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Brazilian Ufology Center Interviews Greg Boone

From: Milton Frank <mfrank.nul>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2007 10:38:31 -0200 (BRST)
Archived: Wed, 05 Dec 2007 11:15:39 -0500
Subject: Brazilian Ufology Center Interviews Greg Boone

1 - Why did you start to study and search ufology? Have you ever
seen an UFO? If so, how was your experience?

I started studying UFOs very young around six or seven years
old. I was a very bright child and saw the legendary LOOK
Magazine article on Betty and Barney Hill. From what I could put
together at that age I saw how fantasy and reality didn't align.
I saw how in the latest news articles the debate about ETs and
UFOs was still in action, whereas in fiction such as Superman
and Star Trek, it was a given.

Yes, I've seen several UFOs. Too much to go into in short. I
grew up in an area of the country where UFO sightings were
prevalent. It didn't take much effort to see a UFO.

It was so common it was like keeping an eye out for roadway
problems like potholes or deer in the road. In my specific
situation I've seen from saucers to boomerang shaped aircraft,
mind you I said aircraft not spacecraft. Since I've not seen
anything in outer space for all intents and purposes they're
aircraft. Also balls of light. Very well documented phenomenon
in that section of New York State.

2 - What are the world top 10 ufology cases in your opinion? The
top 10? I'd say the most important at present are the Hudson
Valley ufo sightings of the Hudson Valley in New York State.
It's the first time in human history that so many ufos for over
30 years have been seen regularly over homes, military and other
sensitive installations. There are videos, pictures, trace
cases, police and military and personal reports. There've been
at least four books written in the past 20 years each
corroborating the other's data to a great degree. It still
hasn't been addressed by the authorities to the satisfaction of
the public. Some of these sightings are indeed top secret
aircraft but not all.

3- What is your opinion about Abductions?

My opinion is about abductions is that they're happening and
have been happening since the earliest records of history. The
difference is that nowadays we have more extensive
communications and language technologies. Today, a person can be
abducted at noon on Monday and by a half an hour later the
entire world can access the data if presented. That throws a big
monkey wrench in the entire cover up. I can say that very soon
the abduction phenomenon will be one of the most talked about by
everyone on Earth. Reason being is the sheer volume of people
who've been abducted are now sticking their heads out of their
shells, realizing they're being lied to by their governments and
the problem not being addressed in accordance to their legal
birthrights and are taking a proactive stance. The ridicule will
drop drastically as more famous abductees come forward including
heads-of-state, athletes, movie and TV stars, and recording
artists. The sheer number of reports is increasing at such a
rate that it's becoming more common than car accidents in the
U.S. alone. That's an alarming figure and one not to be ignored.

4 - What is your opinion about the dimensions theory? Do you
think it can be possible?

Dimensional theory is easily provable but difficult to translate
into our present language except for math. However our
mainstream scientists are reluctant because many of them don't
have the imagination necessary to see the application just the
probability. It's far too complex an issue to discuss briefly
and I not being a professional physicist I wouldn't want to
confuse people. Basically the ideas of alternate realities
introduces the possible abilities that would free human beings
from the fear of loss and death which would lead to no control
by our governments and religious bodies as they are now. It may
introduce other controls in varying degrees. It's something very
complex and in order to comprehend it one needs to elevate one's
levels of awareness to degrees we don't as cultures allow. The
ways to raise consciousness fly in the face of the conventional.
Do you think the world would want to stop the use of alcohol,
pharmaceuticals and illegal drugs? No, because they're multi-
trillion dollar money makers. So for those who stay away from
these substances, the ability to perceive in higher levels and
control those levels leaves the rest of humanity in the
liability of becoming slaves to the clean and sober.

5 - What are the most important points that an ufology searcher
has to learn to do a good job?

Number one would be sanity. If one is unstable it will show up
in one's works. Objectivity and thorough application of the
fundamentals of investigation in the areas of the applied
sciences. One can study these at any college or university or
even high school. If one has bigotries and prejudices one might
as well drop investigating right now or there is a very scary
price to be paid. Tolerance of other's ideas, cultures,
viewpoints are a must. Being sober and in good health as many
witnesses and sites are in rugged terrain.

