in the Church of San Pietro. We
are a municipal organization of the village of Montalcino,
Tuscany, and we citizens have banded together to save our
historic church and Salimbeni's masterpiece.

The greatest immediate problem is the church itself. The roof is
in a bad state of repair and rain water has soaked into the
walls and the altar where Salimbeni's work sits. It is not a
free standing work. The painting is literally built into the
marble and plaster altar. Art restoration experts from Siena,
Italy have presented their report. The church can be saved, and
the painting can be returned to its former glory, but we must
act now! If the church roof collapses and we cannot save the
church, that will mean disaster for the painting. Both the
church and the painting must be saved and we need your help to
do it!

Save San Pietro has produced 1000 full colour, Limited Edition,
Numbered prints on high quality paper measuring 66x84 cent.
(33x82 in.) of the Salimbeni Sputnik. For a donation of US
$270.00 you will receive one of only 1000 of these Limited
Edition prints, Numbered and Authenticated. This is a real
collector's piece! If getting the print is not right for you at
this time, Save San Pietro would be extremely grateful for
contributions in any amount.

Please visit our website:


for more information about Salimbeni, the painting, the Church
of San Pietro, the village of Montalcino and our organization,
Save San Pietro. Then click at the bottom of the page for the
order form and details of how to make your donation. You can
help us save this 400 year old piece of art and become the owner
of one of only 1000 of these numbered prints depicting
historical evidence of human contact with advanced
extraterrestrial races.

As well, when our project is completed your name will be
inscribed on a plaque permanently mounted next to the
beautifully restored Salimbeni painting. Because we know you
care, we will also send you periodic email reports keeping you
informed about the progress of the restoration of the church and
the painting.

Visit our website! Read the expert opinions about this famous
painting, and on the web you'll find plenty by searching
Montalcino Sputnik, Explorer in Paradise or Satellite in

Guided by our President, Save San Pietro is a group of
volunteers drawn from the village of Montalcino. We have taken
on the work of raising the money to restore the church and the
inexplicable work of Salimbeni. We operate under legal Articles
governing non-profit organizations set down by the Comune of
Montalcino. Under these Articles our transactions are monitored
and controlled by the President, Alessandro Faneschi, and the
Office of the Mayor, and every dollar that goes in or out of our
account is transparently visible.

In our village, over the last three years, the people of
Montalcino from their own pockets have raised US $48,000 towards
our goal, but the church and the painting are threatened with
every season that passes. Our immediate goal is to raise
US$270,000 through distribution of the valuable Limited Edition
prints of the painting. When that amount is reached, the Italian
Bank of Monte Paschi di Siena has agreed to give us another US$
110,000. That will bring us to a grand total of US$428,000. The
most urgent repairs to the roof will then be carried out, and
the precious Salimbeni painting will be in the expert hands of
professional art restorers.

I encourage you to take another look at the painting.

Think of its historical and cultural importance, and think of
what it may tell us about the hidden history of humankind. I
hope you will feel as I do that we simply cannot allow
Salimbeni's mysterious and provocative masterpiece to fall into
ruin. Save San Pietro looks forward to receiving your donation
and to sending you your print in a protective tube by priority
mail. Please contact me with any questions.

A pi=F9 presto=85=85.Isabella Best Dusi, President, Non-Profit
Volunteer Committee of the citizens of the Tuscan village of
Montalcino. Write to me at isabella.nul-san-pietro-

BTW - Come to Italy and see the Salimbeni sputnik! We will
welcome you at any time to visit Tuscany and Montalcino and see
your name beside Salimbeni's masterpiece in the church of San

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