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What's The UFO Outreach Tally?

From: Greg Boone <Evolbaby.nul>
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 17:55:32 EST
Archived: Sat, 01 Dec 2007 10:12:59 -0500
Subject: What's The UFO Outreach Tally?

I've been taking the stand that we don't need the mainstream
press nor Federal Government for credibility anymore in this UFO

I say that because working in the media for 30 years now in one
form or another, especially working on the internet for going on
20 years almost, I look at the rise in our reach and what I'm
seeing is astounding.

Compare to UFOlogy's reach in 1980. An occasional news article
or tv news segment or reruns of the classic "In Search Of"

I recall 10 years ago working for the online Parascope Magazine
on AOL that one day I mentioned to my supervisor that after
hosting two chats that day regarding UFOs, a total of 4 hours,
then listening to Jeff Rense, another 3 hours, and then Art
Bell, another 4 or 5 hours, I realized the web was giving mass
media coverage of the UFO scene for half a day!

That wasn't including all the other websites, chat rooms, radio
shows worldwide.

Now we have all the above and YouTube, GoogleVideo, a thousand
times the number of websites, chat rooms, video and podcasts,
etc. I wouldn't be surprised if combined worldwide in all
languages, that the people are reaching UFO related venues by a
couple hundred million per day. That may be generous or
conservative so I'm asking here has anyone taken a tally?

How many radio and websites in Japan? I'm sure when a hot UFO
story hits there at least 100 million read or hear about it.
China? India? Heck, India Daily has been running some extensive
articles daily about UFOs that most western sites and papers
won't quote but that paper must reach tens of millions daily as
well. S. America? Russia? I've got some new colleagues in Russia
and they work in computers and art and animation. I took the
chance one day to ask them about UFOs and a tidal wave started.
They get all the American videos and they have their own
versions of of our radio and tv shows devoted to UFOs.

The sheer numbers must be astounding and to be reckoned with and
it's the public coming to us, not the other way around that is
doing this and the internet is the key.

How many times a week now do we see YouTube videos garnering
more audience than top mainstream televison shows or radio
shows? It's getting so common that I myself find myself watching
more YouTube than regular or cable tv!

I'm starting to think the mainstream channels with all their
censorship and black budget and intelligence community
connections have finally met their rightly doom as the people
are fending for themselves and that shows a greater sense of
responsibility and courage.

Recent queries by me regarding certain scary aspects of this
field of study sure showed me why the officials are shy about
the subject.

I'm hoping some pals in mainland China will be done with some
research they've been doing for some time now. So far they're
saying their government is doing more for them in research than
expected. Who knows, maybe China will dish out the truths we've
all been waiting for whether we like those truths or not.



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