6 - What would you say to a young man that intends to be an
ufology searcher?

I'd say first of all make sure you have the resources and
support any researcher needs. Ufology is the target of many
conmen and liars. You could have a budget and go off in a
direction led by a fraudulent person and exhaust your tools thus
missing valuable research. It's not an area for the faint of
heart nor poor. The low cost of internet communication has
dropped the cost of phone calls drastically but still one may
have travel costs, lab costs etc... First and foremost for a
young person is to study the basic books of ufology. I will
comprise a bibliography soon of books I've found to be
essential. Primarily a dictionary. If there's one thing you will
need in life is to take six months or so out of your life part
time and read and get the definitions of each word and symbol in
a dictionary. That will do you wonders.

7 - What is the most important UFO case you've been involved
with? Does it give you a hard time? Was it difficult to

The Hudson Valley ufo sightings. I'm still studying it. It
involved everything from close friends and family to threats, to
intimidation to all sorts of things. I'm finishing up a book I'm
writing about in part what happened in the past 30 years in that
area. It's called "The UFO Mafia" and should be out later this
year or early 2008.

8 - Have you ever thought that UFO phenomenon could not be from
the space? How do you feel dealing with UFO phenomenon?

People often make the error of believing all ufo sightings and
data can be answered in the singular. Like, all ufos are alien
spacecraft or all ufos come from Mars. There's no one single
source to ufos and no single explanations. Some are from outer
space and some from right here on Earth and some from other
dimensions. It varies.

The UFO phenomenon is like any other field of research except
one thing, it encompasses all the sciences and philosophies and
cultures on the Earth past and present. When studying UFOs
you'll get the nicest look at other people, cultures, religions
and find that you, your ancestors, other living creatures are
amazing to say the least. It's really a validation to our
abilities to survive compared to how dangerous life can be.

9 - What is your opinion about Ufology's future?

My opinion is ufology will continue in some form or another. If
we find out tomorrow that 'some' ufos come from another galaxy
we'll still see ufos and wonder where they come from. It's about
us looking up in the skies and seeing things that shouldn't be
there. Here in the U.S. after the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 all
aircraft were grounded. UFO skeptics proclaimed that there
wouldn't be any ufo reports during this time. However just the
opposite occurred, there were 'more' UFO reports than normal!

So I expect there'll always be we who look into the sky and
examine what we see.

10 - After all those years researching, what is your best
definition to the UFO phenomenon? What did you learn from it?

My best definition of the UFO phenomenon is that there is a
phenomenon. There's no one answer and no one question. People
see things flying in the skies and wonder about them and when
they don't get satisfactory answers they fill in the blanks or
go and study themselves. The most important thing learned in
ufology is that knowledge is freedom.

11 - I really would like you to live a message to The Brazilian
Ufology Center. Right now we have more than 41.500 members and
they really would like to hear what you have to say to them.

My message to the Brazilian Ufology Center is first of all I've
found out recently I've got millions of cousins in Brazil. I
didn't know that until one of my cousins here and some cousins
in Brazil were doing genealogy. It was quite a surprise as I've
been following certain UFO cases that have occurred over the
years especially in Sao Paolo. Brazilians must realize that
they're sitting on a gold mine of a country. All of S. America
is precious but the use of narcotics and abuse of alcohol and
the shunning of education are putting the populace there in
grave danger. You must all stand up and fight for a good life or
the evil doers will end up controlling you all. One day soon I
hope to have some allies in some high end technologies that have
shown interest energy in stopping drugs and crime and brutality
but they have some ways to go until they're up to the level of
professionalism I need. Brazil has a Portuguese ancestry as well
as African and Native American. I'm a descendent of all three
and more. If Brazil realizes they don't need anyone else in the
world because of Brazil's natural resources and virile fishing
coasts, Brazil can utilize the amazing new medical and energy
technologies turning it into the first super advanced model
modernized country in the world. It can be done it just takes
enough love and respect to do so.


Milton Frank

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